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Kirby Star allies perlude.

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asked Sep 8, 2019 in Fiction by Snickerdoodles
Okay, so this story took place after all my stories. It is the latest and by far the most epic. If you liked Kirby's return to Dreamland, you'll love this.

Deep in space there was a space station bigger than any planet. Unlike the awesome Deathstar, this was not made to Demolishe Planets. but was merely a Kingdom. The base was called jambanda Base. In it there was a guy who wore a heavy Robe, Supa Long Sleeves. And a hood. All you could see under the hood were to Glowing yellow eyes. He was in front of agiant purple heart. He was using dark magic on it, but it backfired. The heart blew up into millions of smaller hearts. They flew across the galaxy. One of them hit Dedede's castle. Dedede didn't know what to do with it so he ate it. Another heart flew into the now safe nutty noon. Meta Knight was walking through the tower. It flew inside of metaknight due to the magic the creepy guy put in it. One more flew into the reborn wispy woods. His seeds flew into the dirt after meta Knight chopped him. Kirby was sleeping by a tree .when he woke up he saw waddle dees sporting. Dedede's symbole. Kirby noticed that they had stolen food. He got up and asked " What are you doing?!?" "  ITS DUH KIRB!!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!" Why are you running?" Suddenly, a pink heart flew into Kirby. Kirby had no care for the heart and ran over to the Lor.

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I DECLARE A MEME WAR!!!!!!!!!!! Okay Prepare to die of laughter!!!!!!!

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yeah hehe

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asked Sep 7, 2019 in Inspirational by The order of the snickerdoodles.
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My Favorite Netflix Movie Is The Brand New Benji Movie And My Favorite Netflix T.V Show Is Hatters Back Off, Alexa And Katie, Spirit Riding Free, Free Reien And Lost In Space.

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asked Apr 9, 2018 in Games / Toys by anonymous
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Meanwhile at the castle , Magnolia wished she could go visit the giant, but she couldn't because the king said not to go to the village. Magnolia planned a way to ... in the shed. I hope you liked this chapter go look at the other one on Sunday

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