When IS the time?

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asked Sep 19, 2019 in Personal by BGPearl (4,020 points)

I don't get it! Books, school, and movies say around eleven is the right age to "grow up" crushes, wear makeup,  get a cell phone, shave legs, get clothes from more "teen" stores (even though 11 isn't a teen!!) rather than Justice. But my parents expect me to do none of this stuff till I'm like, EIGHTEEN! My mom acts like I'm a supermodel that just hopped out of a magazine, even though I have a real uneven skin tone. Also, everyone looks way older than me. They have cheekbones, and I have some chunks of baby fat as a substitute for a face. They get clothes from Hollister, but my petite-ness wouldn't fit in anything other than an XXSmall. Not like my mom would get me anything from Hollister anyway. She just has a hard time that I'm growing up, so pretends I'm still six. No offense to the six-year-olds, though.  

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answered Sep 19, 2019 by LunaLight (83,490 points)
There is no certain age. Some people like that sort of stuff early, like even 10, or there are people like me (tomboys basically) who couldn' care less about that stuff. And who cares what clothes you wear? Everyone has their own size and therefore shops for different brands, it doesn' matter really. And I am 12, and I have never worn makeup (minus halloween), never had a smart phone, never had a real crush, never shopped for clothes anywhere by wall-mart, and never had to shave my legs. And there is no age where you really have to grow up, maybe expand common sense a little, but not much else than that. And though, for most people, 18 is not the age where that starts, is would be around preteens and 13-14 range I think. But as for people looking older, there isn' much you can do about that, so don' worry about something you are unable In anyway to change.
commented Sep 20, 2019 by toad aka star (298,400 points)

I just shop at Walmart too lol, it's the privilege of being in America omgomglol

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answered Sep 19, 2019 by toad aka star (298,400 points)
Shave legs? You have to have hair to shave legs, ain't no grown-up thing. I've been shaving everywhere since I was nine. It's usually 13, I'm 12. Well, if they are more developed then you there is nothing to do about it. I am twelve and I wear 14-16 but I'm skinny, just more on the developed side. Hmm, just love yourself, unless you are unhealthy then get healthy because that's bad...anyways, just love you because no one is perfect.

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