Silens I (Harry Potter Fanfic) Chapter 19 Book 3

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Chapter 19

A/N: So, the World is not mine, by J.K.R and Warner Bro's also owns it. I hope you enjoy the chapter! Sorry, it is so short. I'm dealing with some stuff. I haven't been feeling well for these past months, that's why the updates may not have been as often as before.

Chapter 19, Lucas’s POV


“I think that Albus is the one who did it.” I said, my hands clenched on my Slytherin uniform.

Asia looked at me, not so surprised that I would of came to this conclusion. “Me too, but his eyes were purple? It must’ve have been a transformation,” she said, which seemed more reasonable. I wanted to tell Tom, let him know that I knew it wasn’t him. Currently Tom and Mum are in the same room, trying to figure out what is going on. Me and Asia on the other hand were by the corridors as a few Gryffindor’s walked past us.

“A Lovegood and a Malfoy…” said a whisper from a young girl with red hair. Asia looked at her in spite before walking away.

“Let’s go,” she said in an annoyed tone, gripping my hand tighter.

When we walked through the halls, I remembered that there were mostly new students at Hogwarts. They seemed a little uniformed about me and Tom, only known to Scorpius. Which seemed rather annoying, it never bothered me though. Unlike Tom, I always felt more like a Granger. I always felt like a Hufflepuff, never took pride in the house I was in. Never looked at blood status, looks, etc. Not that that’s what Slytherin about: it’s about the cunning, ambitious, and go-getting, high spirited lads.

“Were here,” Asia said, moving towards a huge door. He whispered a password in, “Socks.” She said as I could hear the door open, letting in air. “Asia, Lucas.” I heard Tom say, walking towards us with a smirk. “Look! I think we know who it is,” Asia blurted as Tom’s eyes widened

(A/N: I know he’s blind, but I’m adding detail. From now on, IKHES will be added every time I add visuals.)

“WHO IS IT?!” He said, his tone of voice filling the room and its echoes. The room was golden and had painting all around and colored glass with many different bright hues, there were so many books on the ‘second’ story of it, which you could get up with a ladder, or flying steps (IKHES). “Lucas and I were having lunch with Albus—well, he came over and started saying that he knew about the incident. Even though McGonagall had said that it was a private investigation and it wasn’t permitted to leak info.” Asia said, holding her breath confidently.

“Look Tom, we thought it was Albus, but Asia said his eyes transformed to purple, which was strange. We thought it was maybe Polyjuice potion,” I said, I could hear Tom’s sighs. “Purple?!” he then said shocked; almost as if he repeated it in his head. “Nara has purple eyes, well light purple.” He said, trying to seem calm about the matter.

“Nara? Whose Nara?” a familiar voice echoed in the background as McGonagall stepped in.

“There’s no teacher named Nara, sure a student?” I could feel my palms go sweaty, I could also hear the nervousness in Tom’s voice, “Erm, well she talked to me a week ago. Said she was a new teacher for a class I didn’t even take…I assumed she was telling the truth.” He had a voice crack, a rather prominent one.

“No Nara…she could be the killer. But I do believe the Polyjuice potion only effects look, not voice.” She said, almost with a lead there. Then who was it? If it wasn’t Nara with the Polyjuice then…it did all lead up to her?


888*****88888 AND INFITINTY BEYOND....

Tom’s POV

I was set free from that room I was in, but I was still not permitted to leave Hogwarts.

I looked around the green corridors, opening the windows to let the fresh autumn breeze out. “Hello,” I heard a voice come from behind me as I jumped. “Oh-” I looked to see a tall, scrawny man with a sinister smile on his face. My heart pounded, looking at his back which had a crossed scar half showing from his baggy shirt.

I could barely breath, his face and high cheek bones reminded me of someone from when I was young. Flashbacks of my first encounter on the train, swirling and swooning. All this gave me a terrible headache, looking at the man with his fists clenched. “What do you want?!” I yelled then gulped. Asia was hurt by him, my friend was.

“Your scar…” he said, his raspy now elder voice.

“Where did you get it from?” he asked, I heard a chuckle release from his thin, dry lips.

“An encounter, with a dragon.” I tried to say bravely, but I am no Gryffindor. He came closer, then I could hear the door creak open. “HADISON?!!” I heard an outrageous yell come from behind him, peeking out of the door was Albus Potter’s face. His silver eyes dim-lit Slytherin common room making his youth seem evil in away.

“Are you scared, boy?” his voice echoed, staring behind him, straight at Albus. He had purple eyes, light purple eyes. I wasn’t sure I could remember him have purple eyes before –this was outrageous. He must have been the killer, maybe not Andrew nor Albus. Right, when I thought of that, Andrew came out of the shadows of the common room: his wand in his grasp pointed at me. All this confused me as I quickly took my wand out of my pocket.

“Andrew?” I whimpered.

“Handison here, oh well he’s been helping me,” Andrew said, coal all over his pale face.

“Are you his helped?” I asked you could tell how nervous and dazed I was.

“Well, don’t you remember me? Asia, her kidnapper? You are really dumb, aren’t you?” he said in his deep voice while letting out a laugh. “AGUMENTI!” I yelled as water spewed from my wand, hitting Andrews face as he was soaked.

He swiftly moved aside from where my wands were pointed, covering his eyes.

I didn’t notice Handison’s wand pointed at me, “Crucio!” I he almost whispered yelled. I felt a shock in my body as I fell to the ground in pain. That spell was a click to me, my mother was tortured with that spell by Bellatrix five times. He spat that spell at me repeatedly, causing me to fall to the ground in agony.

I picked my wand up, still able to blast a curse at them without looking. “…protego…” was all I could say as Andrew casted another spell, I was protected. My body was in shock, I laid down at the floor, lifting myself up. “Petrificus Totalus,” Andrew said under his breath, my body was petrified, and I was completely unable to move.

“Should we go?” I heard the whispers of Andrew.

“C’mon, he isn’t worth are time.” The two left the room, leaving the door slightly open. They left me in the dark common room in utter silence, the only little light was from the door, a little light shining through. They closed the blinds and windows to make it darker. My heart had sunken.

After a few minutes later, I started feeling my body come back to life. I was still a little frozen, but I could move.

“Lucas!!” I yelled, trying to call for help. I saw a girl come in, hearing my calls. She had long, light brown hair and silver eyes. “Are you okay?” she said in a sweet voice while smiling. “I heard you yelling for help…I heard a lot of commotion.” She said, taking her hand out to my reach.

I picked myself up, I was still wobbly but able to stand. “Thank you…” I whispered, trying to seem nice. She curtsied while still smiling. “What was wrong?” she asked. “Nothing, I just…a few boys they just, erm, decided to be a little cruel to me.” I lied, or not directly lied.

I looked at her uniform colors, they were yellow. She was a Hufflepuff. “You are not supposed to be here, you know?” I said, a little annoyed. I was never on good terms with Hufflepuffs. I put her hair behind her, her messy hair in a half up, half down. “Well, I thought you needed help.” I could see that she was truly a Hufflepuff. She had a skinny body and was quite tall. “By the way, my name is Kacy.”



lol i judge my hp 


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Is Kacey a love interest??? Who knows??? Well actually... I only
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hehehehehhee....yes i only know....
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And good twist! Here's the next chapter where I have a twist of my own:
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Thank a lot (:

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