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I have a few little short stories here. I hope you guys like them. They are:

  • Harry Potter AU (Shorter) 
  • Bleach AU (Longer) 

Also, if you guys like a particular story well enough, I'll create an entire chapter (about as long as an average CoWR) as an exclusive fanfiction story from me. These are new stories written as drafts directly onto the post. Aka, I did not heavily revise.  I do not own any of the universes, as these are fanfictions. Enjoy. <3

And Knight, if you would please judge these as individual stories that would be good. I thought it would be easier for you if I put all my entries in one post. Thanks a lot and it was fun writing these! 





HP AU Fanfiction 

This stars another HP OC I have. HP is owned by JK Rowling and Warner Bros. 

"Hey! Mark!"
Mark? But my name's Grey.
The young boy turned around. He blinked as the older girl ran towards him, her red hair whipping in the wind. She grasped his shoulders and shook him rather roughly. He didn't move, but hold onto her wrists. "Mark!" 
That's me, right? I'm Mark? No. I'm watching them.
The boy blinked again, and she sighed. She led him across the castle grounds, making sure he didn't stumble or fall. He had been near the forest, with their whipping gnarly branches, and  his sister had noticed.
And this is Annie. She's my sister. 
But something tore through the air, and Grey was suffocated. Something was encasing him, and his hearing was fading... he couldn't breath, he couldn't walk. He couldn't even see the boy, the boy as he reached for his sister, a sadistic grin on his face and dark green mist extending from his fingertips-- 
His father yanked him out of the memory. Grey gasped for breath, his pale hair wet and his face dripping water. He looked around, and noticed that he was back in his father's office, where Grey had decided to try his Pensieve. 
"You're 16 now," said his father angrily. "Quit looking at my memories."
"Whose Annie?" asked Grey, still gasping for breath. He was a very attractive young man, with longish hair and glowing blue eyes. He stared at his father steadily. 
His father growled. "Your aunt," he said. "Go away."
Grey stood, steadfast. "You said my aunt died."
"She did," said Mark, his face contorted. "Don't bring it up." He turned around, slipping his wand into his pocket. "Come on," he said. "Potter needs to see me, something about an Auror job. Want to come?"
"First you demand I come, then you ask." Grey said, shifting some books on his father's desk and looking at their titles.
"Stay here if you want," said Mark. "But don't you dare use the Pensieve again!" He slammed the door, and Grey was left in the dark. The Pensieve glowed light blue, and he was drawn to it.
He was going to find out how his aunt died, even if it revealed secrets of his father's Death Eater past. 

A/N: Grey was a boy I made a little before I made Asia. Actually, he was originally gonna be her brother but I changed that. He's actually another version of the boy Asia was friends with in the orphanage. Yes, it was very short, but this was actually a excerpt from an old story that I rewrote. 




Bleach AU Fanfiction

This stars my Bleach OC Rinji Shukei. Bleach is owned by Tite Kubo and Vizmedia.

The little girl watched from the shadows. Something was happening in the forest clearing, something forbidden. As she observed, her knees got shakier and her eyes wider: she noticed and recognized the men.
"Your death was ordered by Central 46."  said one man, blue hair covering his eyes and half of his face. His sadistic smile was all that was shown, wide and unrelenting. 
"I didn't do anything," said the black-haired man on the ground again. "I just did my job, I-"
"Then why was something taken from Squad 12's lab 32? You're the only one who is allowed to access that particular lab. It contained a dangerous experiment that could change Soul Reapers to Hollows." the blue-haired man kicked the other roughly. The grounded man groaned in pain, breathing hard, blood running down his face into the grass. "Do you really want that out, Kazuku Shukei?"
Kazuku looked up, his voice slurred and bubbling through his mouth of  blood. "I didn't..." he said. "I didn't!"
The man smiled. "Then why did we find someone who looked just like you on the video feeds, entering the restricted area?" 
"It wasn't me. I was h-home with my sister all day."
The girl watched, frozen and unable to help. She watched as her brother finally noticed her, as the realization that something terrible was happening dawned on them. She gripped the tree trunk she was beside, and her mouth opened in a quiet scream as the other man's sword landed on her brother's neck. As the man lifted it, a stream of blood followed the arc of the blade, and Kazuku Shukei went still.
It was morning, and Rinji had heard a loud noise echoing from down the hall. It sounded like a cymbal or something similar. Yawning, she pulled on her socks and tighten her black uniform, remembering dully how tired she had been last night and why she had fallen into bed fully clothed. Well, more like crashed into bed, as her bedroll wasn't that thick and she could feel the wooden floor through it.
Rinji was a Soul Reaper. She was the 3rd Seat of 10th Company, and had long medium-green hair. She was extremely short, and that was something she hated. Everyone else in her company were taller than her by at least a few feet, except her captain, who was about an inch taller than her. But it still agitated her. 
"WHAT WAS THAT NOISE?" she yelled down the hallway. 
A/N: Just a short excerpt from the manga I made when I was 11. If I made a written version I would most likely base it off the oldest manga. 
They're not amazing, but I thought it would be fun to enter a writing contest for a change! 

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Thanks for entering, I love this! I have two people who entered so far (:

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