Silens I Chapter 15 (?) Book 3/4

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Silens I Chapter 15


“You know who I am, don’t act daft Malfoy!” I could almost feel the spit on my face when he spat that insult. It was first year all over again, when I continually got in fights all the time. Like that one Gryffindor that couldn’t even stop himself from casting a spell on a Malfoy, this time I’ve got a smaller component.

He had jet black hair, almost as tall as me but I was a little taller, being much older then him it was insulting. As he had explained to me before he was in third year. “Your one of the Potters, aren’t you? Or a Weasley, or both I suppose,” I said tranquilly, I noticed that anger wasn’t going to solve problems. We were in the hallways, it was empty indeed so no one so us fighting. Or just him insulting me.

He also had green eyes, I suppose from Harry Potter, his father. “So?! And you’re a Malfoy? Scorpius Malfoy is my best friend but you…”  He quarreled and I just grinned. A grin left a chill in my own spine; I could see the messy hairs boy face go confused. “Oi, you know you have no right to talk to your elders like that,” I said it almost facetiously, he didn’t seem to the get the joke as he took his wand out of his Slytherin robe.

“You don’t want to do that,” I whispered under my breath, taking my wand out of my pocket aswell. “I’m James Potter, son of the great Harry Potter! I don’t need a fatherless Malfoy to tell me what to do. Plus, Scorpius has told me a lot about you.” That’s when I broke, whatever my “brother” said, or even if I wanted to call him that had said wasn’t true; whatever it was.

“And what did he say about me,” I could feel the anger in my voice, I didn’t raise it though.

“He said you’re a dark wizard! Out to kill us all! And you used dark magic in your first year, didn’t you? You’re a dark wizard. And he was also so kindly to inform me and the rest of the Slytherins you speak snake.” I could feel my blood boiling as I clenched my wand. “I don’t speak snake, as I am to remind you that your father did.” I said, still trying to keep my temper in place.

“Who’s a bloody snake speaker here?” I heard a familiar voice right behind, where have I heard that voice before? I looked behind me to see Andrew standing with his black shirt and pant, a wide grin placed on his face. “Hm, no one then. I’d expect you are James Potter. Your father, as he said was one himself. A Parseltongue they call it.” Andrew said as he leaned on one of the walls, looking down at James. Now that he was standing up, he was a lot taller than I expected—but not taller then Lucas.

“Tha-that’s right,” I stumbled over my words as I was shocked, he knows what it meant, considering he dropped out of Hogwarts at a young age. “Don’t forget Dumbledore himself spoke it…” he continued, the hall was silent for a minute.

“That’s also correct,” I said, my eyes moving down at James.

“Just because there are a lot of people who speak it doesn’t mean you aren’t one!” he yelled, the room had then lost its silence quickly. His voice echoed through the halls. “I’m not, neither a dark wizard. Just because whatever your friend has said about me is un true, just making up lies.” I debunked it, but he still stood straight up, and it seemed like he still refused to even believe for a second, I wasn’t a dark wizard.

“But dark magic used for violence, I can’t speak for the ministers—oh, that’s right! Your mother is the minister of magic soon, are you exicted?” he said in an almost taunting happy voice, just to insult me it seemed like. “Yes, she’s getting a promotion soon.” I played along to his silly little game; it annoyed me, but I couldn’t be bothered by a Potter. Plus, we are supposed to be on good terms now: Us Malfoys and Potters.

But I was a Malfoy that wasn’t a Malfoy. I couldn’t be on good terms with the Potters, not after this incident. I might aswell show my sly behavior, I wanted to send a curse at him with my wand but considering a ‘teacher’ was right in front of the both of us now, I knew I would get in a lot of trouble.

“I best be on my way, I don’t have anytime for this rubbish.” I scolded the boy, then walking to Prof. McGonagall’s office.

Once I was there after walked out of the dim halls of Hogwarts-- a few people that passed by who seemed to look at me strangely—I to see Prof. McGonagall, entering her office.

“Oh, Malfoy!” she said enthusiastically.

She then walked right in front of me with her dusty, long velvety dress and witches hat muggles likes to call it.

“Hello,” I said with a distraught voice, “There is something I need to tell you, it’s very important…” I said, Prof. McGonagall then had a gloomy expression as she hears my tone.

“What’s wrong Tom?” she asked, putting her cold, wrinkly hand on my hand.

“In my corridor, my dorm…I saw something…rather alarming.” I slowly said, my tone of voice becoming in a distressed tone to almost sinister tone. “Tom, you can tell me anything!” she said, now tightly clutching my hand rather securely.

