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Paint It Black (BLACKOUT)

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asked May 23, 2019 in 10,000 Points Club by LunaLight (88,320 points)

Hello people

I decided to use this catogorey because there was only one question and i have 10,000 points.

But I'm sure you probably didn't notice that

Or did you?


So how are you all?


I have a secret I think I'll post on Friday, I'll post it here and put the link on KN, just one extra thing you guys don't know about me, unless you have really thought about it.

But you won't find it out today, sorry to say.

This was just a short post, so watch SSSniperWolf, Jacksepticeye, LaurenzSide, and Dangthatsalongname, sniff a water bottle, roast an Irish gamer, eat bread, and don't cuss on Scott's Christan Minecraft channel and goodbye!

1 Answer

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answered May 23, 2019 by OpalGemStar (55,440 points)

Ooh a secret ? Mind me, I could be a bit nosy sometimes... but this is just exciting!

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There once was hatred in her heart. She hated the world, she hated the people, for hurting her. They'd wronged her. But now, she was protecting them. She was their last ... on scene in time." She closed. And left. Tell me if you want me to continue.

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