Rise of The Wolves: Chapter 11

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      The mother and father fox came over to where Luna and Gemmy were talking. The father fox interupted their conversation. "Luna, it's time for you to leave today." He said a little harshly. "Okay sir." Luna said politely and a bit sadly, "Thank you for letting me stay for awhile." Luna walked out of the bushes that had hid the foxes from the rest of the woods. She was deciding where to go, she couldn't go back to her pack, not after the fight, and the foxes had been very generous to let her stay. She started walking, then heard a fox come out of the bushes, it was Gemmy. "I'm coming with you" Gemmy said as she walked up to Luna. "But what about your pack?" Luna argued. "They'll be fine, but your alone, so I'm coming with you." Gemmy stated. "Okay then, if everything is fine with your pack" Luna said, starting to walk again. "I wouldn't go that way, too many human hunters" Gemmy said, Luna stopped. "Let's go this way" Gemmy said, starting towards a different route.

     After a little bit of walking Luna saw something in the dirt, she starting pawing at it and digging. "What are you doing?" Gemmy asked. "There's something here!" Luna said. Luna stopped digging, there was a flat stone with a symbol on it. Rembering what her mom had done, Luna put her paw on the symbol and it started glowing. Gemmy was dumbstruck. The surface opened up, showing a dark stairway, Luna went down. Gemmy followed, still to dumbstruck to speak. Luna lit a torch with a match on the ground. Luna started walking a bit. Gemmy finally spoke, "Uhm, where are we?". Luna replied "Wolfcomes". "Am I supposed to know what that means?" Gemmy said. "Basically a secret passageway to anywhere." Luna said. Luna stopped walking. Luna started sniffing around, she caught onto another wolf's scent, male, recent, very recent. "Who's there?" Luna said, trying her best to sound brave. The other wolf started to run, knowing it had been caught. Luna ran after it. "Show yourself, coward!" Luna said, Gemmy running after her. They followed the sound of pawsteps, right into a dead end. "What? But he was right here!" Luna said, confused. Gemmy was confused too, but for a slightly different reason. "You said these went everywhere, so how can there be a dead end?" Gemmy asked. Then Luna saw something, all of the torches had had matches under them somehow, but the one by the dad end had no match at all. Luna pawed at the torch, and accidently made it come off the wall, but it didn't fall, rather a cord kept it on the wall, and the dead end opened up to reveal a secret passage in the wolfcomes, Luna and Gemmy walked in.

Sorry I hadn't posted a chapter in so long, but I think this was pretty good. Any ideas would still be useful, i plan on using them soon. I might need a couple ideas for objects that might be found in the passage, so if you have an idea for that, let me know.

commented Aug 20, 2019 by lunalovegoodmolly (313,150 points)
This is very interesting and creative!

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answered May 6, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (285,800 points)
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Good Job!!! I like Gemmy so far ;3 What type of fox is she? (red, kit fox, etc?) I don't remember. Anyway, awesome job so far.
commented May 6, 2019 by LunaLight (108,090 points)
When I'm writing I see her as a red fox.
commented May 7, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (285,800 points)
Kk thx!

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