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Slime Part 1

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asked Jul 11, 2019 in Ask Cakelover by cakelover (3,160 points)
i have a slime recipes for a Type of slime. Super easy, super fun! Part 1

Shaving foam slime:


 1. Glue 1 bottle

2. Corn starch

3. Shaving foam a lot

4. Liquid vitamin D

5. Liquid soap

6. Bowl


1. Pour glue in a bowl

2. Put food couloring in

3. Mix

4. Put ALOT of shaving foam into the same bowl

5. Mix

6. Put 5 drops vitamin D in a smaller bowl

7. Add liquid soap to the vitamin D bowl

8. Mix

9. Pour it into the big bowl

10. Mix

11. Take out and play!!!

If you liked it check out part 2!
commented Aug 6, 2019 by Dancer23
Thankful so much i will try and make this

2 Answers

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answered Jul 11, 2019 by arkzo (420,080 points)
Awesome! I will try to make this
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answered Jul 15, 2019 by lunalovegoodmolly (225,280 points)
Please post more things o your blog. The things you post are always so creative and fun to read. PLEASE POST MORE!!!!!

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this is my 2 slime recipe, to make butter slime. Super easy, super fun. Ingredients: 1. Glue 2. Cornstarch 3. Body wash or shampoo 4. Laundry detergent 5. Food ... mix onto the surface 10. Mix with hands till not sticky 11. Play and have fun!

asked Jul 11, 2019 in Ask Cakelover by cakelover (3,160 points)
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do u like it

asked Feb 20, 2019 in Books by cookie122105 (75,060 points)
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i want to make slime one day, but we always do not have the ingredients. So is there one recipe that is super easy and almost everyone has the ingredients. Sorry, I am really crazy for slime so do you have any recipes. Thanks!

asked Jul 6, 2019 in Other by cakelover (3,160 points)
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this question is all about how to make slime ooey gooey stuff like putty,goo, slime and oobleck which is all based on science and i love diys and experiments

asked Nov 15, 2018 in How-To by diya#cool
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asked Aug 10, 2017 in General Arts/Crafts by Mermaid lover 009
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Kool, right? I will post a vid of my slime just after I find a time where all of my family is quiet. (They're never quiet....) LUV SLIME ✿◕ ... Go here-

asked Apr 19, 2017 in Fun Stuff by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,550 points)
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Whether you call it slime, goo, putty, or ooblick, that stuff is fun to play with! And it's also super duper easy to make! Step 1: Mix together water ... love this stuff! You can do fun things with it including experiments and pranks! Enjoy!

asked Apr 13, 2017 in General Arts/Crafts by ❤️GryffindorGal❤️ (115,780 points)
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SIKE!!!!!!! to seee how many veiw i get

asked Jan 31, 2019 in Kids Deals / Freebies by cookie122105 (75,060 points)
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this questions is all about how to make slime

asked Nov 15, 2018 in How-To by diya
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Hi again slime fans here is another recipe for slime so you are going to need :playdough wich ever kind and vaseline and you just rub some vaseline in the playdough intell its soft and then your ready with a butter slime

asked Oct 15, 2018 in How-To by slealrui (1,000 points)
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Hi again slime fans heres more slime recipes this one i tryed it is a softsoap slime so you need softsoap wich ever and add salt intell it feels thick then put it in the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes and its ready

asked Oct 14, 2018 in How-To by slealrui (1,000 points)
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You need shampoo (clear) and then you put white sugar and leave it in the freezer for 1 to 2 hours and then its ready

asked Oct 12, 2018 in How-To by slealrui (1,000 points)
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Who has slime? Did you make them or buy? Enjoy these vids and write below to answer these 2 questions and how you liked the vids! ... ):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

asked Mar 29, 2017 in Fun Stuff by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,550 points)
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hey guys it is me Kenna and i wanna tell you how awesome you are for being there for people and in the comments wright what you are thankful for i am always ... and sound also happy thanks giving and i hope your food and drinks are wonderful -kenna

asked Nov 26, 2019 in Other by kenna
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hello if you vote and comment most for me you get a surpize from me

asked Nov 21, 2019 in General Blogs by kenna
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Congratulations to… ıʇı⊥ןɹıƃʇɐϽ You are a really friendly person! Thank you!!!

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He asked for one. If you want one, then write a short story and u will also get a link to a website that will teach u how to hypnotize someone! Only if u win. Submission deadline: Feb 30. Ok bye!!!

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Tough decision...... I'd say Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Auggie from Wonder. AND NO "I DON'T KNOWS!"

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Ello! This'll be a short post of all the old art I've posted. Let's begin! This is horrible...oh my gosh. This was from October? Well, five or six months ago. I think this is the same date. It's better compared to the other one haha...

asked Mar 15, 2019 in Pictures and Drawings by toad aka star (325,150 points)
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asked Aug 16, 2019 in Cheetah Girls Singing Club by C.Clay (16,320 points)
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i'd say im an older kid, since my age range is 10-13 for a younger kid age range, i'd say 6-9 what's yours?

asked Nov 19, 2018 in Polls by taco queen

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