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                                            Rinji Shukei
Creator: GemHeart  Fandom: Bleach 
Race: Soul (Shingami/Espada)
Birthday: Dec. 1st
Gender: Female 
Height: 4'7"
Weight: 77 IBS
Blood Type: AB
Theme Song: Headstrong by Trapt // Right Left Wrong by 3 Days Grace 

​--Professional Status----

Affiliation: Gotei, Soul Society
Previous Affiliation: 
Unofficially Visored
Unofficially Espada
Profession: Shinigami
Division: Lotus Division
Position: Captain of "Lotus" Company
Previous Position:
5th Company Unseated Officer
11th Company Seated Officer
10th Company 3rd Seat
Partner: Hiroshi Jira
Base of Operations: Seireitei, Soul Society
--Personal Status-----
Relatives: Kazuk Shukei (deceased, brother)
                 Unnamed family (deceased)
                 Momo Hinamori (distant cousin)            
Education: Shin'o Academy
Shikai: Ikazuchi No Hiryuu ("Thunderless Flying Dragon")
Hitoritenka Ikazuchi No Hiryuu
-First Appearance---
Manga: Vl. 1, Chap. 1 (The Frost Divide Official)
Anime: N/A
Video Game: N/A
--Voice Actors-----
English: N/A
Japanese: N/A
Spanish: N/A


image(Rinji Shukei with Toshiro Hitsugaya. By GH.) 

Rinji Shukei (主計  綸旨  [OR] 主刑 臨時, Shukei Rinji) is a Shinigami and the current leader of the "Lotus" Company, where her partner is Hiroshi Jira. She has previously been apart of 11th, 10th, and 5th company.


Rinji has quite an odd appearance. Her hair is a tie-dye style of green, with the hair closest to the scalp darkest and the tips of the hair slowly fading from light green to white. Her ponytail is lower-back long and tends to be curly while her parted hair is smoother. She has teal eyes. She is very short, and wears a standard Shingami uniform, and keeps her sword in a sheath on her back. She also wears a traditional captain's robe, but with no sleeves and a little shorter than most captains'. 


Rinji is frequently described by others as "easily annoyed, yet extremely passionate", and when she acts kind or nicer than normal to someone, they always wonder what is wrong, hinting she is not always exactly friendly. However, she is actually merciful and kind, often not killing but imprisoning people so they can reflect on mistakes, which she says is much more painful than dying anyway. She can also be quite humorous, and teases Hitsugaya frequently. She is a capable leader and is disgusted by people who throw away their allies like trash, and has a rigid belief in justice.
Her Hollow side is controllable, but when she is angry, her eyes frequently turn black. Her full-on Hollow version hasn't been revealed yet, so many are unsure if she has a sudden personality switch during it.


All that has been revealed about Rinji's history so far is that her brother died due to someone by the name of U-ezuri Yokai, who seems to be a notorious Soul Society criminal that had been in hiding for a while.
It was previously revealed that Kazuku Shukei, her now-dead brother, was a genius, and had the coveted title of 12th Company's smartest scientist for a time. He was a feverish inventor, which drove him mad at the end of his life.


At the start of the manga, at night, Soi Fon has come to contact Rinji about "finding" some traces of spirit energy that belong to her brother's murderer. Upon hearing this news, Rinji asks Soi Fon what she wants her to do about it, and Soi Fon tells her to simply monitor the situation to make sure it doesn't get out of hand. With what sounds like a threat, Soi Fon tells her to also remember what will happen if it does get out of hand, and with this, Rinji nods to her tells her not to worry.
The next day, Rinji is suiting up for a Hollow patrol, when Rangiku Matsumoto asks her if she's ready. After some friendly bantering, Rangiku notices that Rinji is acting different, and asks her if she's okay. After Rinji laughs and says she's been having mood swings, Rangiku guesses she's finally going through puberty, which encourages Rinji to get annoyed at her and walk out the door. Rangiku comments that she's back to normal.
After a while of walking, Rinji apologizes to Rangiku about yelling at her, and Rangiku accepts  and says that seeing "Captain Hitsugaya" will cheer her up. After saying it may, Rinji looks at Rangiku when the latter says they've arrived. Across the way, Toshiro Hitsugaya asks if everyone is ready to go. Rinji's assistant captain, Hiroshi Jira, and 3rd seat, Jerri Ishi, agree that they are. As they all start walking, Rinji asks if it's just a Hollow patrol, and Hiroshi says something that makes Rinji tell him to shut up, when he hints about her Hollow self. After Hitsugaya ignores Hiroshi and tells Rinji that yes, it is a Hollow patrol, and that one of his new recruits sensed some Hollows as well as spirit pressure that was strong, yet faint. After Rinji asks if it was Yokai's, everyone around her stares at her, and Hitsugaya is shocked. Hiroshi questions Rinji more, and Rinji and him talk for a moment. After asking if she's mad, Rinji tells Hirosahi that she's not, only to tell him she's more than mad and that she wants to kill Yokai so bad. After Rangiku calms her down and says it's good she's back to normal, Rinji says that being annoyed isn't good. Then she goes on to tell Rangiku that she should get used to her being nice, as she recently started babysitting Ichika Abarai, who softened her view on life. After Rangiku says that's good, Rinji says kids are good and nice, and this prompts Rangiku to ask if she wants kids, only to be cut off by Rinji saying no. When Rangiku expresses discontent, Rinji asks why she's upset, only for Rangiku to begin saying that Rinji and Toshiro would have the most beautiful children. Rinji cuts her off by kicking her several times, and tells her her and Hitsugaya would have the most disrespectful children and sorry but not sorry. Hitsugaya gets their attention by saying that Ishi sensed something, whereas Ishi describes some Hollows and an explanation of the "Lotus" Company follows. Afterwards, Rinji asks Hiroshi if he's like to go get the Hollows, and Hiroshi says yes, and goes off as Rinji yells at him to meet her back at the office, Asking Ishi if that was all she was dragged out of bed for, Ishi says yes but Hitsugaya says he wants to talk to her.
Back at Rinji's quarters, Hitsugaya expresses his discontent that she was thinking about going after Yokai. After saying he doesn't want her to die, Rinji asks why, and Hitsugaya says because she's his friend, but only after being prompted, then says he knows how much Yokai has hurt her. Rinji assures him that being called the most dangerous captain or the "Artic Assassin" must have its reasons and that's she's 99.9 percent sure she won't die. 

Powers and Abilities 

Ikazuchi No Hiryuu (飛竜 の雷, Thunderless Flying Dragon) is a long, katana-like longsword with a thin and long blade. It has a hilt that resembles a golden square with the carving of a dragon on it. A shiny teal ribbon extends from the top, and at the end of this ribbon is a talisman. It's sheath is a pale green color. It has ice powers.
Other abilities include enhanced endurance, expert hand-to-hand combatant, and the like.


  • Her name means "emperor's command" or "special".
  • The talisman on her sword means "dragon".
  • She is related, distantly, to Momo Hinamori.
  • When being colored, her hair is shaded with colored pencil instead of marker.


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