Character Sheets: "You Weren't Worth Loving", "Borhedom Falls"

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Character Sheets of Borhedom Falls


Bale Beauregard;

Age in first Chapter ~Intro~ (In the Eosodalar): Twenty-one

Character Appearance: 5’8,dark brown with his hair pulled back, half shaved. His eyes are light grey.

From: Caershire, a village by the great castle walls of Uleonor. In the mountains.

Quoted, Six Seas of Richness, “I live before I die, I have lived an uncertain life, unsure of the tales I’ve been told. I brought death, and I will serve it. But I will serve it wrongly. I will serve it less human then I ever was, less anything. I will die alone man in a huge world.”

Bale; Origin French: Meaning, living near castle walls.

(Sir Bale Beauregard lived on a small village called Caershire, on the edge off a mountain near the castle walls of Uleonor. The view was almost breath taking. Remembering standing on that cliff was a memory for sure, how fresh it was. Ad many flowers were on the land, if goats had not munched them up. How the wind would flow through your hair, pulling it back. Your clothes almost flying off. Anyone could have felt like a bird, set free indeed. But men were slaughtered in the small village. Good men, a horrible death would be laid upon then. Because every now and then a boy would be taken, a boy that was ready to serve as knight. A boy with a birth right, and birth right was all anything needed. It was impossible to serve the noble men as a peasant, you were nothing.

Beauregard; (People were often teased for beholding such a name now days, it was not honored in this realm either. Then from that day afterwards, it was frowned upon.)

(“Oh, such a pretty face. It reminds me of the youth I once had. The days I spent wondering about life, a crown to be placed, or I be beheaded.” Bale looked straight in Galloway, glassy blue eyes, storms brewed in those glassy blue eyes. A storm that would have to be a burden, a burden for children, a burden for everyone. A smirk lifted on his face. A smirk that told Bale nothing mattered to a powerful man but power. His black hairs barely showed anymore, not like they use to. You could see the power had corrupted him, the power had taken over every man in every castle as big as this one. It was a gloomy day, rainy and the fog made it all the worse. You could see nothing, just the grey smoke after the rain had stopped. The humid was also unbearable, and in that armor none of the men of the protection serves could hand the heat. He eyes then struck in a confused glare once a banging sound suddenly occurred. “The bell, someone’s trying to get in.” Said one of tall, broad men of the protection services, held by the nobles to protect those who are in control. The dust all the castle even shook when the banging had occurred, every time it did was dreadful. It was like your ears were bleeding, you could even pretend the blood was dripping down from ears onto the cleanly done floors. Lord Galloway’s face was in a rage, his breath was increasing as he quickly stepped over the castle sentinel and whispered something in rage, “Who ever is sound it that hard,” he stopped for moment as the guard leaned in, “I want you to slowly cut his hands off and then I want you to make his ears bleed!” he almost yelled, the echoes on the room scared everyone. The servants, the nobles, the watchers, the list goes on from there.)

Borhedom (Bore-he-de-um), The Penalty:




Finn Barnett;

Age in first chapter ~Intro~ (In Uleonor): 13

Appearance: Almost white curly hair, very pale green eyes. Quite small but still very young, 5’4. He has a roundish face. His hair is really that curly, only small little curls are on his hair. He has it really messy all the time though, it is not expected of him.

From: Born in the Kingdom of Chaerith, heir to the throne of Chaerith, raised in Uleonor by maids of the High council)

Quoted (Kingdom of Chaerith) In the name of Galrasil, Όταν τελειώσει η μέραl: “I’m a solider. I’m a boy who fought. I saw those boys who dies, as old as me. But they didn’t fight. Even when I know It’s coming, my death, I will fight. I won’t give up thinking I tried, or trying to believe I tried, because I know I tried. I know I fought.” Second War of Οι μεγάλοι άρχοντες (“The Great Lords”)


A blond soilder, (A/N I though him being blond, and indeed fighting the war three and two of Οι μεγάλοι άρχοντες (“The Great Lords”)

(“Why give up?” asked the small boy whose name was Arlo, Arlo Chaleston. He was the brother of another young noble. He was a stall as Finn, almost at least. Squinted brown eyes, brown hair and pale skin and long face. He wore black leather, as most noble men did during Winter. There in the cottage of the small village named Pernith. Hot soup was in their hands as they watched the fire, but Finn and Arlo had their faces all dirt from what they’ve been through. Covers were placed upon them as a maid watched them while warming up more soup. “I know it’s hard…” Finn said, holding on to his soup tightly for warmth. It was a cold atmosphere, snow had gotten inside from the small open window that had no blinds to close it with. There was a dead plant besides, it could only cross his mind that dead plant could be him, frozen in the snow, not even animals would feast on him.)


Of his father’s, an English man from Uleonor.



