Rise of the Wolves: Chapter 12

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asked May 5, 2019 in Fiction by LUNALUNALUNALUNALUNALUNA

This chapter that might seem a bit scary to some people, so if you are escpecially easily scared, I wouldn't reccommend reading the first paragraph.

    As Luna and Gemmy walked into the wolfcomes's secret passage, Luna realized she knew the scent, she just couldn't remember where she had smelled it before and who's it was, but it was everywhere in the passage. Then she smelled another scent she knew, but it wasn't as recent as the other wolf's, she followed the older scent of one of the wolf's she knew best, or at least thought she did. As she followed the scent, Gemmy made her stop and look up, there was wolf blood and fur all over the walls, Luna's father's blood and fur. Luna looked in horror at her father's blood on the walls. Her father didn't die in the woods, he died here, the murderer must have somehow got away without a trace. Luna ran back, she kept running till she was out of the wolfcomes, Gemmy behind her. Luna was wimpering the entire way. "Who's blood was that?" Gemmy asked, trying not to upset her too much. Luna didn't answer until a few seconds later, as her wimpering slowed down. "My father's." Luna answered. Gemmy tried to comfort her a bit. "T-that wolf, the one that ran, is t-the one who killed him. I know it."
     Luna and Gemmy continued walking along, thinking of a plan to track Luna's father's murderer and make it so he can't hurt anyone again. As they were walking and talking, a wolf- female, little older than a pup- ran by, chasing a rabbit. Luna walked over to the wolf, who got the rabbit. "Uhm, hello?" Gemmy said to the wolf. The wolf turned around quickly, not knowing they were there. "Hi!" The wolf said. "I'm Knight, who are you guys?". "I'm Luna, this is my friend Gemmy." "So what are you two doing here? Judging by your voice Luna I'm guessing you're from the Northern Pack?" Knight said, a little confused. Luna responded "The Northern Pack was attacked by a mixed pack, i ran when that happened and found Gemmy along the way here".

No ideas to continue the chapter, hope you enjoyed!

commented Aug 20, 2019 by lunalovegoodmolly (321,240 points)

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answered May 6, 2019 by Ammy-k (41,410 points)
Nice job adding ing knight! That is so clever! To add onto what Gem Heart said, maybe you could have them “set up camp” and then discuss the mystery, but when they wake up something (or someone) has disappeared from their camp.
commented May 6, 2019 by LunaLight (130,110 points)
I might use that! Thanks Ammy! Since I want the characters to stay together though it's probably gonna be something rather than someone, I don't want the characters split up just yet, maybe a little later in the story, make sense?
commented May 7, 2019 by Ammy-k (41,410 points)
KK! Thanks for considering it!
commented May 7, 2019 by LunaLight (130,110 points)
Actually, i'm thinking of a way that could work as an important thing in the story, if you want, i might be able to add you as another character in the story. I'm still working it out, but if I'm able to, would you like to be in the story?
commented May 7, 2019 by Ammy-k (41,410 points)
I'd love to! I don't care if I'm bad or good, BTW!
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answered May 6, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (291,430 points)
(This is you, Luna, right? Just making sure)

ANYWAY awesome! And yay, hey Knight! Okay, ideas.

1) Maybe let these three agree to team up and use their separate abilities to track the murderer. Scent, smarts, agility... whatever! Maybe make them discover a secret hideout of said murderer? Maybe even discover an association of wolf assassins? IDK!

2) Make Luna + Gemmy tell the fox parents... but then again, Gemmy has deserted them and Luna has left. Maybe instead, these two go find a place to sleep and mull over the secret they uncovered. perhaps Luna can tell Gemmy more about the history of Luna's pack and stuff, maybe a rebellion.

3) Maybe add some mythical or magical wolf or fox spirits to guide their way (like in Ora'cle). That way, there can be some cool magic and stuff!!!


I really like it so far!
commented May 6, 2019 by LunaLight (130,110 points)
Yes this is me, I'm trying to be on my original account more, but I don't sign in stilll sometimes.

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