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Just click the link and answer with anything you want.

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Special Shout Out Dear LLM, Thanks for your contributions to my post. You helped us get to 200 answers and I will always thank you. Shout Out Dear Kidztalk, ... , especially JellyFishLover! Poll How many answers do you think we can get next month?

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FEATURED IN THE KIDZSEARCH MAGAZINE Change log - click HERE for full update history July 17 2019: Origional version created October 29 2019: Added a paragraph about the ... design Febuary 25 2020: added a change log Febuary 27 2020: new design!

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Okay. Thanks for viewing. View it more than once if you want. That will really help.The Puppy Fairy says thank you.

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Tell me about this site.

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hey i was unregesterd as qwerty but i will be regesterd as luna midnight and i will still do the weekly story contest (see "hey i am starting a story contest")

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Please visit

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Dear KidzSearcher People, One day when I was skimming through the KidzSearch Q and A, I saw a sentence that said "Make a story with these three pictures" by GymnastPower. ... How do you register? P.P.S: Why is there points for people who registered?

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ALSO AVAILABLE ON OUR MAGAZINE WEBSITE with this link: Kidzsearch has recently ... tablets) Elegant Responsive (Works on all devices) Candy (original desktop theme)

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If you prefer writing on kidznet, the magazine is also on kidznet now. All submited articles will be posted on The group link is below. Have fun, writers!

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LIke Kidzsearch Times Kidzsearch Tribute Kids weekly?

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Please, any one who wants to design the logo, please answer! It will be on the blog too!

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We at KidzSearch would really like to know how the site is part of your school day. How does it work for you? Does your teacher just tell you to use KidzSearch ... it at home too? Your feedback will help us improve the product. Thanks,

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November is nearing. NOVEMBER IS NATIONAL NOVEL WRTING MONTH! NaNoWriMo. It is super fun, kid friendly. It doesn't matter how well you can write. Sign up if ya ... support. Also, KidzSearch, could you add a NaNoWriMo club on to KidzTalk? Thanks, LLM

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LET'S TRY TO GET AS MANY UP VOTES AS POSSIBLE SO WE CAN BEAT A RECORD!!! MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT LET'S TRY TO GET THE MOST ANSWERS 2 Because without that ... I both get 10 points 2. you can contribute to a soon-to-be record breaking question!

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Thanks for viewing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2 answers 62 views Please check out my art here and also, make an account and follow meh! ;)

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So Ask me stuff!

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Dear Kidzsearch This question that i answered saying "Is this pinned? @KidzSearch?" Is there a reason it is pinned or was it a mistake? Also is it pinned or is it just some other kind of technical difficulty? - ❎✳PrincessKittens✳❎

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Just curious again...

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If you rename KidzTalk, It would still have the same URL ( That way you would not lose visitors) but you could just rename it ... to rate the best answer to a question

asked Jan 26 in Ask KidzSearch by Kitten (567,230 points)

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