Rise of the Wolves : Chapter 13

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     As Luna, Gemmy, and Knight kept talk, Knight decided to help them find Luna's fther's murderer. The sky started to get darker and the moon and stars would be out soon.

    "It's getting late, we need to set up camp." Knight said. "Can I get some rabbits?" she said, her tail wagged a little, as she liked rabbits. Luna rolled her eyes a little, "Go for it" Luna said. Knight ran off to chase rabbits for a little while. Luna and Gemmy started making spots in the grass where it would be comfortable to sleep, and made sure there was a lake nearby. The canopy of trees above would provide shelter against and rain and storms, in case any came.

      Luna started to catch a scent of other wolves, most likely another pack in the area, in case they might be violent, Luna didn't go after finding the other wolves.

      As the stars came out, twinkling and shimmering with the bright moon in cresent shape in the darkness, Knight came back with more than enough rabbits to last them the night. The two wolves and fox ate dinner and headed to the grass beds, hiding the rabbits left-over under a bush. They softly went to sleep.


The Next Day


      As the sun rose up again, so did Luna and Knight, Gemmy was still sleeping. Knight went over to check the rabbits instantly, Luna went to the lake to get a drink. As Luna got a drink she saw a wolf poke it's head through a bush, as soon as Luna looked up, the wolf looked frightened and ran back into the bushes. Luna found this odd, but paid no attention to it, it was probably a member from the other pack. Luna went back to the camp and found Knight frustrated.

     "The rabbits are gone!!" Knight said. "Someone must have stole them!!" Luna went to check, to make sure Knight hadn't just been looking in the wrong spot, but it was true, the rabbits weren't there. Luna remembered about the other pack nearby. "I smelled another pack of wolves nearby last night, maybe they stole them, or at least might've seen who did." Luna suggested. "But we have to wait till Gemmy wakes up."

Sorry if it's a bit short, I should be able to add Ammy in the next chapter.

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I love it!

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Cool! It's really good!
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I love it!
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Awesome, looking forward to the next!

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