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Borhedom Falls (Prolouge)

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Borhedom Falls

"You could almost feel it, could almost pretend it was real, but it wasn't, was it?"

You could almost hear the whimpering of the crowd at the top of that very castle, the huge castle, mountains of land laid at rest and rubble. Town, city, all you could ever ask for-but why shall we be sad? Disappointed it's not enough? Because who are born with power, those who are called high-born only care for more. There are these high-born, rubble eaters, Lords and perhaps the controller of all of this is the Gods itself. Servants, maid, priests, nuns, these are the things you could be. But you can't choose. Of course, you can't, we are not entitled to choose who we are. What we are entitled to be choosing how we play that role.

That same crowd, that crowd that had sat their all Summer when the harvest season was ending, all Winter when the plants would fray away, all during the fall when the harvest was just beginning and all other seasons. The same people who begged at the feet of sinners themselves, starving and whimpering. That city glowed yellow that one Spring day, it's castle as bright as it could be real. It's beautiful roses all around it, it's high castle walls and guards protecting the castles queens and kings, nobles, knights from any endangerment. You even see one small girl, freckles and dark brown hair and light brown, almost hazel eyes. She sat on the steps in the glowing city, in the clothern side of that city, whose name was Borhedom. She sat there, with her long hair and a smile placed on her face. She sat on the steps of the cathedral, a huge one with glass windows of children and various kinds of colorful hues.

There were many people up those steps of that church, elder woman praying in another language then what the young girl was familiar with. They kept indeed praying as rigid as they could, nonstop. They wore black clothing, you'd suppose it would indeed be for a funeral. That one little girl on the steps didn't pay close mind to it, she looked twelve, and she was also quite pretty. She wore a brown dress, quite in an ugly one, many people could look down at the small girl and strongly agree.

Standing there, face down, smiling as people walked by. She had in her lap jars of jam, her family, from a town called Caeshire, near Borhedom, the ever so great city, the city was known for its markets and trades. It was called the "Shining City", for it always did glow a wonderful yellow color. It made the people who lived there proud, being one of the largest and best nations, 'best' in their pure opinions. 

"Louella!" the young girl could hear her name being shouted, repeatedly. She recognized the voice it was being shouted by, her brother Bale. He had then noticed her, sitting at the top of the steps, near the wooden door of the entrance to the cathedral; about eight or nine feet tall, if not more the door was. Bale wasn't a tall man, he was only about 5'7, which wasn't very tall for his age. He was a young adult, twenty years old with a peculiar smile. A smile that kept its youth, and dark brown hair with grey eyes. You could say the siblings looked almost nothing alike, sometimes people couldn't really guess they were related, though they both did have very pale skin.

Bale wore what most peasants wore: a white shirt and trousers.

The girl's name was Louella Holbrook, she was the daughter of two farmers who has always lived in the same place all their life, in Caeshire. It was a peaceful town; a place people went for retirement or to raise their young. Louella always found it boring, that same cattle every day just baying, scrubbing up her horse's stall near her small cottage every morning. You could see it in the poor girl's eyes she wanted adventure, to be a knight, or ride to foreign lands.

"What do you want Bale?" Louella asked, standing up on the stone steps. She looked up in his grey eyes, his wonderful stormy grey eyes.

"Mother and father are worried for you, we should better get going back to Caeshire." Bale said, his hands behind his back, grinning widely with his head down low, looking into his sisters' eyes aswell. Louella slightly nodded her head, holding her brothers' cold hands. In the streets of the Clothern part of Borhedom, you could almost touch the sun it felt like. It was so close, yet it didn't burn up the city, she could see the rays of as it shone on her face.

You could hear a racket in the city, lots of yelling and screaming from the folks. Laughter in the combination, drunk people wandering the streets with flasks in their hands. "We better get going," Bale guided little Louella down the streets, people dancing and selling their fruits. You could hear the bands playing, some of it was rather retched music to Bale's ears.

Once the two had exited out of the loud part of the city, it was a quieter, calmer cobblestone path that would lead to the small village that they lived in. The two slowly walked down that stone path, watching the trail carefully. "Bale, I don't need you to protect me all the time, you know," Louella said, letting go of Bale's hand. "I'm a kid, I'm a small one, but I'm not imprudent." She said, looking up at his saddened face. He didn't respond, his shoes making loud stepping noises that had made an explanation for the silence.

