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Objective is simple: Write a story with these 4 words:










I will be judging:


  1. Originality and Proof that it is YOUR work


     2. Correct Use of Words


     3. Creative Prompt Idea


     4. Problem and Solution Involvement


    5. Correct Grammar Use


Each will be judged 1-10!




I was finishing my last works of art, when Jimmy, my obnoxious little brother, stomped in my room.


“Whatcha working on?” he said with his usual, naughty smile.


“My masterpiece! Duh!” I replied, rolling my eyes at my own brother’s knowledge. “I can just hear the headlines now. Katlyn Wallis, world’s greatest artist, has created a splendid painting of the ocean with solid creativity and effort.” I grinned as I fell into the world of fantasy success. Luckily, Jimmy started blabbering again, which made me jump back into reality.


“Can I help? Pretty please? I’d do a wonderful job!” Jimmy begged. No way was I gonna let a six year old help me on my contest submission. “Nope. Sorry. Big kids only.” I answered with a matter-of-fact voice. Jimmy, however, is very stubborn. When someone says “no” he won’t stop making a fuss until he gets what he wants. “No fair! I wanna help!” he stomped his feet around the room to distract me from working.


I showed him his tantrums don’t bother me by painting with ignorance. Unfortunately, Jimmy didn’t stop there. He picked up my paintbrush with an evil and vicious laugh.


“JIMMY! THAT’S MINE!” I screamed. Sure enough, he dipped the brush in yellow paint and scribbled it over my image of the Mississippi River. Jimmy then ran away, his boots making loud thumps on the stairs. “Mom!” I cried. “Mom!” In no time, my mother came and had a stunned look on her face when she saw what had happened. Then I explained Jimmy’s tantrum, the paintbrush, and why he did it. After that, I saw Mom smile. “I think I got an idea. Jimmy might’ve made your Mississippi painting better than before.”


My mom told me her plan and I got to it. Slowly, I took the dipped paintbrush and added more strokes to my background of a beautiful sunset. The next day, I brought my finished work to the judges of the competition.


“We have finished looking at your works of art.” one of the judges, Mr. Ross, said. “And I loved ‘em all, but there can only be one winner.”


The atmosphere was tense and quit. Nobody moved a muscle. We all wanted to know the winner of the 2019 Harrisburg Art Contest, to earn the grand prize of 15,000 dollars. Then he announced, “Katlyn Wallis.”


As I went onto the stage to get my reward, cheers from the crowd echoed and raged. Mr. Ross politely whispered to my ear, “How did you do the sun over the water? It seems so realistic and it sparkles with creativity!”


“It was all Jimmy.” I grinned. “He helped with his yellow scribbles.”


Make sure to keep the vocabulary words bolded or in italics.


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Ok! Here is chapter 1 of jungle paws, my book


In the beginning


A silver cat was sitting in her den. She recently had kits, and her eyes shone with pride at every one of them, Especially a silver tabby that looked exactly like her. He seemed so much like her. Brave, and courageous. The little kitten was always skipping around, all over the den. The mother’s eyes were gleaming with pride as she watched her kit. An Older cat sat beside her.

“I am now a great grandfather”, The ancient cat mewed. “What are you gonna name it?”

“Oh, Oscar. How should I know? There only a couple weeks old.”, The silver cat replied to the ancient orange tabby.  

“Anyone can see that he is always skipping around. You could name him Skippy.”, The elderly feline suggested.

“That’s a strange name.”, Silver mewed.

“It’s a special name”, Oscar Meowed at last.


Chapter 1



The  sun slowly began creeping up the sky, The Clouds flanked the sun, dancing in the wind. A small kitten named Skippy arose, now wide awake, though his body appeared to be trying to tell him to go back to sleep. He has been on his own for over a month now.

  Skippy slowly got up from his little vine nest and padded just a couple paw length’s away, over to a nearby wild pumpkin patch surrounded by towering jungle trees. There were pumpkins of all sizes. Some were orange, while others were still green and developing. Some were even just sprouting. Skippy walked another few paw lengths over through the dense vines and trees to the largest orange pumpkin in sight. Skippy opened his mouth, revealing his oversized fangs and took a big bite. Oh how wonderful it tasted! He ate and ate until the pumpkin was near gone. Then he noticed The pumpkin’s seeds scattered on the ground. Skippy remembered an old lesson that mother had taught him when he was very young. Even if you are lucky enough to find one Pumpkin, immediately plant the fruit seeds, half a paw’s length in the ground, and more will grow next year. The small kitten softly pawed some seeds into the ground, and ate the rest. Of course, the pumpkin’s seeds were by far the yummiest part of the pumpkin.  Skippy padded back to his nest and took a nap.



  When Skippy finally awoke, the weather was pouring rain. He decided to take shelter under a large tree, but even then he was still soaked. Knowing that better opportunities would come next time, he curled up next to a vine and went back to sleep.


