Loca Novis Chapter 2 (co-op with ArtistGirl)

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A/N: Sorry this chapter is short, please check out ArtistGirl's chapter's on KN "Fiction Club" hosted by me. Thanks for reading! I'm losing my vision right now so bear with me lol.

Chapter Two: Loca Novis

(First Person [Lilac]) The Next Chapter will be in second person.




I’m Lilac, I’m 14 and I’m from Florida.



It was lazy afternoon, Summer skies and a record playing in the back of my head as it buzzed like the bee’s on a wild afternoon. I looked out of my glass window in boredom, the sun setting and pink skies ahead. My elbows were on my desk, and dark wooden desk. The tall lamp sitting drearily near my desk switched on and off, catching my attention quick enough.

I sighed, hands on my pale face, lifting my cheeks, making them seem chubbier from the parts of my face showing. Then, I released them by standing up, looking around my yellow obscure room with one poster. My bed was a twin sized bed, and my room was more of a slim fitted one for sure. I walked outside of my door, feeling the same wood texture I had before. My elbows were bruised and red from rubbing on my desk for so long.

As I walked out of my room, it hit me.

What is the best place to spend my lonely hours? I asked myself, looking around and finger on my chin. I remembered, the old well near my family’s farm. It was dry, that’s what my parents said, but every now and then I would drop a coin or whatever I could find on the earthy ground and drop it down. I would always listen to it plumped, making a dripping noise afterwards.

I then quickly ran through the tall grass, brushing on my exposed legs. I was wearing blue shorts that stopped when it hit my knees and a light-yellow shirt too. It was an average look you could say, modern and ‘cool’. I had brought a long—even though the well near the Oakland Gardens weren’t far—a light sweater and extra pair of mom jeans, and don’t forget water for the short hike.

 It was a red sweater, sort of scruffy and plain. Meanwhile, I tried to wear what was in style. The mom jeans and sweater. I was proud to live in America, it was a fine place to be in with such style.

When I found the well, it was made of bricks and had climbers growing all over it. Not to mention the thorns, and the stickers that had seemed to appear all over my clothes once I came out of the tall grass, out of the beautiful woods with lofty, green leaved trees. It looked on the ground, snatching up a few sticks that laid near my feet that had an old pair of tennis shoes on.

The well was rather dirty, as expected. It was far from new, mounds of dirt and mud-like substances on it, bugs crawling all over the cracks and chips on the stones that seemed like they were built together. It was only seconds before I decided to drop the sticks down, expecting to hear them hit a rock or have the same watery affect. Instead, all I heard were light, faint whispers come from the well. I looked over, nothing but pure darkness.

I scrunched my eyes, trying to enhance my view but I still saw nothing.

“Hello?” I said, I could hear my shrilled voice come back at me, echoing and then disappearing. My glasses started to slip off my oily nose, I could feel them slightly dangle from my face, struggling to stay on. I didn’t mind though, this always happened and never once fell off-

And I spoke too soon. My glasses slipped off in the abyss, sinking in the shadows. My eyes were wide open, gazed at what just happened. My hands were on the ‘railing’, more like the edge of it, and I held on to the moss so tightly I could feel my hand almost absorb it. I then went to a plan to get it back, looking deep in the darkness, the seeing a slight light peek out.

At some point, my feet were floppy, and my stomach was squished by the stone and pressure. My hands were looking to reach it, trying to find the near end. It was cold and damp, as I expected, but the deeper I went I felt this warm breeze fly over me as a rose petal flew from it.

Soon enough, I could feel myself turning backwards, falling into the darkness to find everything swooping around. My body was everywhere, sitting and turning as high winds brushed against my face, my hair sometimes being lifted, then high pressure letting it down. Confusion wondered me, as this had continued for quiet awhile. I would be lying if I saw I wasn’t frightened—for what was down there must have been huge something waiting for it’s prey.


Then, I felt my hair being caught by something. I picked myself up, leaves in my hair as I noticed I was in a forest of some sort. I didn’t recognize it, it had more life as birds squeaked and some chirped beautifully, creating harmony as one side was creating a dreadful racket. One hand was on the soft, moist grand on other was supporting my body weight as much as it could. I laid there, looking around in fear.


Was this heaven?


I asked myself, gulping and standing up, brushing everything off. I noticed my bag right next to me, perfectly positioned with all my stuff I've packed before. I looked down at myself, I felt an inch taller, like I was older. I felt like I had matured in a matter of seconds. I had a silver watch wrapped around my wrist telling the time, it was 2:00 PM. But it was 3:00 earlier, my clock must have been wrong? Questions fluttered my mind as my heart raced. Where was I?


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Great!!! About to read ArtistGirl's so I can get the context! ;D
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Thank you! is where it's posted, and on Fiction club you can read it there :-D

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