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What is

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asked Dec 28, 2014 in Other by Lilly12 (220 points)
edited Dec 28, 2014 by kidzsearch
Tell me about this site.

3 Answers

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answered Dec 30, 2014 by oceantree

KidzSearch provide a special search environment made just for kids that includes:

  •  Results that are always safe..
  •  Safe image results.
  •  Free learning games.
  •  Personalization Features.
  •  Cost effective. 
  •  KidzSearch has special sections that kids enjoy, like 
  • Homework Help  
  • KidzSearch News
  •  Top Sites

for info:

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answered Jun 9, 2015 by arkzo (420,240 points)
Kidzsearch is a website where its a special search enviroment.


Homework help

Learning games



and others...
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answered Jun 17, 2015 by sunbuns (1,730 points)
I don't know I've never used it.
commented Jun 17, 2015 by whizkid (65,240 points)

You were on it to make that comment blush

commented Apr 28, 2017 by TylerTheDrummer (74,280 points)

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We at KidzSearch would really like to know how the site is part of your school day. How does it work for you? Does your teacher just tell you to use KidzSearch ... it at home too? Your feedback will help us improve the product. Thanks,

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ALSO AVAILABLE ON OUR MAGAZINE WEBSITE with this link: Kidzsearch has recently ... tablets) Elegant Responsive (Works on all devices) Candy (original desktop theme)

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I totally do!:-o:D

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I don't know if saving the earth would basically fit in earth science. This category can make kidzsearchers share their ideas to salvage the earth and can get more kidzsearchers to get inspired in doing the right thing. Thanks!

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Maybe you should make a virtual HW helper so if you have a last second question that can't wait it can be answered- and you should have free memberships ... to Chat Monitor or whatever you want that you like. Please consider my idea, AzzyPopStarz

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How do you use in your classes, or at home? Do you have special lessons that require you to use it? Do you have any suggestions for improving ... and making it better? What new features would you like to see? Thanks,

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I know they're badge types, but, what do they mean?

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