Q&A with My OCS! (Rinji Shukei, Goldicat, and Black Cat)

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Gem: Hello everyone! Comment on this post to ask any of my OCS questions.


-----------------FIRST SEGMENT---------------

Black Cat (B.C)Well, I'm here. What's up? *SPOTS RINJI (R) AND GOLDICAT (G.C) AT THE OTHER RADIO MICROPHONES, AND STARES AT GEM* You didn't tell me I'd have to share a room with these two.

Gem (G): Cuz if I did, you wouldn't come. I know how much you hate them.

G.C: If you have a problem with me being here, we can settle this outside! *GETS UP, SWINGING ARMS AS IF TO WARM UP HER MUSCLES* 

G: There is no need to do that. Sit down, you too. *POINTS AT RINJI* Take a hint from Rin, she's being good! Even if Cat's getting her goat.

B.COnly cuz she's better than us! *HISSES*

G: I thought this first segment would be spent introducing you, not introducing your rivalry. 

G.C:  *CHECKS PROGRAM LINEUP  * Yes, apparently, that was for the next segment. 

G: Shut up and let me introduce you. *LOOKS AT RINJI* You haven't said a word.


G *ON RECORDER*: If you agree to do this radio Q&A, any and all words coming from your mouth can and will be used against you. You are not allowed to take these case to court. However, we will pay you a nice sum of money. 

G: Heh, heh, that was a joke. You can talk, Rin, and I will disregard all of that stuff.


G.C: *GAPES* Whoa, I didn't know you know sign!

G: Yes, really. Now, let me introduce everyone. *SPEAKS INTO MICROPHONE* Hello everyone, today we have Black Cat, Goldicat aka Kinaineko, and Rinji with us today! 

G.C: *GROWLS AT BLACK CAT* How come you're listed first?!?!?!

G: Black Cat visits us from my AU of the One Punch Man universe! She is an elite assassin-turned-ClassS-hero! *WAVES* Goldicat visits us from my AU of the FNAF universe, where is a professional singer! She is also the owner of the coveted title of GemHeart's Mascot! And lastly, *WAVES AGAIN* We have Rinji, from the Soul Society, where is a squad captain!

B.C: Yo.

G.C: Heyya!

R: Hi.

G: Please enter in your questions down below and we will get to them in the next segment! But first, let's ask a few questions from that box on my doorstep that some of you may remember from Yuki's interview.

R: Where is Yukinohana anyway?

G: She's, erm, on a little break as I try and fix up Frac/ture storyline, I may not continue it for a while, I'm at a big writer's block. Anyway, I have a question from that creepy guy who writes questions for me sometimes.

G.C: You mean our producer?

G: Yeah. Anyway, Cat, here's your question. No, not you Goldi, I mean Black Cat. *AHEM* "What is your favorite color and why?"

B.C: Red,

G: And why?

B.C: Cuz it's the color of blood, why?

G: Erm, okay. Next question, Goldi, "Why are your ears white on the inside and not yellow?"

G.C: I know that looks odd, but it's there. Isn't it cuz you were lazy?

G: No. Last question before the comment box is open! Rinny, here's yours. "I think you and Hitsugaya would be a great match as a couple, why don't you ask him on a date or something?"

R: Why would someone ask that?!?! We. Are. FRIENDS. 

G: Yes, whoever asked this question knew you would say that, he put, "Keep telling yourself that" in the margins. Huh. *WATCHES AS RINJI GRINDS HER TEETH* Anyway, KSers, this merry band of mortal enemies is ready for questions! Let's go!

-------------SECOND SEGMENT-----------

G: *GLANCES AT KNIGHTSTAR'S QUESTION* Okay, you three. Knight has a question for you. She asks, " Awesome! My question would be, how old would you be in the year 2025, and would you still be alive or killed off?" Cat, you first.
B.C: I am currently 22, so I would be about 28 in 6 years. I would probably be alive. I mean, everytime something's tried to kill me it never works. *GRINS*
G.C: I am 17 years old! So I would be 23! And considering my life is fairly safe and under the shade tree, I'd most likely be alive. I mean, more likely than Bonehead Cat and Shukei-san, I guess.
B.C: What did you call me?!?
G: *STEPS BETWEEN THEM* Okay, Rin, your turn. 
R: Well, I may look like I'm 10 or 11, but in reality I'm older than all of you guys combined. I would say I'm in the 120's range. Considering I lived with Hitsugaya during his childhood and that he's around 130, I would stay it's safe to say I'm that old. 
G: By 2025, how old would you be then, and would you still be alive?
R: Technically, I've aged 7 more years since the end of the manga. Yamamoto died in 2003, and the 1,000 Year Blood War ended soon after that. 10 years passed, making it 2013, but now it is 2019, 6 years later, so by those calculations, I am currently 13 years older, making me at least 140 or 150. So, by 2025 I would be roughly 150 or 160.
G, B.C, G.C: I'm lost. 
R: Age is very complex in the spirit world. And yeah, I guess I would still be alive. 
G: That's nice. *GLANCES AT THE CLIPBOARD ON RINJI'S LAP, WHERE SHE HAD BEEN MAKING THE CALCULATIONS* But you're older than all of us, wow. Sorry Goldi, you're the baby here, out of us.
G.C: No, you are.
G: I meant out of you three. Anyway! Great question, Knight! Thanks for asking, and also, I have another question from our doorstep stash before the next segment. *RUMMAGES IN THE BOX* Here we are! If you could have ANY other job, but here in the real world, what would it be?
R: With my luck I'd be teaching kids how to fence or something. I don't know, I'm happy where I am.
B.C: I'd be a prison warden!!!!! That'd be real fun, watching their mental states rot-
G: We don't need a reason!!!! 
G.C: I'd just be a circus performer or something, or maybe a clown at some restaurant. Whatever it was, I'd be an entertainer. 
G: *SINGS TEEN SPIRIT BY NIRVANA* Stupid, entertainers-
G.C: Excuse me?
G: Okay, time for our break! Comment below with a question!!

