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Lorekeeper, Wit of Shifting Worlds: CHAPTER 10

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asked Apr 11, 2019 in Fiction by toad aka star (325,620 points)

Chapter 10

“Where are you going?” a mysterious voice asked from being me. I looked behind me, no one was there but I didn’t bother to look the other direction. I was in the school hallway, empty as everyone was in their classes. I came to a good reasoning, which would be the voice as a teacher that I didn’t know. “I have a hall pass.” I confidently said. “That’s not what I’m looking for Ember,” its voice was of a woman’s.

“WHO ARE-” I stopped look behind me, no one was there and the feeling someone had there left me. I looked down in confusion, as I thought it was only my imagination. I looked around one more time before continuing my walk down the hallway. It started feeling colder. The curtains o the windows down the halls shuttered tight. I gulped as I heard the same voice hum. It was only a light hum. I could barely hear it, but it was still there.

The, I started running. Running down the halls were a bad thing to do in school but, no one was a around it seemed like the right thing to do. As soon as I got to class, I slammed the door tightly as the teacher a student look at me. “Don’t slam the door like that. You’re late.” She said holding up her math book while writing on the chalk board. Her hair fell from her ponytail, and she had black hair and dark brown as that seemed the wander around the class room looking for a kid to suspend. She had wrinkles too, ones that covered her face with wisdom.

I walked to my seat, putting my bookbag on my chair. The class looked at me for a little before the teacher snapped, “Pay attention!” she yelled. The class quickly looked at the teacher, her eyes squinting. After a few minutes of boredom, the bell rang as we were excused. I flung my bookbag over my arm, hurrying out of class.


After a few classes, I was finally done with school. I saw Allie. She fast-walked over to me as her black hair swooshed around as she ran to me. “Hey! Ember!” she yelled.

“Yeah? How are you?’ I asked, starting a conversation.

“I’m okay. It’s been weird lately…” I had to agree with Allie. Afterall, touching the vines? I didn’t understand any of it and going to technical sources didn’t work. Why would I plant seeds there? My father wouldn’t do it. Who was that voice? Why do I always feel like someone’s watching me?

“Hey, um, today, when I was going to class, I heard these voices and weird stuff happened. And vines, there were vines! When I broke my arm and couldn’t remember very well. I don’t know what’s happening but, any strange stuff happening to you?” I said. Allie’s eyes turned bright. “I saw something, it was calling to me. It was a plant-like figure. I couldn’t really make up what it was.” She said, terrifying the both of us together.

“Why is it always plant related? Maybe it’s a plant spirit?” I asked her, unsure what to do.

“That sounds like a fantasy but, call me insane, but I have to agree.” We both were confused, I could tell. It, she, whatever it was, was calling out for us in a manner I couldn’t point my finger on. I knew I couldn’t tell my father, I knew he wouldn’t believe us. It was up to us now to figure out what it was.

Sorry for the bad grammar and it's so short! I hope you like it!

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answered Apr 12, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (276,980 points)
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Thanks so much!

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