Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 13: Book 3 (?)

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*WARNING: A little bloody nothing extreme*

A/N: So everyone, I've been struggling to do school, waking up, breathing, all that. I've been a sloth lately. I hope y'all can understand. I hope you like the chapter and comment! Also, I added in a new character, I've been wanting to add him in for awhile now, even though he won't have much write time, just this one intro of him...

Silens I Chapter 13



I heard the bird’s chirping and the trees dancing, the window was open, and the air had rushed in, filling the room with its freshness. I remember sitting there thinking of my life, thinking of why I was named Tom. After Tom Riddle, and he was named by his father. 

I remember my mum said I reminded her of him, the way I hated my muggle side. I told her I loved her, and she would always respond, ‘Because you were born out of love.’ That’s where we're different. Also, how I want to be human for the rest of my life. Just human, nothing more. I would want to leave like nothing. Just a pile of shredded paper.

Asia sat by Lucas, as they were talking. Their voices were inaudible.

 I could only hear the birds chirping. Her hand was on his hand. I remembered I could never love someone as she loved Lucas. He was blind, he was only able to hate someone for what they’ve done. Not how they were born as. I’m jealous of something I can change. Maybe that’s why my path to love is uncertain.

I had gotten up from my seat, my hand went through my bleach blond hair as I walked past the two. They didn’t look at me as I did.

 I entered the halls of Hogwarts, it made me ill to be here. It didn’t feel like home anymore. I missed my mother, her warm smile while greeting me. I remember always wondering about my father, it never crossed my mind that he even slightly didn’t care about me. I had these lenses on that the world was perfect. That wasn’t the case.


I saw the same old women, her wrinkles covering her face in the halls. Nara Rebasliss, I remember her name as. She grinned widely. I didn’t smile back, I lifted my head up at her. “Oh, don’t give me that sad expression, you are still young, don’t waste your time frowning. You’ll have plenty of time for that later when it is time to rest.” She put her cold hand on my shoulder. I nudged it off.

“Sorry miss. I’m just not in the mood for no less then a frown.” I said, looking back at my feet.

“Well, you enough energy to frown. How about a smile, it takes fewer muscles?” She suggested. I still didn’t. A thought still wondered in me currently after that night, how did she know my name? I still hadn’t the courage to ask the lady, and maybe I should come up with my own conclusions. I looked at her light purple eyes and let out a sigh. “I’ll see you later, Miss.”


I closed my eyes. I went to the Slytherin corridor where one boy that I thought I’ve seen before sat there with a blank expression on his pale face. Expressions, I how they can shape how other people feel.

“What you doin’ here chap?” he asked. From his accent, I assumed he was from Norway, I heard it had gone to the dumps there. Nothing unusual. He said on a black leather chair leaning back. He had dark brown hair, blue eyes while he wore black attire. He was broad, but I assumed he wasn’t very tall.

“The same reason you are,” I said. He laughed at that.

“Nah, how old are you anyway?” he asked. He had a cigar in his hand as he blew smoke in my face. I hated smokers and found it disrespectful to blow smoke in someone’s face. “Seventeen, during eighteen in December, you?” I said a bit annoyed.

“I’m eighteen. I’m here to talk to someone. Someone you might know. Slytherin corridor? It’s a nice place, rather elegant may I add.” He didn’t seem like an elegant person.

“Yeah I guess,” I said, quietly.

“I never got to go to Hogwarts. Grew up muggle.” He added. I looked at him and thought about that for a minute.

“Muggle? What’s your blood type. Muggles aren’t permitted in Hogwarts.” I said, just making sure he could be in Hogwarts.

“I’m half if that matters anyway.” He took a huge breath before saying that, letting out a huge breath. He put his cigar out and chuckled once more.

“Well, I’m p-” I stopped myself and reflected on the ‘if that mattered anyways’ in his cold words. “Pure-blood, I guess…” I quietly continued. I stood frozen, I didn’t know why. It was a Monday morning, but school started later today than usual.


“TOM!!” I heard Lucas’s voice call for me. I was about to leave the boy, without knowing his name. “Well, just saying, extra Wizarding lessons for adults is in the afternoon. And were also not allowed to smoke here.” I walked away as he stayed there, he didn’t say anything. The way he acted, I supposed he would have been put in Slytherin.

I followed Lucas’s voice, finding him as Asia firmly held his hand. “So, Tom, did you meet Andrew? Did you know he took his second year here but quit?” she almost seemed like she despised him aswell, flabbergasted by the fact he quit second year-round. “He was a Ravenclaw, pretty smart. I don’t know why he quit.” She stated.

“He didn’t tell me that. But at the same time, he didn’t even tell me his name.” I said. I looked in Asia’s yellow eyes as her mouth lifted in a smile. “Anyways, have you heard about the new teacher? Nara Rebasliss?” I asked. Asia headed lifted.

“No?” she seemed confused.

“But I have to tell you something…” she said, nervously. “Hagrid his name was, said it wasn’t safe here for me. I wanted to bring you two along.” She blurted out. The name Hagrid seemed so familiar, then it hit me. “The tall old guy?” I asked, calmly as Lucas was still silent.

“Yes, it’s not safe here. You know he might know was here. It’s been months. And I’ve basically already graduated.” She said, confidently. Lucas looked confused, he didn’t know where we were going. I didn’t either.

“So, where are we going?” I asked. She looked like she didn’t know either. She scratched the back of her head. “Well, I’ll ask Hagrid. He was a friend of your mother.” I rolled my eyes at her. “But he wasn’t fond of the Malfoys,” I said.

“Okay, but you didn’t grow up a Malfoy!” she insisted.


“Fine.” I came to this reality that I never knew my father, it was a sad reality that I didn’t want to face. That he moved on from me.  Didn’t want to feel jealous or even care about his new life without me, well he never even had a life with me in it. Maybe I’m not ever in his head.

“Sorry Tom, it’s your decision. It was always your decision.” She put her warm hand only shoulder. “I’ll go. There’s nothing left for me here anyways.” I sighed, walking to my dorm to get my things ready. Last month I had changed dorms, this time it was a little bigger, with two rooms and a younger roommate, he was sixteen. I didn’t get the point of moving me since I was also already basically done with Hogwarts. I needed to move on to a new chapter in my life.


Once I was done packing a flannel, some other clothes, food and my journal of creatures we could encounter. I looked at my book, noticing blood dripping on it. I immediately wiped it away. It kept dripping though. My eyes were wide open, confused about where it was coming from. Then, I looked up.


And that’s where the terror began. My new roommate was held on the ceiling with some sort of spell. His lifeless body, his wide-open brown eyes staring at me. I almost yelled. But I was so mortified and in shock, I couldn’t move.

“Someone’s coming…” I managed to say something. I knew It wasn’t safe anymore. The blood was coming from his nose, as it dripped on my face. I ran as quick as I could out of the room and fell to the floor.


How? Who? When?

I didn’t know who would do such a thing. I had to report this to the head of Hogwarts, but I was too in shudder to do anything. Asia quickly ran to me, confused and in distraught. “What’s wrong?!” I didn’t want her to see the body. The pale face of my roommate, his brown hair and his veins purple. His veins were bulging out. I don’t know who this had done but someone had to figure it out.

“When do we have to leave? What’s the latest?” I tried to act okay, but the imagery was still stuck in my head. The horror was still there. “Saturday. But what’s wrong?” she kept trying to figure out what was wrong, but I refused to tell her.




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