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Knight: So, I got inspired by Gem to do this, so thanks!! The first contestant, well, I mean this is really not...OKAY, anyways, is Tom Malfoy! From Wiltshire, and HP (Harry Potter) OC! 

Tom: *cough* Hello, my name is Tom.

Knight: So what's going in your life? *rolls eyes*

Tom: Um, I'm going to Azkaban right now. But, I had an expectation to be here.

Knight: Oh well, um, OOF. 

Tom: Yeah...

Knight: So you got a girlfriend yet? -_-

Tom: No, I don' anybody I guess

Knight: GOOD!!!! I mean, ahem, that's interesting... me either...sort of. Well, this isn't about me!!! Stop making it about meeee!!!! gAHHHH!!!!!

Tom: Uh-I didn't talk about you?

Knight: NEXT QUESTION!!!! How're your relations with Asia?

Tom: I don't know, good friends.

Knight: Well, that brings another character into the conversation!!! Finn Barnett, also my cute little boy uwu!!!

Finn: *pukes* What? What is 'uwu', sorry but I do not identify with the term.

Knight: So, where di you meet Louella (in the same realm)?

Finn: Actually, on the contrary, I met her brother; Bale first. Not a very kind person, a little startled but I didn't mind. Did I meet Louella in the woods, why?

Knight: Woods eh? Good writing idea....BUT YOU DIDN'T SAY WHICH WOODS!!!!!

Finn: Jeez, it was near some city. I don't know where I'm going, I just let the wind take me.

Knight: Don't act all hip with me! Anyways, Tom, what do you think of Finn?

Tom: *glaring at Finn* Ugh, um, a younger version of me but with a totally different personality and voice. Why? Oh yeah, and looked. Except for the hair color. 

Finn: Hey, why did you pick us to have the same hair color?

Knight: Uh, um, WELL...I just did not notice it...hehe....


Knight: Please ask questions for more of my characters! And thanks for reading too! teeth_smile



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Finn: Why are you so hip? You make it sound like you're some sort of tumbleweed, just blowing through towns and cities and not giving a flip.

Tom: HEYYA TOM!!! How's it going? Anyway, wanted to ask, what's your fave personality trait of Asia?

Also Tom: Is your hair naturally that color? LOL.

ALSO TOM: Annnd if you could be anywhere in the world RIGHT NOW, where would you be?

Annnnd both: You do realize that Knightsy obviously is an overly protective mother hen, eh?
commented Sep 11, 2019 by toad aka star (344,870 points)
Thanks!!! LOLLL!!!
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