Children (Short Horror)

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By KnightStar

I was driving down the small ride in the night in my old car. In the background, on low, the radio was playing. I didn’t pay mind do it as I looked yonder, only the darkness. I was in a forest area with my boyfriend sitting right beside me. He was almost fast asleep, earbuds in his ear listening to classical music on high. His head rested on the back part of his chair, it is falling backwards. We were in a very remote place: the last time we had caught a glimpse of a car was thirty minutes ago. I put my hand in his shaggy brown hair while I had one hand on the wheel.

In the pure darkness I saw a figure of a little girl, in a white night gown with a pale face. I stopped quickly on brakes as my boyfriend immediately jumped up. “What’s wrong?” he asked, eyes half closed. I looked out to the girl as she went near my car. “Let me in,” she said. I could ear the lowness and softness of her young voice. Guilt showered over me as I rolled my window down. “Where’s your parents?” I asked. Now looking closer, her skin was so pale she was like a sheet of paper. She covered her eyes. “Why covers your eyes?” I asked, she just smiled in response.

“Your headlights are too bright,” she said. She looked five and had raven black hair. “Where are your parents?” I gulped, something felt wrong about her—her titled smile, white rags and perfectly brushed mane and chubby cheeks.

“I can’t find them,” she said tranquilly, almost so that it felt terribly wrong. My voice had shaken, so had my hands as I looked out in the woods. Her head had lifted, and for some reason I needed to gasp for air. My lungs felt suffocated, unable to breath. It didn’t feel right to leave this young girl, but it also felt wrong to take her.

“Where did you last see them?” I said, a rock formed in my stomach and dropped. “Oh, erm, I think so…” she said inhumanly. I don’t know much about children, but I remember when I was her age and lost my mom at the grocery store and I broke into tears. Never less alone in the dark, in the woods. I looked to my side, my boyfriend nearly petrified at the sight of the young girl.

“Please, I don’t know where they are!” she yelped, which seemed more real.

Despite being the age, she is, it still pondered my mind on how clam she was. She seemed more frightened at her last statement, but other then that, her face remained incredibly pale. I decided to let her in, getting out and opening the back door for her as she hopped in with not gratitude. Her face was still plain. “How about we call the police Ally?” My boyfriend said dreamy, putting his hand on my thigh as we drove off.

“Okay, I’m going to drive to the nearest police station,” I said the most nervous I have ever been.  I had an uncomfortable feeling, like I shouldn’t look behind me. Don’t look! Like something would be staring back—that girl would be a beastly monster. My boyfriend took my phone and opened google maps to the nearest police station.

I had a temptation to look in my rear mirror, but I didn’t want to hinder my mental state if there really was that girl staring back at me. The urge was overwhelming, so I did. I saw nothing, not the little girl, the back was completely empty.

“Uh, Bill…” I almost felt my whole-body weight drop.

“Hey!” I heard the same sweet voice.

“Where are you?”

But where was it coming from?


Just something I wanted to write, what did you think? I know this may seem a little stupid too lol...

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