 The pumpkin patch

Flickr.com photo

  That evening, a flock of birds settled in the pumpkin patch. Skippy arose to the excitement. One bird in bird in particular seemed to be glaring at him. Skippy decided to get into the action and tried to imitate the bird’s long calls. One bird noticed this, and promptly pecked the poor kitten on the head! Skippy spent the rest of the evening chasing and playing with that bird.


  Later that night, Skippy gazed up at the vast sky of twinkling stars. Stars always fascinated him. The small kitten mewed good night to the bird. Skippy curled up and went to sleep.  Skippy soon awoke to the sound of that bird. Wondering what time it was, Skippy glanced at the sky. It was about midnight, so Skippy went back to sleep.He awoke again to the sound of screeching from the annoying little bird. Skippy turned, hissed at the bird, and went back to sleep.

By the time the new day began, the bird and his flock had already left. Skippy padded over to a small stream, caused by last night’s rain. He took a few massive gulps, reliving his desperate thirst. Skippy ate his pumpkins. Skippy turned as he heard rustling in the bushes. It was a mouse!

  He chased after it, smashing all pumpkins in his way, but even when he had a clear path to the mouses burrow, he could not catch it.

Skippy planted all the seeds that had been smashed open, and ate as much pumpkin as he could, trying not to waste the smashed pumpkins.

Later that day, some wild deer came to the pumpkin patch. he had never seen anything so massive in his life!


  Suddenly, Skippy saw a  jet white paw shoot out of a bush, taking a small fawn by surprise.The young deer began darting away, but the white cat was faster. The deer began kicking at the cat, but the feline dodged it. After a fatal bite, the mysterious young cat was spotted eating large mouthfuls, while constantly purring.

  Skippy stared in disbelief as the larger cat noticed Skippy, and began padding over to him, until they were paw to paw. The massive white cat began pawing up dirt, jestering that he was not afraid to fight. The odds where not in Skippy’s favor.

  Skippy gave the large white cat a long glare.

  “Who are you? You seem week for even a tiny kitten.”, the cat sneered.

  “I am Skippy, and who might you be?”,The large cat growled at him immediately after he (Skippy) asked, his eyes gleaming with pride.

  “I am cloud”, the large cat replied.

  “This is my territory, Cloud!”

  “ Are you threatening me?”, cloud hissed

  “ Yes, I am”

  “We can settle this without a fight, young Skippy”, cloud replied, now more calm. “Let’s see how things go with two felines in this territory, before we fight.”

  “Get off this land!”,Skippy mewed

  The white cat slowly began circling the small cat, in a flurry of hissing and spitting.

  After a long silence, cloud started to become much more friendly, and Skippy's muscles began to relax.

  “So, do you know how to hunt?”, Cloud asked.

  “Not yet”, Skippy meowed.

  “Then how do you survive?”, Cloud eagerly asked, while digging up grass with his paws

  “Oh, I eat pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.”, Skippy exclaimed.

  “Uh… what’s a pumpkin patch?”

  “ I’ll tell you later. Come with me.”, Skippy eagerly said.


  Young Skippy was enjoying his new companion quite a bit. Since they met, he became calm and began liking Cloud.

Cloud soon started teaching Skippy how to hunt. And most importantly, how to defend yourself.

  The thought of having a companion troubled Skippy, as he missed his mother. Skippy’s thoughts were interrupted by the mew of Cloud.

  “Good. you’ve caught your first mouse!”,Cloud began cheerfully. “Now you can hunt!”

“  But the cold season is near.”, Skippy remarked in reply. He could already feel the air getting colder by the day.He could remember how fun it was to play in the snow, and to make den’s in the snow that would last till early spring. He also gloomly thought about how the pumpkins vanished completely except a sad old vine. He remembered the day that mother had died due to lack of food, and how the small kitten’s where left on their own.


  “Oh. sorry. I was thinking about the season of cold.”, said Skippy.

  “ that’s what we have to talk about. We need to gather all the food we possibly can before the cold. Now that you can finally hunt, you must join me in the task. You find prey all over the pumpkin patch, and I ‘ll find prey in my territory. Meet here by sundown.”, cloud suggested.

  “I guess that’ll work.” Skippy replied.


  At sunset, Skippy and cloud met up to share their prey.

  “I caught a few squirrels!”, Skippy proudly retorted.

  “Good. you have a natural hunting talent.”, Cloud replied excitedly. “ I, on the other hand, caught  one rabbit,  two mice, and one squirrel today. “

Skippy and Cloud placed their fresh kill in a pile.

  “We have enough prey to last us a while, But now we should make a den.”, Cloud eagry suggested.

  “Can we make an igloo?”, Skippy asked with excitement.

  “And what happens when the igloo melts away? We should make a dried mud den. That will keep us safe for eight moons to come!”

Though disappointed, Skippy agreed.

  “I’ll go get some water in a leaf from the streem to make mud. Then we       can carefully sculpt out our den.

Skippy was fascinated with clouds great knowledge, and grew to respect Clouds decisions as the leader of the small group.

All I want now is to see the lake!, Skippy thought with delight. I really have everything I need.






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