--------------THIRD SEGMENT-----------------

G: *FLIPS THROUGH THE BARREN LIST OF QUESTIONS* Okay, this next question comes from Lunamoonlight! Heyya Luna! She asks, "What is your favorite thing to do, out of anything in this world?" first off. This time, Cat can go first,
B.C: Hmmm, probably cooking or watching monsters die, Or watching people die. Or watching anything die. *GRINS*
G: You need serious mental help..
R: Why did you make her a psychopath???  
G: Cuz I wanted to! Anyway, you answer the question next, Rin. Fave thing to do. 
R: Well, on my off days, I tend to hang out with my friends' grandmothers cuz I don't have any. But I would say my fave thing is to tease Toshiro Hitsugaya within an inch of his sanity, it's quite fun. *GETS A MISTY EXPRESSION ON HER FACE* He's so cute when he's mad. But I mean that in a friend-way, not a romantic way, so lay off. 
P (Producer): Shukei and Hitsugaya, sitting in a tree...
G: Our radio show producer. Same one who asked you that question earlier about the dating thingie. I'm sorry, I don't know what's gotten into him, it may be the Valentine's and White Day spirit.
P: *WALKS IN* Mind if I join the show and ask these girls annoying questions?
G, B.C, G.C: Sure. 
R: NO!!!
G: Anyway, Goldi, your turn to answer, then the producer can ask questions before we move on to Luna's second inquiry. 
G.C: I like to go around and hang out with Bonnie in the FNAF Universe, but I also like to go around and hunt mice. *MAKES SNATCHING MOTIONS WITH HER HANDS, SMILING WIDELY*
G: Ew... do you eat them?
G.C: They taste good when cooked. I asked Shrek for a recipe the last time I was allowed to visit the Dreamworks animated world, and he gave me quite a good one. It was made famous by the first movie, if you remember.
G: Yeah.... but sill disgusting. 
G.C: Aw, are you sure? At least try them! They're also pretty big in India and Asia!
G: "Big" as in, popular? 
G: Yeah... yeah.... ew. *RETCHES* Umm, Mr. Producer, any questions?
P: Sure! Goldicat, Black Cat: what is your true name, besides your stage or pen name? And Rinji-san, being the eldest of us all, do you have any wisdom to bestow upon us? *MAKES A FACE THAT ANNOYS RINJI*
G.C: My real name is Kinaineko! But you can call me Goldicat, I don't mind.
B.C: Beside my hero name, I also go by Ash. My true, birth-name was Ashlyn, but I never got a last name because I was adopted by some criminals soon after they murdered my parents, so yeah.
G: Sounds like Batman or something.
B.C: If the Batman comics and the Oliver Twist book had a love child, you'd have my history. Parents were killed, Oliver Twist-style criminals adopted me and trained me as an assassin, blah blah.
G.C: Gem-sama, I don't want to be the same room as this violent person.
G: *VOICE TREMBLES* She's been getting therapy, Goldi, don't worry. Okay, Rinji, you're up, what's your wisdom?
B.C: Yeah, don't worry, I'm technically sane now. 
R: My wise words to you wouldn't really apply, cuz you don't fight spirit monsters or anything, but maybe I would tell you to stay in school so you don't end up like my assistant captain Hiroshi Jira.
P: What happened to Jira?
R: He's now a good-for-nothing freeloader. 
G: That's a lie, you just don't like him when he goes out partying on his days off.
R: And what do I do on MY days off?! I stay behind and make sure everything's in order, otherwise nothing would get done! That's why I trust my 3rd seat a ton more, plus he stayed in school. And Jira doesn't just party on his days off, he also does it on weeknights!
G: Well, you hired him, it's on you. Anyway, last question for this show! Luna also asks, what would you do if you were the last person on Earth?
B.C:  Go around and kill animals, I guess. Not for sport, for food. I know that sounded wrong, oh well. A world without people sounds a bit boring, at least to me. But it's your question, so yeah. 
G.C: Sit down and wonder what the heck happened. Maybe I'd go around the world or something. Or maybe I'd just wait for something interesting to happen. Can I bring a friend? 
R: I don't know. But then again, if I was the last person on Earth and the Soul Society was still full, I'd panic cuz that means the soul balance is out of order and if I go back to the Society I would upset the balance even more and the Society and the spirit realm would burst and everyone would die--
G: Erm, nice. Okay.  *LAUGHS NERVOUSLY* Thank you for reading/listening! I will make another Q&A soon!
What type of Q&A do you want me to do next? A user Q&A? A Q&A with an OC? A Q&A with YOUR OC? Or a family member of mine? Rack your brains! Thanks for reading, and next up for a mini Q&A will most likely be Asia Abernathy-Lovegood (HPSILENSI).






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 Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! I have a question! Pick me! Here it is: If someone were to offer you a million dollars, what would you do with it?

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Awesome! My question would be, how old would you be in the year 2025 and would you still be alive or killed off?
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