I have a question for arKZo.

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asked Aug 18, 2019 in Ask Arkzo by Kitten (363,020 points)

There are two other users with arkzo in there name. Is this you or are they just arKZo fans? They are called arkzo3rd and arkzo2nd. 



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answered Aug 18, 2019 by OpalGemStar (54,670 points)
selected Nov 30, 2019 by Kitten
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Alternate accounts?
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answered Aug 18, 2019 by LunaLight (83,570 points)
I know arKZo has alternate accounts
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answered Aug 19, 2019 by arkzo (402,550 points)
They are my alternate accounts. Sometimes I use them to upvote others posts.
commented Aug 19, 2019 by Kitten (363,020 points)
Cool. I was just wondering for some reason

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Dear arkzo, You're a friendly person to everyone you meet! You always get a lot of shout outs, and that's because you're awesome! It's been a pleasure ... to keep using kidztalk after your five year anniversary? Sincerely, Your Number 1 fan, Kitten

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I have 333K points, just about 55,000 points behind you!

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arKZo has been on kidzsearch for a very long time. Since 2013, he has been answering questions on kidzsearch since the start, and has seen the website grow from a small ... be proudof a user that is so devoted to their website. - As written by Kitten

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WATCH OUT I AM COMING FOR YOU ARKZO!!! by the way you have a lot of points... Catching up with you might be hard!

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arKZO are you a Filipino because I saw a question from 2013 and the name of the question was "Have you ever tried Filipino food? Asked August 14th 2013 by mathgeek36" ... mom is a Filipino but my dad is American so I'm half Filipino half American.

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so did you change your name or what? cause i looked on popular users and there was no sign of arkzo being listed but someone named "YOU" was there in first.

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I thought I could post reviews for the mag, Here is the first. You may have seen it n my blog "When You Reach Me" By Rebecca Stead Reviewed by LLM "When You ... this straight into the post so sorry for any typoes. The next review will be coming soon.

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Have you ever cried when you read or watch something and it doesn’t work out the way you’ve planned? Examples: someone dies, a ship sinks, etc.

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I am a lesbian, but in the country I live in it is considered a sin, everyone tells me that it is bad. Goin through some rough times

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Hey, everybody. If you want you can suggest a topic for me to talk about in a upcoming post. If you have any suggestions I will give it alot of thought. Sorry this was short. Your friend, LLM

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Can you read my Old Lady Comedy in Shower Thoughts?

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Hi! I need help with something. So there is an urdu word, -سم۔ Which means poison, I think. How do you pronounce it? Sam,sim or sum? I'm asking you this ... on this. They doesn't believe that سم means poison. Please answer:) Thanks in advance!

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I'm not sure exactly how I got it.

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For being the top user and being a good online friend :)

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Since no one else answered, you win the medals... Clearly Written/ Explained Honest On Time Correct in almost everything And The all around award! Good job!

asked Apr 30, 2019 in English by Ammy-K (18,690 points)
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How are you so good a riddles? Are you cheating? Please be honest.

asked Apr 8, 2019 in Other by NATHAN (62,140 points)
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I want thank for arKZo because he voted every of my answers. That means allot because I just got rank 32 from 60! There's a bigger word than "thank you" that I want to say for him!

asked Sep 16, 2017 in Other by Jenny (21,250 points)
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Hi, I have a problem. There is this boy I was into since 2nd grade, and then I forgot about him until now, because he is in my class. I started hanging out with my old ... acting makes me not like him. How do I know if he has a crush on me or not?

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