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An old school I made on another post for Harry Potter. Here's another quiz for seeing which house you are in. It is an American school! ;D Hope you enjoy and I will tell you your result after answering some questions:


Part A 

    1. List 3 words about you and your personality (positive). 

    2. List 3 words about you and your personality (negative).

    3. How would others describe you in a sentence? Ask your 'rents, siblings, or friends.

Part B

     4. List your hobbies.

     5. Are you good or bad at them?

     6. Have you ever shared anything produced by said hobby (if creative) or shown anyone anything related to said hobby (maybe a glove, boxing bag, techniques)?

     7. How long have you had said hobby?

Part C

      8. Pick a natural element.

      9. Pick a personality quality.

      10. Sun, moon, stars, snow, ash, smoke, or rain?

       11. Light or dark?

      12. Wolf or leopard?

      13. Mouse or rat?

      14. Horse or mule?

Part D 

      15. List your fave colors.

       16. List your least fave colors.

      17. List your number of fears.

       18. List one of your fears.

       19. List your opinion of yourself.

      20. Did you like this quiz? XD



Answer and prepare to be amazed. XD Here are the possible answers: Skyhangyo, Wineron, Irischea, and Cancelgrace.






1 Answer

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answered Apr 1, 2019 by toad aka star (298,300 points)
I am ambitious, kind, and its hard to get me mad at you. Though, I am also too bouncy and talkative. I always tend to also not have very structured every day. People describe me as quiet, emo (idk why people think of me like that...), annoying, too positive.

My hobbies are singing and dancing? I'm good at singing, I'm bad at dancing. Nope, but if trying to teach how to sing different notes to my sister, I guess? But, it was nothing, like, she actually wanted to learn, I was bored. Dancing? 7 months? Singing, 7 years.

Water. Outgoing. Smoke, even though my nickname is Star. Light, it's always better to be positive, even if it fades into darkness, I like to believe in light. Wolf, Rat, horse.

My favorite colors are light blue and green (any kind, honestly.)  Orange, I hate orange. Multiple holes, my future lover to be popular (dont ask..) One of my fears? Triggering stuff (not like the other triggering, the seeing someone do self-harm and getting triggered by it triggering, you know?) I'm lazy, that's my opinion.


commented Apr 2, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (270,710 points)


They are positive but rebellious! However, one wrong move can get them fired up! They're always ready to help.





Very hard to get them mad, but they are very cunning and can create a plan so complex not even the CIA and the FBI could unravel it.


commented Apr 2, 2019 by toad aka star (298,300 points)

Hmm, Wineron sounds cool!

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