Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 17: BOOK THREE

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Silens I

A/N: Guys, I want to say this before you read this in case you get confused. So, Lucas's POV will have () because I can't add detail, because he is blind. I want y'all to know what's happening though, so yeah, just know what it is! And if your confused and like, "Wait, he's blind so how can he see that?" Anyways, enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: HP is not mine, it is JK Rowling's and Warner Bro's. These characters are, or at least some. 

Chapter 17 Book Three

Tom’s POV


“You know Lucas, I don’t even think you were ever meant for Slytherin,” I mumbled under my breath.

 My head was down low, Asia and Lucas right beside me in leather chairs. My mother sat beside me too, I could see how weary she had gotten over the years. She always missed me, sending me letters that I would always ignore. And the one time that she does get to see me, it’s when I’ve murdered someone. Which is false, I know who the killer is. It’s not me.

I could hear Prof. McGonagall’s voice risen as she had spoken to my mother. I felt ashamed to be caught in a situation like this. “We are not totally sure who had killed him. We would not like to alarm the school just yet, causing the killer to flee we would suppose. But on lock down for not obvious reasons.” I could hear my mother sighing as I looked at her closing her eyes. She forced a smile, “I’m sure Tom’s not a killer. He’s a sweet boy…he always was.” Her claims almost made me shed a tear, it almost seemed like my whole life she’d seen me as a rebel.

“I think you’ve got the wrong person, he’s been…” she couldn’t endure her verdict. I could sense the nervousness in her voice.

“Just admit it Asia, he’s been mysterious lately. I doubt he’s done such horrid things, but knowing my brother, he could have a lead.” Lucas said confidently, I was surprised, him being a shy, stutter of a mess person. I must admit, it did hurt me that Lucas was so positive I could be a lead on this circumstance.

“Don’t sit their Tom, say something. The school will close if you don’t tell us what is going on,” I could hear how stern she was. “I don’t know. My su-suspects are Albus Potter though,” I stammered. I was almost not able to talk, I could feel my heart sinking as I fiddled around with the end of my emerald green sweat shirt.

“Albus?!” I could hear a chuckle from Prof. McGonagall.

“If you are the murder, Tom, then it would be absolutely senseless to the son of one of the most famous man in the Wizarding world.” She said, poised. I could barely breath, I felt anxiety rush through me. She raised an eyebrow, looking into my eyes as I had enough valor to look in her eyes -- her cat-like eyes. A warm hand went sliding on my back as I looked behind me: it was my mothers. She looked at me in trust, but I knew that’s not what she was truly thinking of. She would have trusted Lucas’s claims, my parents, or much rather everyone I knew favored him more than me.

I looked back down, my hand running through my messy platinum blond hair.

Asia bit her lip, looking down too. Her dark, black hair covered her face. Almost in shock and nervousness for me. I so dearly wanted to just pace around the room, but I just had to sit in that black leather chair with my back straight up.


**Later that evening**


Lucas’s POV


I was bewildered by the fact I could say something like that about my brother. I knew it wasn’t a lot, but to me it was. I was at the great hall, Asia sitting next to me with a smile, of course I would hope. She took my hand, rubbing on my palms lightly.

“Tom’s fine, he’s smart. He wouldn’t say something like that for nothing. And he’s truthful.” I could hear her say, trying to cheer me up. I wouldn’t say Tom was truthful, he was a dissembler. He was a snake for sure. But I did know he was smart in that sense, he wouldn’t blame Albus Potter for his actions. I’m sure he’d distinguished how that would play out.

Asia gave me a light kiss on the cheek, I turned my head around in response.

“Thanks Asia, you don’t even have to be involved in that matter, I don’t want to burden you with our difficulties…” I said as I heard a playful laugh come from her. “You guys are my best friends, if not more,” I could hear her say cheerfully, trying to make me feel better about the case.

I heard a masculine Scottish voice appear, “So yer the one who’s brother is goin’ to Azkaban?” he said. I nodded, not realizing how his tone of voice was meant to be insulting. “How do you know?” I asked Asia, clenching on my hands. “I’m sure everyone now knows about it,” he said.

“But…” I played back words on my head, this was supposed to be secret.

I shrugged it off, (the black-haired boy with silver eyes then put his hand on my shoulder.) That moment if felt a little awkward, “So what house are you in?” I asked, trying to make conversation as I heard Asia’s munching sounds. “Oh, Gryffindor.” He responded. Why would he be at the Slytherin table? But at the same time, Asia was at the Slytherin table too.

“Well if you want to find drama about it, then your out of luck!” Asia snapped at him.

“Oh! Me? No way…I just heard it.” He said. I noticed his eyes: (his silver eyes then turning to a light purple color. I was confused but didn’t bother to ask.)

“What’s wrong with your eyes?” Asia said to the boy. I could feel his grasp on my shoulder escaping quickly.

