Luna’s Big Decision

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Luna Midnight’s Big Decision

Written by Raven⚜️Queen (May 28, 2019)


On Friday, 7 month Kidzsearch user luna midnight admitted to the kidzsearch what she truly is in her post “The Secret…”.  She wrote:


“I promised to tell you guys a secret today, and the big secret is...


I'm Lesbian.


The post was seen by 76 users in Kidzsearch and was answered by 5 users, those who were willing to help Luna the best they could. Kitten, a long-time Kidznet user but a new Kidztalk user has been awarded “Best Answer” by the owner of the post. On Saturday, she comforted Luna with an assuring sentence at the end of her answer, even though she didn’t support gay or lesbian.


Ok! That's your decision, and even though I don't support it, My opinion about you is unchanged. It takes courage to come out of the closet like that.


The reply has also been awarded with a shout out from Ammy-K  in her post “We all need encouragement!” saying that Kitten’s answer was “very kind and open-minded”. The post followed with another shout-out to luna midnight.


Luna Midnight! It DOES take a lot of courage to share somethjng like that, and, even though I don’t exactly encourage that belief, I still love you and will keep on praying for you!


Surely, the post has gotten many agreements. This is truly a brave thing to think about. Why had luna decide to tell Kidzsearch? “I wanted everyone here to know because y'all are my friends.” she says. Luna has made her plans, and she is ready for what is ahead.


“And as for swiching to straight, I'm not doing that, it's not really something I can just do.” she commented last Friday.


Luna has made an important decision, and she is not letting go of it. Though she is aware that it would be hard telling her family. She has researched how to do it, and she feels as though it might wait awhile. Others have also been showing her support.


“For the people who think I don't care there wrong!


Luna I don't support it but I do care it's fine if your different from other people”




“Thanks for your answer. I’m glad you agree how serious this, because it is something to talk about. Luna, I hope you don’t think I am homophobic, because I believe that people can make their own life decisions. Who am I to tell people what to do and what not to do? And if you believe that your lesbian life is who you are, then… do what you think is right. You have to decide the right time to tell them, which I see you have, maybe at age 16 or 17. Hiding something that is important (that might change your life) for about 5 or 6 years from your own parents is sort of weird, and you might feel that way. Don’t worry about it, we got your back. And do you actually think your mom/dad will get rid of you? Parents love their children a lot. If you feel that your parents aren’t the type that will keep you, that’s fine. If anyone hates you because you are lesbian, ignore them. They aren’t worth your tears. We will always help you no matter what. And when times are tough, remember this: Why fit in when you were born to stand out? Thank you,








“Well, like I said before. I do NOT support it but it does not MEAN I DON'T ACCEPIT YOU as a person. It is your choice, I can't change you. Personally it changes my view of you a little, but as long as you're not attracted to me I'm personally okay with it (that's how I feel towards it). I still show you God's love and accept you even if I don't support it. I had guessed but it came as a bit of surprise to know I'm right.


Personally I believe that men and women were made for each other, otherwise we would all be women or all men. Anyway, thanks for sharing. You're still my friend, so don't let that cloud your vision of me.”


- GEMHeart


“Hey that's cooL! Anyway, i support ya!”




“Here luna midnight, hope this helps.”




We will all support you luna midnight , including your girlfriend. Never let go what you truly believe.


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Great article! .
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I might do something about Cookie leaving..
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commented May 29, 2019 by Pumpkin (709,820 points)
That would be great!
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answered May 29, 2019 by Ammy-K
Nice job quoting!
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Wow, that's really good Raven, I like it.
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ooo cool!
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This is for the magazine! Hope you like it

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