"How do you know such big words, you can't even read." He said, not paying attention to what she said before. Bale looked up and down, at his shoes and a little tilted down but still up at her face. "You are still a child, a small one that can't protect herself. You know very well how cruel this world is." He said, picking up enough courage to talk to his twelve-year-old sister. "Look, this part is steep Louella, be careful of holes." He clowned around with her.

Louella only put on an utterly infuriated face, and once they reached the little village, she ran to the hen house. The air was a breeze, flowing through Bale's hair as he would stop in his tracks, look yonder the Kingdom of Borhedom and the wealthy, huge estates in the horizon. Louella, on the other hand, didn't appreciate all the fresh air blowing in her face as she ran to the hens and chickens. Today was slaughter day, tomorrow the meats would be taken to the farther side of the city.

Her mother, a rather old woman with many wrinkles and a skinny figure was standing with one of the family's friends, an old man named Barny Wildberity. He had white hair, tired old eyes and a little chubby. Louella had stood in the mud, near the chickens as hay was spread all around. "We'd better make a safer cupboard." Louella's mother said, lifting a fine piece of tree bark.

"When it rained this morning three of them got soaking wet and died." She continued a gloomy tone as usual. "I'm sure it's fine, you've got a bunch of little chickling eggs anyways," said Barny as he attempted to sound more content than her to cheer her mood up. "Well, I guess your right Barny. Bad things happen to make way for good things," Louella's mother dropped the bark as it fell on the ground in a puddle, her sighing and stretching.

Their mother looked at Bale, her hands on her back. "Bale, please come and help us, dear!" she yelled, picking up some more wood. "The Lumbers were kind enough to chop this wood for us from the Latchlam woods." Bale was a strong broad fellow himself, he would always chop would too when winter came for the fires—he would love helping around, bringing the meat to the slaughterhouse. Bale looked around for a minute before going to choose the chickens that were going to be sold or slaughtered. "These ones really meaty!" Louella pointed at a golden one, a wonderful, beautiful fat golden one that they had kept for a while now.

Bale held the fowl by its neck, taking it to the little wooden house where they would slaughter their chickens. "This one's good," Bale said as he looked at Louella, her eyes pierced on the chicken's feathers, which were white and yellow with slight of a goldish tint.

Louella followed him in. He banged it on the wooden wall quick as its neck cracked. He arranged it down on another wooden table. In this town, everything seemed to be made of wood. It wasn't like the city, the feeling of the town was different, the looks. It was fresher in comparison to the Shining City, it was a cultural change when you'd entered the Farther side of Borhedom with many foreigners.

"C'mon Lou, let's go outside and get some fresh air." He left the dead chicken on the table, covering it up. The whole barn had smelled like blood and rotting flesh, after a while the family had gotten used to the smell, working the business they had. A smile was on Louella's face, "The places you could be." She said, as they walked outside of the small slaughterhouse and smelled the flowery air.

They both sat down on a huge rock, looking at the hills yonder the village and Clothern side of Borhedom. They only ever got to see a small part of the city anyways: the church, castle walls, and the market. The quiet place though Caeshire, almost too quiet, and whenever it wasn't quiet, you'd hear little children yelling. Then you'd want to undo your wish, obtaining the greyness of the village.

"You know Bale, what if you were a king? Of all this, responsible for so ever many lives?" You could see the first of that in Bale's eyes, he only knew his home. Home is what you make, and home is what you make of it. "I wouldn't be a very good king. A king without a crown perhaps." He said rather quickly, letting out a big sigh. Right in front of him was an apple tree. A large one perhaps, huge, red juicy apples that were ready to pick were on it.

"What if you were a Queen? Married to a King."

"What if? I suppose I wouldn't be a very good one either. You'd suppose we were servants of some sort of skin," Louella said this with her tiny voice. "But I suppose that would be on my King to be good," she continued. She laid her head down on Bale's shoulder as they watched the sun go down. The horizon--as they watched the milky orange sun go down--seemed like fumes were spread across the lands. It was stunning sight; the view reminded the two every day on how beautiful the world is.

Author's Note:

I have decided to share some of this work with you. This is only a prologue, so it will not be the first chapter or the impression I want to make. I’ve decided this because I want to share this with you. Please do not steal the characters or my writing. I am working hard on this. If you do want me to post the rest of the chapters, comment and show your support! I would really appreciate it. :D

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Good luck knightstar

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