Hams And Knives Don't Work Well (HKWW) PREVIEW

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Hams And Knives Don't Work Well (HKWW)


"You're so full of yourself! If I heard another word slither out of that mouth of yours I'll cut it out!" Said Thunder-Star's mom, with a sharp tongue. Her whiskers tingled, as she stopped cutting the little bed crumbs she found on the human ground. 

"Your so ANNOYING Mom! You never let me go out into the world, always sayin' someone's going to get me, if another one of THOSE words slithers out of your mouth I'll try to get their attention!" Thunder-Star huffed, stomping his paws.

Thunder-Star was a Syrian hamster who had escaped from his abusive pet owners. He had white fur and black pock a dots, one on his eyes and two others that were smaller near his eyes. When he was mad, he'd sound like a pig snorting.

"You don't understand Mom! Once we get to the hamster war-zone I'll show you!" he yelled like he always did. He didn't really know how blessed he was to have a mother that still cared for him. As hamsters get older, their mothers leave them quickly. 

"Oh, you should shut up! Once your brother comes back, he'll claw your eyes out! You know he's much older than you, right?!" The Sandham's house was always a racket. They lived in a tiny home in a tiny hole in humans house, oh how they feared the sight of a human. 

"Look, I got some crumbs and cockroach. And if you won't stop being cocky about everything, maybe you'll turn into one of these!" Thunder's mother held a roaches leg in front of his face while she laughed hysterically. 

"You know for a fact that no one will ever think of you less than this," she continued to rattle the orange/red leg around, then putting it in her mouth with one bite. 

"I'll be a knight..." Thunder said under his breath, holding his fists up.

"A knight?! A lone knight that's for sure." She laughed under her breath, an awfully insulting laugh. "You will be no knight, that's for sure." Afterward, she just started ranting about how his brother would come home drunk as usual, with mouse rum. 

"I AM A KNIGHT!!! You are just a jealous fat pi-" right after Thunder couldn't take the rambling about her and his brother, and the words just kept pondering in his head. I'll never be a knight! He thought.

His brother then came home, a huge Syrian with two huge scars on his face from a fight with their mother. Their father was a dwarf, but a fiery dwarf. He died from kept in captivity with another dwarf. 

"You know Thunder, ye don't want want to end up like ya brother here." She tauntingly said to me, like a whisper so his brother, Gale wouldn't hear. But he did hear, and with his gruff, deep voice and muttered, "Ha! You think you're any better..." 

That sent fear to little Thunder, he had always gotten beaten by Gale for the stupidest things! Hamsters are lone animals, they can't handle being together, especially this here family. But staying together is there only chance at survival. 

Thunder had a chipped tooth from chewing on his bars too much, it hurt but he couldn't do anything about it. He had dark red eyes, maybe because all he ever wanted to do was strike a little violence, somethin' he couldn't since he knew he would die from it. 

A/N: SO Y'ALL....I wanted to make this story to make something less serious, not exactly a comedy...but you know what I mean. Something to put slang in and not care about it, and spread awareness. So, I wanted to spread awareness like how hams shouldn't be kept together, or how you should make sure your hammy isn't chewing on bars, etc.  But, I wanted to still keep a storyline where Thunder, the main character, wants to become and knight, pick up a sword and fight "villains", all that cool stuff, and not be bullied by his family members. I hope you can enjoy this! And also, it'll be really short; as you can tell. 




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