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"Saga" is the Norse goddess of wisdom. In my "Marvel-ized" version, I made a character who can go toe-to-toe with Avenger's Thor. So, let's take a look at her powers and things like that. May contain spoilers for the Marvel movies, but I'll try my best to not reveal a lot.

Saga Overview

Saga, as noted before, is the Norse goddess of wisdom. In keeping with this fact, I have added a little more to her. Her powers are psychic, meaning she can control, manipulate, and create things with just her mind. In short, she has mastered the consciousness of her brain. However, her subconscious mind is where her true power is: knowing everything, the future, past, present and is technically omniscient. However, since it is in her subconscious mind, she cannot knowingly know all of this wisdom, so it usually presents itself to her in dreams or visions (the subconscious mind is what is used when dreaming/sleeping). 
Saga's psychic powers are like Scarlet Witch's, only she needn't move her hands or even glance at the thing she wishes to manipulate. 
She is just as old as Thor and knew him as a child. She is not a queen or princess, but is related to the royalty as a goddess. She may seem somewhat inferior to Thor with his flashy powers, but she is also very adept at using weapons, usually hand-held bladed ones. She can also give her psychic powers, which are usually a light blue color when seen, a psychical form and make them weapons as well. She can also create things from thin-air, but this usually drains her energy faster than if she just uses the psychic weapon, which she can reform at anytime to create a new weapon mid-attack.
Her personality is soft-spoken and gentle. She tends to be a bit nervous but is still endearing. She enjoys sharing knowledge with people and is an expert teacher. In Thor; Ragnorok , when Asgard is destroyed, she is one of the brilliant minds who help keep everyone alive on the ship until Thanos gate-crashed. She is the 3rd most powerful superhero (after Captain Marvel and Thor). She is not one of the ones to be taken by Thanos' scheme and helps in the events of Endgame.

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