Does anyone know anything about Mary Mackillop

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Help would be greatly appreciated

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Yeah!  Saint Mary Mackillop was an Australian nun who has been proclaimed a saint by the Catholic Church.  Born Mary Helen MacKillop on January 15th, 1842, in Scotland.  She was well educated and raised in the faith.  She opened a boarding school when she was an adult and, in 1867, became the first sister and mother superior of the newly formed order of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart, and moved to the new convent in Grote Street, Adelaide. In the same year, at age 25, she adopted the religious name Sister Mary of the Cross. In Adelaide, they founded a new school at the request of the bishop, Laurence Bonaventure Sheil. Dedicated to the education of the children of the poor, it was the first religious order to be founded by an Australian.  She died on 8 August 1909 in the Josephite convent in North Sydney and was canonized on October 17th, 2010.

Find out more about her here:

Hope this helped!!!
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She wasn't born in Scotland, she was born in Melbourne.

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