Fandom OCs (Part One of the GH OCs Series)

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Asia Abernathy-Lovegood/ Ajia Mahou (HP FanFic: Silens I)

"What, Tom? We all have problems, but you're too ignorant to realize that!"

Theme Song: Bring Me Back To Life by Evanescence  


Asia is a young girl of Japanese ancestry. She has black, Hime-cut hair that reaches her upper back, and likes to wear colors as long as they aren't overly bright or neon. She has a caring, intelligent personality. She is currently dating Lucas Malfoy (KnightStar's OC). Yay for them! She once had a big grudge against Tom until she realized she should just tolerate him or make her life harder, LOL. 

Rinji Shukei (Bleach OC)

"So, which is it? Do you fear me enough to kill me, or love me enough to change me? Monsters are what we make them, and from your reaction, I would say you've made me your biggest nightmare."

Theme Song 1: Believer by Imagine Dragons

Theme Song 2: Headstrong by Trapt 

SOUNDS LIKE: Kiiara ("Gold")


Rinji is the 3rd seat of 10th Company. She has medium green hair and blue eyes, and is about as tall as an 7 year old, being around 4'5. She was born during the late 1800s, but died in the early 1900s. She is currently 150 years old. She is friends with Toshiro Hitsugaya, Rukia Kuchiki, Momo Hinamori, and Rangiku Matsumoto. She has a fiery personality but is also a big teaser.

Alexis (FNAF The Silver Eyes Series OC)

"I've suffered, we've all suffered. We share the common death of a best friend, but we also share the strength required to move on. We will grief forever, but we are strong enough not to live our lives as if it was still 1980, and he was still holding our hands."

Theme Song: N/A


Alexis is apart of Charlie's friend circle. She has dark brown hair with wine-red highlights and has an emoish personality. She is the guitarist and lead singer for her own little band. When she was young, she was one of the children closest to Michael. During the events of the series, she usually sticks with Charlie so she can provide emotional support, and she is also known as a conspirator in Carlton's devious pranks.

Black Cat (One Punch Man OC)

"Hello! I'm guessing you're probably wondering why I'm here. After all, you all are bad guys, and I'm a good guy. But, that doesn't mean the good guy can't have the same fun the baddies get to have."

Theme Song: Sweet But Psycho by Ava Max


Black Cat is a psychotic knife-wielding ninja. She started a life of crime around 6 years old, pickpocketing and thieving from residents of the cities of A-Z. Once she hit her early teens, she was actively robbing,and later killing, rich people on commission of her clients. She was caught by the age of 19, by which time she had built a name for herself (the Ash Assassin), and was arrested. Shortly after, the Hero Association took interest in her and hired her. She is also good friends with Speed of Sound Sonic. 

Goldicat (FNAF the Games OC, Animatronic Version)

"Ring around the rosies, pockets full of posey, ashes, ashes, we all fall down. Even in the moon-light, we still play all night, ashes, ashes we all burn down.  We all burn down... and you bleed out." 

Theme Song: I Am Machine by 3 Days Grace


Goldicat's animatronical version is brown with yellow accents. She is sadistic and blood-thirsty during the nighttime, and extremely aggressive to boot. During the day, she is a sweet and friendly mascot for the restaurant she is the postergirl for. During the night, she also sings bloodier versions of the songs she recites during the day, such as the quote above. She was originally apart of Fredbear's Diner mascot lineup until the company now owning her brought the rights to the animatronic. 

(Child Version)

"Geez! Wait for me! I want to play too. Hey, Spring Bonnie, where are you taking those children? Can I come too? They're my friends. I want to play with them. Can I please come? Please?"

Theme Song: This is Gospel by Panic! at the Disco


As a child, Goldicat's soul (Katty "Kitty" Johnson) was a very friendly, talkative, and outgoing kid. She was the niece of William Afton, and friends with several of the murdered children she was killed with (such as the soul of Bonnie). She was around 8 when she died. However, her parents always saw her as an avid adventurer, always wanting to be included with her friends, which may have led her to her death.

Fellan (Marvel OC)

" So what? I don't really care if you're the ruler of everything that breathes, we all have a right to help defend Earth! Oh, sure, come up with some stupid reason. Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't kick just as hard as you can!"

Theme Song: N/A


Fellan is the Viking/Norse goddess of autumn. Her weapon, Autumndusk, is a longsword with ornate gold accents. She has a upbeat personality that is usually interrupted by the more cold, dark, and morbid side of her. She is usually optimistic. She has long auburn hair styled in a way reminding of Greece tradition, and also extremely talented at dancing.

Akira Akane (Assassination Classroom OC)

"I'm a student, and no one can ever take that away.  I would much rather be taught by you, Koro Sensei, then kill you. You're the best thing to ever happen to me, even if you're a monster thing with a 100,000 million bounty on your head, or whatever they promised to pay us if we took you out."

Theme Song: N/A


Akira is a young girl with a personality full of self-doubt. She has light brown hair always in a ponytail, and tends to be rather shy and silent. During the course of the Assassination Classroom series, she gains confidence as an assassin and a person. She started off as a lonely student with workaholic tendencies before Koro Sensei showed her that working together is much more fun and rewarding. After she graduated, she became a part-time singer and entertainer. She is also extremely athletic, and works full time as a gymnastic instructor. 

Jui Hanashira (Yandere Simulator/Lovesick OC)

"Really? You think I like your senpai? No, I hate Taro, mostly because all he does all day is sit on the fountain and read some weird occult looking book. What's wrong with that kid?"

Theme Song: N/A


Jui is a serious and hardy woman with medium long red hair and green eyes. She has a rather cold attitude for certain people and treats others with suspicion. She knows that something is amiss in Akidemi High, but can't exactly put her finger on it, though she knows that girl Aishi has something to do with it. She is extremely perceptive, and is excellent at figuring out mysteries and detective stories, despite her royal parents' disapproval. 



Hope you enjoyed! Part 2 [Book OCs Pt.1] is coming soon! You can read more about each character by searching their names here on KT. 

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