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                                           Rinji Shukei
Creator: GemHeart  Fandom: Bleach 
Race: Soul (Shingami/Espada)
Birthday: Dec. 1st
Gender: Female 
Height: 4'3'
Weight: 62 IBS
Blood Type: AB
Theme Song: I'm Not Afraid by Tommee Profitt/ WONDRA 

​--Professional Status----

Affiliation: Gotei, Soul Society
Previous Affiliation: 
Unofficially Visored
Unofficially Espada
Profession: Shinigami
Division: 10th Division
Position: 3rd Seat of 10th Division 
Previous Position:
5th Company Unseated Officer 
11th Company Seated Officer
Base of Operations: Seireitei, Soul Society
--Personal Status-----
Relatives: Kazuk Shukei (deceased, brother)
                 Unnamed family (deceased)
                 Momo Hinamori (distant cousin)            
Education: Shin'o Academy
Shikai: Ikazuchi No Hiryuu ("Thunderless Flying Dragon")
(Not Revealed)
-First Appearance---
Manga: Vl. 1, Chap. 1 (The Frost Divide Official)
Anime: N/A
Video Game: N/A
--Voice Actors-----
English: N/A
Japanese: N/A
Spanish: N/A


Rinji Shukei (主計  綸旨 , Shukei Rinji) is a Shinigami working under 10th Company.



Rinji is a very short Soul Reaper with the appearance of a young girl. Her hair is green with white tips, and her eyes are ocean teal. She may wear her hair in a short , pinned-up bun-like ponytail that imitates Nanao Ise's, but she really wears it to make fun of Renji Abarai, with whom she shares a similar-sounding name, but she only wears it occasionally. Usually her hair is in a long ponytail down her back. She wears a standard Shinigami uniform (but sometimes ties her sleeves up for freer use of her arms) and footwear.
She also can sometimes sport "Hollow eyes" when she is angry. 


Rinji is described as "easily annoyed yet extremely passionate". She believes in honor and justice, and frequently exhibits mercy. She also has an extremely sarcastic sense of humor, and enjoys teasing her captain and best friend, Toshiro Hitsugaya. She also is noted to never cry, as it takes a lot to push her to the breaking point, something that's been strengthened by her past. She isn't very secretive about her life, and is willing to help others with their own.

Her Hollow side, in its tame state, is controllable. However, since no one has witnessed her full potential as a Hollow yet, no one is actually sure if she has a sudden personality switch during it. 



Not a whole lot has been revealed about her history yet, besides the fact she had a brother, a feverish inventor called Kazuku Shukei, that was killed by a man named U-ezuri Danizee, who was under the mentorship of Sosuke Aizen. 


To be revealed.

Powers and Abilities

To be revealed.


  • Her first name means "Emperor's Command". 
  • The first kanji of her name means "silk" or "thread".
  • The second means " clever" or "expert".
  • She has gone through many changes in design/story before this final one.
  • She was born on December 1st.


  • "All you see is a monster, someone you can never trust."

-The Frost Divide Manga , when talking to Toshiro Hitsugaya in a flashback.

  • "Shut UP! How could you know?! No one has ever died whose close to you, no one who you loved with every fiber of your being! It's like someone is tearing your heart out, and then throwing it back in every day! It beats again and again, but the grief keeps killing you, and you just keep on dying, and there's no breaks, no vacation. You just keep on hurting."

-The Frost Divide, in a conversation with Toshiro Hitsugaya 

  • "So let me ask again. Are you scared of me? Or not?"

-The Frost Divide, after she releases her Hollow form to fight 

  • "If it means in the short term I have to hurt you but in the long term you'll be alive and healthy, it's a risk I'm willing to take!"

-The Frost Divide, the Prequel, towards the end when she squares off against her friends


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Cool gem, though since I don' know anything about Bleach I don' understand half of that, the other half I think you did very well on!
commented Aug 5, 2019 by lunalovegoodmolly (313,150 points)
Same here

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