Roblox Safety (Questions will be answered.)

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asked Jun 17, 2019 in Other by OpalGemStar (54,670 points)

Kids’ Safety Roblox Guidelines by Raven


Hi guys! Roblox is super fun, especially since you can play against real users! But wait… it can be unsafe as well. It has been known that:


  • People use Roblox as an online dating site.

  • Kids friend users and get tricked into sharing personal info.

  • Innocent people get hacked on Roblox easily.


There are many more things that make Roblox dangerous, these are just some things. I’m not saying that you should stop playing Roblox, that is for YOU to decide. Some people do, but if you follow these rules, you are ready to be the safest user in the game!


“Somebody wants to friend you.” But I don’t even know you!  If you friend a user, you can text them and join them in games! This is fun… but sometimes, texting an unknown person causes you to lose you privacy. My advice? Don’t friend a Roblox player unless they know who they are and trust their actions in real life. This way, you can text your friends or siblings to join you in games!


Okay, it is common to get hacked. Really common. People who get hacked usually have easy passwords. (Example: same username and password, 12345678910, etc.) They might have also shared it accidentally or on purpose to people they think they could trust. The only people you should share your password to are your guardians. Unfortunately, hackers have the ability to change your email, password, and username once you get hacked, making you unable to get back on your account. Luckily, you can contact the Roblox company at by giving them proof it is your account, and they could get back what was rightfully yours. Remember not to make the mistakes above or any other that could result in losing your account.


“Wanna date/marry me?” Nope. Roblox is NOT an online dating site. Block the user immediately or screenshot it and send it to the Roblox company. Roblox can fight back this user, and do anything they wish, because, well, they control it! If you say yes, chances are, they can steal your private info which may cause a lot of trouble in the future. Ignoring the user or just saying no might not help, the user can follow you and negotiate with you as well. Never trust a “dater”, no matter how friendly he/she seems.

Down below is a Q & A for questions and concerns. I guarantee I will answer them on the weekends since I’m taking a break from tech. 

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answered Jun 18, 2019 by -Moonlight- (56,410 points)
I completly agree about this. But sending a screenshot of the dating will not help. If you send it they most likley won't do anything. You know why? Because of money. ODers buy robux to BUY cool clothing. And of course, Roblox gets tons of money because of this, so why would they do anything about it? Anyway, blocking someone is a very good idea.
commented Jun 18, 2019 by OpalGemStar (54,670 points)
Oh... so you’re saying that Roblox just cares about the money...

That makes me a bit disappointed because I always trusted Roblox to keep all users safe. But thanks for telling me!
commented Jun 19, 2019 by -Moonlight- (56,410 points)
I am not completly sure. But thats what it seems like to me. But other than that they're pretty good at keeping people safe.
commented Jun 19, 2019 by OpalGemStar (54,670 points)
Got your reply!
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answered Jun 18, 2019 by toad aka star (298,290 points)
I agree! When I was on Roblox a few months ago, a guy said he loved me and was asking personal information like my age and name and if I could date him. I said no to all this, but I didnt report him which I regret.
commented Jun 19, 2019 by OpalGemStar (54,670 points)
Well, now its over, be thankful that you’re safe. Not many people survive this!
commented Jun 20, 2019 by toad aka star (298,290 points)
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answered Jun 25, 2019 by JD2005
First of all, thanks for making this post. I am sure it will help many KS users, who also use Roblox. For example: myself!

Well, I think I have made a mistake already. An unknown person sent me friend request recently and I accepted it. Then when I messaged the person, ''Who are you?'', I got no answer. Should I unfriend him? He is a total stranger to me.

Anyway, keep up the good work!
commented Jun 25, 2019 by OpalGemStar (54,670 points)
Well, if this friend does not text you, they might not be playing Roblox anymore (Fortnite, ugh). Or they might not be comfortable with telling you his/her first name. If this person is not interacting with you, then you don’t need to. If they do, unfriend them for your safety. If you’re parents let you, then go for it!
commented Jun 26, 2019 by JD2005
Okay Raven. Thanks for your help!

BTW, he never interacts with me and I've never seen him online.

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