Gina Bladegem;


Age in First chapter ~Intro~: 48

Appearance: White hairs from being the age she is, but she has brown hair and huge brow eyes. Many wrinkles and always with a worrisome face or a motherly face. About 5’3. Her hair is half up and half down.

Quote (To Louella Hollybrook, born from Rubble) Kingdom of Borhedom: “They will run you down, but you have what they don’t. Wings. And you will fly above them, and they will honor you.” (Gina, First Queen.)


Names means Queen, as she has been a Queen since birth. A good Queen indeed, but no anything near close to the second queen after her.

(“I will never be ever to out fight them, you know that.” A moment of silence hit the room as Gina looked at the girl with a smirk, “Don’t think that. They fear you, why would they start building a whole army to keep you out? You? A small girl that supposedly has nothing. Not anything, you sat in the rain every day, waiting for someone to come before walking back to your village without success. It was determination, don’t give up now. Then what I saw in you was all for nothing. We will find slaves, dress them and armor them. It will be years till they will go out and fight the war, don’t worry now.” Louella’s face lit up, and so did the room. She put a flower in her hair, Louella loved collecting flowers. “My lady, I don’t have nothing. Not now, not ever.” She said, in thanks for Gina’s words of wisdom, but disagreed with the term that she was not anything.)


Kiean Galloway

Age in first chapter ~Intro~: 19

Appearance: A tall young man with black hair and blue eyes. You could always see a rage in him. He has frail skin.

Quote (Six Seas of Richness) To Sir Bennett Charelson: “I was born with a crown that I should have been born with. But I, I had to prove my worth. I figured my way out of that well, didn’t I?”


Lord Kiean Gallow, born the king of the Uleonor.His father was a common man, a handsome common man. His mother was an ugly ‘hag’, but he was nothing but. Kiean grew to be quite handsome, but no one wanted to be his Queen. He had a bad reputation in Borhedom.


(“I’m trying to look at things before I die. Not wasting it.” Lady Louella said taciturnly to Lord Kiean. “Why? It’ll be long before you die.” He said, going closer to Lady Louella as she started at the birds chirping and trees dancing. “Long?” she questioned. He put his hand in her dark brown hair, as she looked at him in disgust. He leaned in, but Lady Louella quickly pushed him away. “My Lord, I need to go to my chambers.” She said, marching away in her blue dress. Kiean lifted a huge smirk on his face before walking the opposite direction from her.)


Benett Charlson


Age in First chapter ~Intro~: 16

Appearance: Almost the same as his brother Arlo, but with a square face and dark brown eyes and much taller and broader but still with pale skin.

Quote (Castle Halls of Stronghold Kaerndal Citadel): “My brother is a good boy, he only did what he thought was right. He didn’t know what would happen if he did it! I beg of you, you are a good man, so I do beg of you. Do you want another child to die at your hands?” Third was of Οι μεγάλοι άρχοντες (“The Great Lords”)


Named by his father, a great friend and accompany of the first king of Borhedom, a noble and assassin. His name meant blessed one, as he was a great noble and rich, while his brother was separated and grew poor in Pernith.


Plot: A young girl, about the age of fourteen, is in need to get out of her village. She visits the Kingdom of Borhedom every day, eagerly sitting out by the castle walls and church. She has short hair and boy clothes, her family, for her safety, wanted her to be trained to fight. But that did not go too well. Once the Lady of Borhedom has in her kind heart to shelter the poor girl during the rainy seasons, as her village was too far away, she finds something her heart for her. But there is one problem. The greatest ruler in power, Lord Galloway, is sending spies to Borhedom. Five Kingdoms, who will win the great war of Οι μεγάλοι άρχοντες?

Setting: Sort of medieval but based in my own world I have spent forever on.

Language: The Language is in Greek, some will be different languages. I was thinking making my own language, but I had decided that would be way too much work. So I will inform which language it is spoken in if you want to know, I will translate though.





Kingdom of Chaerith


These are not all the characters, most of them are main though. Do you want me to post this story to KS? I really spent a long time on this, I would love to get responses. I have been really motivated to write this, but I need development, so I’m still planning it out. Thank you for viewing! By the way, which one was your favorite in this character sheet, mine is Finn, but they are all my babies haha.

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***WARNING*** Many of the information of the place is incorrect, I moved around the map to make sense for my characters. If you read this, I want to clear confusion when the official chapters come out. LOL, I know I mess up on a lot of things.
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Awwww love it!

I just got around to reading all of it.

Very cool. Yes you should write it! I could help you with some development!

Also, "brunette" refers to brown-haired women, not men. I don't know what the male version is.

Reminds me a bit of White Raven ;D
commented Sep 2, 2019 by im kanye (373,560 points)
I know! I just realized I messed that up, XD. Oh well, I'll edit it before anyone else looks at my mistakes haha....and yeah, I guess it may remind you? Most likely because they are both fantasy realms.And thanks! I am almost done with the first chapter of it (:

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