FEATURED: A History Of The #HelpTheWolves Movement

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Requested by: LLM

The Wolves: Creatures that got here millions of years before us - are getting chased out of their old stomping grounds - the Earth. 

The movement was started a month ago, at the end of July. At first, it struggled to take off, but the movement is now in it's peak. It was started by LLM (Lunalovegoodmolly) and FunHeart1010 with a simple mission:  To spread awareness about what happened in the past, what is happening in the present and what could happen in the future of wolves. The movement is currently under threat because wolves are not the only animals that need help. But the hashtag is still going, and is as notable as popular hashtags like #CindyStrong and #QoTD. LLm says that they are "Not quite ready to spread it to different websites", she said in July. The Group can be found at:   And has 14 members. Notable contributors to the movement include JD2005, LunaMoonlight, and RockabilityKitty123. LunaMoonlight describes it all as: HELP DA WUFFIES!!!! Below Is some artwork made by the users:

image"Help The Wolves!", By LunaMoonlight


Also by LunaMoonlight, She depicts a wolf howling at the moon.


A Sideways drawing By ScruffyPenny.

After Alot of posts, Lunalovegoodmolly is still not ready to spread it to different sites: "Thank you all for supporting #HelpTheWolves and wanting to be a part of it. Thank you for all the nice things you have said about my work for wolves. I just wanted to say that you have all done a big part as well. We will not stop #HelpTheWolves till wolves are valued for what they are. Even then we will stay to make sure they always are. Even when I am not on KS no more, I plan to carry this on on another platform. But, for now I will use KS!", she said in a post 2 days ago. So far, I think the wolves have a good chance to be saved one day, partly due to a kidzsearch user's passionate efforts. Thanks for reading!

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Thanks so much! That was a very well written artical!
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My article was cut short! It had more content! fear

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