ebarassing crush story

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asked Aug 11, 2019 in Preteen /Tween Club by jellyfishlover
Ok, so I've had this crush since the begining of 4th grade, and I am going into 5th grade.I started do get this crush on this boy, because he was super cute, the same thing happened at camp when I got assigned seats next to a cute boy in my band class(this was a music camp, where you could take music classes)and this was only because he was cute, at first.I don't think getting a crush on a boy just because their cute is something to be proud of.Anyway, I actually got to have my first coversation with him in the lunch line, and since the lunch line was really long, they ran out of food, took like 30 more mins to get more, that by the time we got our food lunch was already done. 5th grade and 4th grade usually sit at different tables, but since lunch was already finished, they left 1 table where everybody who got hot lunch could sit at.I sat with him and we talked,I already new his name since I sorta followed him at recess from a safe distance, and herd people say his name.At another point in the year, this dude told us that his brother died, I asked why, my crush slaped me in the shoulder, and said I don't ask people that.It was then that we developed the system that when he would see me, he would   slap me in the shoulder, and then I would slap him back, it was like our way of saying hi(wierd, huh?).Our school has this thing where the fifth graders do research on a famous person, dress like them, and give a speech about them.Everybody comes into the gym, gets tickets,and puts them into ticket boxes the kids make.When you put the tickets in their box they start talking about their famous person.Anyway, we were given 30 mins to do this, and all those 30 mins I stayed at my crushes spot in the gym, and by the time we left, I had memorized almost his whole speech.During the end of the year one of my crush's friends found out about me having a crush on him, and told him in the bus line while I was there.Seriosly, IN THE BUS LINE.The thing that really got me  is that behind the person who slaped me continously was the person who told me that I did a good job at the talent show auditions, and the person who didn't make a big deal about me liking him.The only thing that worries me is that at the last day of school, my untrustworthy friend told me that my crush told her that he was going to a new school next year, because since he was new, his parents were moving around schools to see witch one they liked better.I belived her since she knew my crush way better, and she didn't lie a lot, but later this summer I relized that she has lied a lot in my time knowing her, and I'm pretty sure he would tell me.The end, please don't judge me on all the stupid things I did.
commented Sep 9, 2019 by BGPearl (4,270 points)
Okay, so I'm a 5th grader with a first crush. (After all of your incidents, I think you'll have good advice.)He's totally cute and awesome, and I'm somewhat attractive. I share an enrichment class with him, which is really important for middle school. How am I supposed to not act like a total dork?
commented Sep 22, 2019 by PrincessJelly (52,610 points)

ok,so i'm sorry, but i'm a 5th grader as well, although i started crushing on people in 2nd grade, so I think i can help anyway.first of, try to act like you always do.i used to act like a total freak, but then i got better at acting more like i always do.btw i recommend not trying to flirt with him, cuz it might just make you look like a dummy.unless you count using logic on him "flirting" cuz i do that a lot.Hope this helps!teeth_smile

commented Sep 22, 2019 by BGPearl (4,270 points)
Thanks! I just know he doesn't have a crush on me, so PUH-LEASE I would never torture him by "flirting"
commented Sep 23, 2019 by PrincessJelly (52,610 points)


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answered Aug 11, 2019 by lunalovegoodmolly (318,240 points)
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I won't judge you! That sounds like it was embarrising. Please tell us if he really did switch schools or not. Sorry that you had to go through that.
commented Aug 14, 2019 by jellyfishlover
I AM SO HAPPY!He didn't switch schools!I saw him at school when we had to meet our teachers(the day before the first day of school)!!!Plus he got new glasses.The only thing I can't belive is how that girl LIED to me.But I'm still happy.
commented Aug 16, 2019 by lunalovegoodmolly (318,240 points)
I am so happy for you!
commented Aug 16, 2019 by jellyfishlover
commented Aug 17, 2019 by lunalovegoodmolly (318,240 points)
Your welcome! If you ever have more to say don't be afraid to say it.
commented Aug 18, 2019 by jellyfishlover
is it just me or do people with red hair have bigger irises.cuz my crush has red hair, and so did a friend I once had and both of their irises were/are HUGE!
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answered Aug 11, 2019 by im kanye (373,920 points)
he shouldn't have slapped you. That is ruder. And asking that is okay, you were young. I met a second-grader when I was in fourth-grade who asked me the same question, but I politely said I didn't want to tell. Anyways, I did stupid stuff with my crush aswell. I don't regret it though, he was and still is a great person, but I moved so I won't be able to ever see him again. I know, I'm cheesy. BUT IT HURTS ME KAY
commented Aug 14, 2019 by jellyfishlover
It's ok.I didn't hurt.A lot of people told him to stop, but I told them it didn't hurt, and that I didn't care much, it just annoyed me in a good way.
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answered Aug 11, 2019 by Pumpkin (690,540 points)
Interesting story

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