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i got bored again, so im making this. btw, KS, could you add "blackout" as a category?

So how are you all?

Can you tell I'm super bored?

Homework, UUUUGHHH

I'm hungry, I'm gonna get a taco

Ok, got a taco, Yum.

DARN IT, I spilled taco on my computer

Taco is cleaned off of my computer

That was a good taco..

Well. I'm bored.

I'm gonna go now.

So read Silens and Fearless and Starting Over, watch LaurenzSide, SSSniperWolf and Jacksepticeye, eat bread, sniff a waterbottle, roast and Irish gamer, and goodbye.

asked May 12 in Other by Overcomer of Dark (6,470 points)

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Totally read Silens and all dem books! ;D Thanks Luna! 

answered May 13 by -GEMHeart- (250,020 points)
selected May 13 by Overcomer of Dark

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