“No-nothing,” he stammered nervously. He got of from his seat, rushing out of the great hall, leaving people a little annoyed by him as he pushed through. “What’s wrong with him?” I asked, confused. Asia let go of my hand, she seemed suspicious. “His eyes, silver to purple? That’s strange, and how could he know?” I heard her ask herself, (Asia looked at the Great Hall’s entrance.)

“I think your on a lead, a potion perhaps to transform into another person for a short period of time?”


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HMMMMMMMM. Albus is being a naughty boy...…. HARRY RAISE YOUR KIDS RIGHT!!!


Will write tomorrow ;3
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LOL!! Well, in the cursed child it did say he was a rebellious kid and way different from his father...I don't think the Cursed child is canon, but I'm going off that anyway since that's all the reference I have of him lol. Thanks, can't wait!

I don't think Cursed Child is canon either... I personally hated it
Same, I just really dislike the cursed child. Like they said if Cedric Diggory never died, then he would have become a Deatheater. Like, what?? That makes no sense.
I also really hated Voldy and Bella's kid. I mean, honestly? I love Bella but how could they have had a CHILD?! I mean, besides the natural way they coulda done it magically but I don't think Voldy would go THAT far.

And the whole Albus x Scorpio hints?! Really? A Potter and a Malfoy? At least make them opposite genders or something, cuz otherwise it's dreadfully odd and awkward. J.K really stretched herself with that! II don't like Dumbledore being gay either, as it just makes me feel odd when I read the books again.

And yeah, I don't think Diggory woulda become a Death Eater.

While Cursed Child was fun to read and sorta funny I didn't like it all that much, especially the plot. Hermione being black? Not to be racist, I've grown up with a white Hermione, namely Emma Watson. My dad read the play as well and didn't like it all that much either (he introduced me to Potter when I was 6 and is a pretty big Potterhead as well).

And last thing to say about it so you can tell me why you don't like it, why would Harry be scared of PIGEONS?! pigeons...
IKR? And the times are so messed up because it said they conceived the kid in the Malfoy Manor in the Deathly Hallows part 2 or 1. and Bella shortly died after that, which means that if she was pregnant then her baby would have died too. Like, magic isn't that strong to make her have her child that early.  And same to the Dumbledor being gay thing like I'm not homophobic, but it's just like she made that up after she wrote the HP books. I also kind of grew up with Hermione being white and I'm fine with her being black in the play but JK said she was black and it was canon? She said she was white in the books! That makes no sense.

Don't forget when Harry said he wished Albus didn't have a dad either because he wasn't worthy or something, I forgot that part a little, but that is so out of character for Harry! He was mad at anyone who was angry at their parents, like some scene where he got mad at Sirius for a reason about Siruis's family... It's so out of character for everyone.

Not to mention that they said Hermione was the Minister of Magic, which is also out of character considering she was never interested in politics. I heard the plays really good, but the cursed child is just like a huge fanfiction made by two old people.
Yeah. I mean, the only way Bella coulda had the kid is if she had her before she tortured Hermione. But wouldn't she had acted a bit different? I mean, she woulda just had a kid unless magic made her feel okay. But even before that she was acting normal! Not even a bit of a belly showing, and usually babies are carried for at least 7 months or so!!! I'm not homophobic either, but I do agree with that. And yeah, in Prisoner of Akazban, it says that "Hermione's pale face peered out from behind a tree". Pale= white.

Yes, lots of the characters are out of character. I mean, Ron's still Ron, though.

Yeah, when I first read Cursed Child, I thought "Huh. Sounds like a fanfic." But at least our fanfic is good XD

And lastly, I think the whole Ron marrying  Pavarti (right? It was one of the Patil twins. I can't spell their names either XD) was messed up. Well, I don't think Pavarti was even attracted to Ron (I wouldn't be). If she was, wow, she hid it quite well. And didn't it say in the play that Hermione and Krum started dating? Then why is Hermione single in that scene?

And the part with Snape being alive and Harry being dead was sorta cool but Umbridge in that scene was scarier than Voldy. The "Mudblood Ball" thing was also pretty odd, but wasn't the whole book? ANYWAY, that's what I think. And I think it's good we both think it's bad XD
Lol, I'm fine with Krum dating Hermione of Ron never ended up with Hermione. But, it's still kinda weird that they messed that up. Personally, I used to hate Krum for some reason, but now I kind of realize that Krum genuinely liked Hermione despite him being part of Dumstrang and hating muggle-borns. Despite Hermione being one, he still took her. But I kinda also dislike how they say that Hermione and Harry are ending up together, like a hint. I'm fine with the ship, it's not my cup of tea, but Ron and Hermione have children together and so does Harry with Ginny. It's kind of weird for them to basically betray the Weasley's in that sense. Anyways, good we can agree on how messed up the Cursed Child is XD
Yup. I think I'm done discussing it

Thanks for letting me rant XD

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