“I saw my roommate, he was pinned on the ceiling by some sort…of curse? Spell? I’m not sure,” She didn’t respond to me, and a moment of hush where I looked into her weary eyes were broken to me continuing my sentence, “His veins were red, protruding out, almost like they were going to burst with his blood. His eyes were wide open, he wasn’t breathing any. I had concluded that he was murdered, or a suicide, but two spells couldn’t be made at once.” I said that so slowly and calmly that I had even scared myself on that matter.

“Tom, who’s done this? Show me the body? NOW! This could cause the school to be closed Tom!” She said, heavily breathing as I looked down at my shoes. I didn’t really realize the position I was in then, I could have been told I had been the murderer.



I showed her the body.


We both rushed to the Slytherin corridor, a prefect then came in front of us quickly asking our business in the corridors. Prof. McGonagall punched him out of the way as I swerved passed him.

Once we were at my dorm, the body was still perfectly there. I didn’t want to look at it, but I did. I look at him in the face, his eyes shot open, mouth and salvia dangling out. She was in shock, her mouth wide open as she had her wand in her hand.

“We shouldn’t let anyone know of this, I’ll warn the perambulation. Hogwarts is at high watch.” She said before she rushed out the dorm with a more scared face I’ve seen in ages, it sent chills down my spine knowing I could be in trouble for such an act. But why would I snitch myself?


Lucas’s POV:


I hugged Asia tightly as she held my arm.


“This way!” she said, as I could feel her body moving a certain direction. I followed her.

“You know Lucas, tell Tom that he really doesn’t have to come if he doesn’t want to. I’m not going to force him. This is last day and hasn’t showed up.” I could hear her disappointment in him, her sweet vice vibrating my ears.

We were at Hagrid’s right now, getting ready to go. Tom has his own stuff; his suitcase wasn’t here. Hagrid’s cottage smelled dusty and old. He was an old man after all, I believed he is to be in his 80’s, I’m not sure though.

“So, Hagrid,” I asked (as he raised a brow), as I heard him sit down with a huge sigh.

“Yes Malfoy?” he said. I don’t know where I looked, most likely the ceiling I suppose. The air seemed stuffy in his cottage, I bet it was quite a small cottage too. “I’m wondering about my mother, Hermione Granger.” I said, as I could hear him gasp.

“Hermione Granger’s yer mother? I thought she was muggle born, that Malfoy kid and hers were sworn enemies.” He said, I could feel the stiffness in the room grower more and more each second. “Yes, that’s what I want to know. Everyone who’s seen my mother during her early days said my father was ugly to her. I suppose that’s why they never got together.” I then folded my hands together.

“Oh, she was great friends with Ron Weasley and Harry Potter,” hearing him speak up about it made me happy, “they were best friends. I’m sure Ron dated your mum.” I didn’t want to hear anymore as I heard this, it made things awkward. I could tell.

“Anyways, I suppose Prof. Neville could help us. He’s been helping me with charms lately.” I said, changing subject quickly.

Asia then smiled, or I would imagine her smiling, “Okay! Well, nice chat but if Tom really is going might someone at least inform him were leaving soon?” Asia said, sounding angered with Tom’s late arrival. “I will, erm, if you can come with me?” I said, realizing I need guidance even if Hogwarts was a familiar place.

“We’ll be back Hagrid,” Asia said as we both stood up, her taking my hand and guiding me safely out of the house.


“Tom!” Asia looked around the great hall and from what I heard found him. “I found him! Tom, his head raised down with a frown on his face. Prof. Neville and Prof. McGonagall are talking to him.” She explained to me, whispering it in my ear, peering at them.

“What do ya think they are talkin’ about?” I asked, she didn’t respond.

“I don’t know…he did say he needed to go someplace. Let’s figure it out though, follow me.” We both walked up the three talks, Asia then bowed to them.

“Hi, um, we’d like Tom back it what you’re talkin’ bout isn’t important.” I could feel Prof. McGonagall turn around. “Mr. Malfoy isn’t going anywhere.” She said firmly. I wondered why she would act so cruel about it.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, confused.

“Tom is being accused for murdered.” My heart sank. Murderer? How? Why?

I could tell Asia’s heart sank too, she could barely speak she choked out her words, “How?” she could only be able to say. “Were not sure how, but please do not tell anyone of this. Tom is going no where until this is figured out. You two are free.” Prof. Neville said, or Longbottom: his last name. I prefer his first.












Okay, here is the end of this chapter! I know who the murder is, do you? Please comment down below if you think you know!

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Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. BTW, 'ELLO JAMES!!!!

Okay, murderer... I have a few options. One is Andrew and one is Handison. Because I've written Handison more than you have, I am guessing Andrew? If I'm wrong don't judge me XD


Annnyway, will write very soon! Soon be up by this evening if not earlier!
commented Sep 5, 2019 by im kanye (374,540 points)
I'm not giving it away that easily! Handison...hehe....handison....
commented Sep 6, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (292,450 points)

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