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Join with over other 5,000 people in our movement and become a part of Kidzsearch history!


commented Aug 10, 2019 by jellyfishlover

yayyyyyy lets do it!!!!boogieboogieteeth_smile

commented Aug 10, 2019 by kitten (644,280 points)
Let's party!!!
commented Jan 8 by PrincessKittens Left (203,240 points)
I am gonna make a lets get the highest ammount of upvotes!
commented Jan 8 by PrincessKittens Left (203,240 points)
Ok :)
commented Mar 3 by PrincessKittens Left (203,240 points)
213 answers???
commented Apr 13 by Yoloman
Lets have the most answer! Yolo to kitten!
commented Apr 14 by kitten (644,280 points)
commented Apr 21 by anonymous
commented Apr 23 by Aaron 16 YeArS
Sooo I’m new...
commented Apr 23 by tomriddlelover
OK soo what I’m doing here Is that my mom and dad are getting a divorce and my dad spent all his money on his house anyway it was supposed to be the money for taxes so we’re getting evicted. WHAT SHOULD I DO?????
commented Apr 24 by xXAutumn-BlossomXx (8,110 points)
commented Sep 29 by embers to ashes


commented Nov 12 by Yayday
commented Nov 14 by hi bunnies
great why

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answered Jul 17, 2019 by lunalovegoodmolly (313,100 points)
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Yeah! Let's do it. Everyone working together. Boys and Girls for one.
commented Jul 17, 2019 by -Moonlight- (64,570 points)
asked Dec 19, 2019 in Drafts by kitten (644,280 points)
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An All-Out Kidzsearch WAR (Updated Febuary 25th 2020)
asked Apr 9 in KidzSearch Contests by kitten (644,280 points) 300 answer challenge!!!
commented Apr 9 by lunalovegoodmolly (313,100 points)
Yup. I still am trying at the most views for my question....
commented May 3 by JD2005
commented Jul 31 by anonymous
asked Oct 14 in Technology by kitten (644,280 points) Update to Lets Try To Get The Most Answers
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answered 5 days ago by magicharrypottergal (980 points)
Gimme a K gimme a i gimme a tt en KITTEN!
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answered Nov 20 by anonymous


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answered Nov 20 by Bugaboo
I’m answering
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answered Nov 16 by SnickerDoodles
Ya'll know that seen from star wars, where kylo wwas screaming "MORE"? Well, let's do that.
commented Nov 16 by OllieMotionStudios (3,700 points)
I think you mean scene, because seen mean have spotted something in the past and scene means a part of a film.

Do you mean scene?
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answered Nov 16 by OllieMotionStudios (3,700 points)

Incoming animation!

The Wind o' Matic

A stick figure will run up to the wind machine, press the button because he is hot, then then he holds on to the rails while the wind machine starts up. A moment after it starts up, it will be going really fast and making so much wind that it blows away the stick figure. 


I love to try and create animations that will be challenging on the computer. To create animations I use I have installed the site as an app using Microsoft Edge. I am expecting to get this animation complete by Tuesday 24th November 2020.

commented Nov 19 by OllieMotionStudios (3,700 points)
Okay, so I don't think I'll get it done by Tuesday, but I will try to get it done as quick as I can.
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answered Nov 14 by UNI-STAR



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answered Nov 11 by Vanillattack (550 points)

woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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answered Nov 10 by Yay whoop excited boo maybe yes maybe no
We got this!!!! Kidzsearch will live FOREVERRR
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answered Nov 10 by kitten (644,280 points)
Thanks for 5,000 views.
commented Nov 21 by kitten (644,280 points)
Why not... I just wanna say thanks.
commented Nov 21 by kitten (644,280 points)
Because you were jealous I will not select your answers as best.

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