Silens I (HP Fanfic) Chapter 21 Book 3

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Silens I Chapter 21

A/N: Right before we get into this, I wish I owned Harry Potter. Anyways, tell me guys, what do y'all think so far? Good or bad stuff is happening ha, ha. Anyways, sorry for the short chapter again, this was only two pages on Word and I could have done better. What will happen next? Plot twist?! Figure out in the next chapter!!

Lucas’s POV (Flashback from disappearance)


I stumbled across the corridors, Asia wasn’t with me, but I was familiar with where I was going. I heard footsteps of others, trailing along the floors of Hogwarts. I could hear my abruptly shoes clicking on Hogwarts floor and the whispers that were silently said to each other in the halls. “Hey Lucas, kid!” I heard someone say from behind me. I turned my head around, even though I couldn’t see who it was. “Y-yeah?” I stuttered, trying to figure out the voice.

“It’s Andrew, that Ravenclaw guy?” he said quietly, his voice gave me tingles as I pounced.

“Um, I’m Lucas,” I said, holding my breath. He was rather close I assumed, I could even tell him flicking his wand out while grinning (YIKHS). “Lumos,” I heard his whisper as I felt a beam of light come over my eyes as they slightly burned. Andrew held my arm tightly as he hovered his wand over my eyes as the light was still projecting.

“Ha! Aren’t you strange?” I could hear him say under his breath. “Nox,” he said quickly, putting for his wand. “Were going to need you.” I was confused, standing near Andrew who seemed amused by my confusion.

“Why did you need to look at my eyes?” I asked sweetly.

I put forth my wand, I felt an urge to as I heard him laugh in pride. “What do you want with me?” I asked, barely being able to choke that out. He looked down at the ground, a smile put on his face while pointing his wand at my face. “The master needs you!” he said, almost insanely. “Master?” I whispered to myself.

“Who’s your master?” then it came in my mind, was he in a trace?

“Surgito!” I blurted out a spell that should make him fall out of any trance or spell: but that is not what happened. I heard him laugh louder, pouncing on me as I yelped in reaction, then pushing me in a room. I didn’t know which room, where it was, why I was there, but all I could hear was him speaking to another person as I struggled to be set free.

“Stupefy!” I hollered, but his grasp only got tighter as I struggled to breath and chocked for a few seconds. “Let go of me!!” I yelled as another voice entered the presence of the cold room. “Muffliato,” the raspy voice spat. “He’s being too loud!” annoyed by my screaming.

At that point it was useless to yell—my best resort was kicking. I started to kick, but soon enough Andrew had me in a headlock, and I started to suffocate as I gasped for air. “Pl-ple-please do-don’t.” I said before everything went completely numb.





Tom’s POV


Asia and I paced around the halls near the common rooms.

“Where is Handison’s hide out?!” Asia screeched in stress. I stiffly said down, unable to move a muscle. I was still in pain from the recent curse encounter, but I was mostly worried for Lucas; considering he was blind. “This is all my fault! I couldn’t help him or be there when it happened!” Asia cried out, sitting on the floor with her hands on her head.

“It’s not your fault,” I said quietly, putting my arm on her shoulder.

“Yes, it is…” I could hear the utter pain in her voice, the tears strolling down her face. I could only think of why? What was his motives? “Asia…I have to go to the library…” I said, hoping there was a book about any of this.

I strolled down the filled halls as I saw that same Hufflepuff wink at me. I looked utterly confused—maybe she thought I was awkward or stupid—wait, why would I care what she thought? I quickly rushed to the library, rushing through the scrolls as I put my finger on some of the leather-bound books, seeing if they were any help.

“NO!” I yelled, the whole library shushed me.

“Shh!” most of them reading books glared at me before rolling their eyes in pure hatred. I looked though the many different isles to the point I almost gave up and I had such a terrible headache from the search. Finally, the sun was going down and outside was pure dark, almost everyone had left. I groaned, laying my head down on a book. The book smelled strange—it was blue, leather bound book with a disgusting amount of dust on it to the point I sneezed before pouncing up and rubbing it off my pale face.

I opened it up, it is releasing toxins of some sort. It read:

Handison, Andrew, Nara, Wren

“It is said to be partially cold on the icy glares of the coldness yonder to pin forests. Corners of British men, piling up, scattered in front of wizards.”

Tom Riddle made a diary, Tom Riddle would of staid alive if he hadn’t given clues—an enchanted diary, but I am no magical being. I am a squib, one that ponders on that thought of the muggle lasting world. WIZARDS!! BEHOLD!!


I looked through the yellow pages of the book, but this one seemed new. I skimmed though, but only two words were formed on them, ‘Behold Handison.’ I started at it, confused.

“Uh, Tom, passed your hours!” said Prof. Binns, I saw his ghostly body past through the table to me. I bolted up in surprise, “Sorry, won’t happen again.” I apologize as he gave me a smug look, “Better not Malfoy, but since your mother was the only one who could stay awake in my classes, I will give you a pass; now get on.” I looked up at him, hands on his ghostly hips in the dulls wear.

He then flew away as I put the book in my book bag, a brown ragged looking thing. Most of the rich Slytherin Pure-bloods would taunt me for it. I looked around the library, now only a few ghosts carefully reading through some of the books, other then it being completely quiet.

I fast-walked to the Slytherin boy’s dormitory quietly. I looked around, expecting Lucas to be there, but in my surprise, I only saw a few Slytherin boys laughing about some Hufflepuffs. “And they don’t stand a chance at Quidditch, I heard Tom is going to join.” They chuckled, another fat boy stuffing his face before responding, “Ha! Tom will be a dead weight if he joins.”

I looked grimly at them, wand in my hand about to growl as spell at the two. “Uh, Malfoy!” they said, pretending nothing accrued.

“Well, you are lucky I’m not going to be joining. But I played in Quidditch in my third year, and let me tell you, I was bloody good at it!” I said nastily. The boys’ looked embarrassed as their faces turned red. They got up from the couch, looked down at me and left in silence. “What a prick,” I heard another insult spew from their mouths.

I quickly then went to where I was sleeping, a little angry at what just happened, but I controlled it well.

I looked up at the moon, the full moon. My eyes glittered under it, I could see them in the reflection of the glass window. I put my hand through my hair, pulling it back. I didn’t know where it was, where it’ll ever be, I just needed to find my brother. Maybe Wren is alive, maybe…

Guys, this grammar is bad lol. I have 22 grammar mistakes. DO NOT EXPOSE ME I KNOW!!!yay

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Awesome! Wrote the next!
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Thank you so much :-D
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Great writing
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