Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter Nine: BOOK 3

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Chapter 9

Find your way in this world so your weight will drift from you.

“Hello Tom.”


I shot up from my bed to look at a young boy, around the age of twelve, look at me already in his Hogwarts clothing. He had brown slicked to the side of his face and amber eyes that would peer through your soul. He reminded me of someone, I couldn’t point my finger on who though. His voice was monotone, and his facial expression stayed the same, nothingness.

“And what’s your name?” I asked him.

“Christopher,” he responded, still looking at me from my bed. “So, I guess I’m roomed with you?” I wondered why they would pair me someone much younger than me, but Hogwarts does that because they want someone older to make sure they're safe you could say, like I was with Ace, and he was much older than I was.

“Do you recognize me?” he asked, in an eerie way, though it, of course, didn’t creep me out or anything. I shook my head. He walked over to the chair that was right beside our beds, right near the window. “I’m Ace’s brother, he used to go here…but, he’s gone now.” I felt like I just ate my heart, or it slipped out of my body.

“I…knew him. He was a great person.” I sighed, knowing that it was subtle to talk about him, most likely to the both of us.

Then, to my surprise, he started chuckling. There was pure confusion that ran in my head. “You know, he would have been in his twenties now. Working, having fun, maybe ever married, possibly a child…” he stopped while he clenched his wand.

“Yes, he would, now I’m going to get dressed.” I quickly went to the boys’ washroom, scared a bit. I wondered where Lucas was, he was roomed with me. After getting dressed, it was going to be one more month till I could leave Hogwarts to finish my work and get a job, settle down possibly. Though, it’s hard to find anyone to love. Lucas’s lucky he found Asia.

I headed to the Great Hall where Lucas was eating. “Hello, did you hear about that Christopher kid?” I asked Lucas, though I whispered. “Hmm, yeah, I think. He’s nice, a little too…what’d you call it?” he asked as I finished, “Strange?” “Yeah, he’s been acting strangely.”

I looked down at the Daily Quibbler. It was nothing interesting though. I then decided to rip some paper from it to write a letter to Asia. This was a perfect time. I slowly ripped some of the yellow paper from the Quibbler as some kids looked at me. “Sorry.”


Dear Asia,

I heard you’re getting better. And, that you’re doing loads better with everything. And you’ve also got the highest grades. Some kids say you’re the smartest. Don’t know if to believe them or not. Lucas and I miss you lots. We hope you are getting better.



Tom Malfoy


I folded it up with the address as my owl flew in. “I missed you,” I whispered to him as I attached the letter eager for Asia to get it. As it flew away, I looked at Lucas. Then. I heard someone say, “TOM?! LUCAS?!” I saw out Mum, with her hair in a bun smile. We both headed to her, wondering she came because we were in trouble or she wanted to see us.

“I haven’t seen you two in ages!” she cried.

“I missed you…”

Thanks for reading! Sorry it's short aswell!

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;3 Awesome, will start the next now!
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