Silens I Goodbye Note....(Getting ready for the end!)

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When the chapters are now ending, I have one last thing to say:

Wow, Tom has grown up since we first started and he was 11! Now, in the latest chapters, he's 17! It's been a while, a year since I and GemHeart started this. My character has grown from being an "edgy" boy to now a kinder hearted person, the change though! And Lucas, I'll miss him, but it won't be forever! I can't believe it's ending. 

Here is something I wrote for kind of an ending note, and I know we ave a few chapters to go, but here it is:


Sun Rise,

Hold your breath,

Just a minute or a second ‘till the world twists,

We could be together,

Not a lot people like me,

Not a lot people want me,

But we can both drips away from reality—

We can both be beautiful masterpiece-s

We can both eat cake—

We can both stay the same—


But I never wanted this—

Only you and me—

Were a distant dream—

We can be young—

We can sing by the fountains!

Be lovers like wanted to be—

Wouldn’t that be so grand?

If I could just hold your hand…


…… ….. …. …. …… ……… ………. ………

13 years


“I know, this is great, isn’t it?” Tom said, his hand on his white face as he looked at the sun-dripping horizon. Slender, long frail fingers curled up on his face. White bearded hair and white shirt, black surrounding in contrast to his vibrant blue eyes, sometimes shifting away onto a light blue, grey eyes. He looked in the distant, on his balcony; his balcony that was standing on mansion. A black mansion, gardens overlapping with more gardens and land. Hands then on the rails, eyes titling to red from the orange sun.

In the background, and old classic played on a brown, golden eared, sold-out record player.

We can just pretend were free,

Just for a little bit,

A little bit lasts forever.’


A girl who looked to be in her late 20s stood beside him, her golden stiches on her snowy dress flying away in the wind: almost as if it had been snow in the cold winters, trying to find home to melt away. Long face, hazel green eyes and a smile titled upwards. Hair flowing in the wind, dark brown hair flowing in the wind—small hands on Tom’s, his slim fingers. Looking down in silence, still in the stern expression he held, quickly took the hand and clenched it tightly.

“No body knows how much I’ve just lost. People who have been so dear to me for years…” he said silently, looking down at the cobblestone bath trialing up to the huge, almost gate like doors, to the chandelier and echoed mansion’s entrance. Transparent, crystal clear diamond-like ones held up on the top of your head, 10 or more feet in the air. Stairs going upwards to the rooms, guest rooms and rooms for the soon to be children kept from the eye who have just entered the home with a black door.

A liquid trickled down from the fountain with a stone, nude angel and a bow seemed to be looking down at it with happiness, joy and self-reflection. Almost tears had dripped down the angels face from the splashes of the water fountain. The girl beamed, hurriedly moving her head around to look at Tom, looking down at the property he had wrapped around his fingers. “This is all I wanted, but to have this, I had to lose Lucas and Asia?” he said, holding his breath before releasing it almost like a toxin he had over so kept in, making him ill.

The women then slowly moved her hand the stomach, a huge stomach that you would gladly assume the young women was on her third-trimester. She then held her head up high, closing her eyes and taking a breath of the cold winds. “Tom, the world is filled with loss to bring in happier gifts.” She said, her voice motherly but at the same time bone-chilling to listen to. She took another breath before looking back down at Tom’s hand, squeezing it even more. “Lucas, well he was good, and so are you.” Warmth showered over the physical coolness of the atmosphere.

“People are meant to die together too,” she said once more, her Scottish accent more prominent. “Suppose the Abbott’s are still happily married to Neville, I’ve always found my self interested in Asia’s parents, why Mrs. Lovegood adopted her.” Tom said sternly, eyes pierced on the woman’s hazel eyes. “Your job, as an auror is doing good, is it now?” she smiled, retreating in the house from the breeze that was ever so quickly moving her hair on her face.

Tom twirled his silver ring along his fingers, firstly curling on the top of his nails, about to fall off and hit the plants just below. “Are you coming?” she smiled, a little laugh released from her thin lips as they curved into a convincing frown, “Oh, c’mon Tom! Don’t weep.” She then changed her expression once again, almost slightly hindering her tangible one. Jane Spinnet, or a former Spinnet, now Jane Malfoy. A Gryffindor that was in her 3rd year when Tom had graduated Hogwarts.

She then went to grab Tom’s hand, spinning herself around in his grasp.

“Careful Jane,” he said quietly, pulling her back in replay, going into the modern day French styled door, the sliding it close with a one pull. He looked around the room to find a little girl, curled up in the corner of the room with a huge frown placed on her face, arms folded and her body in a fetal position. She had lightly tanned skin, muddy blond hair and grey eyes. Looked like her mother, which her skin complexion was much darker then Tom’s. He smiled at the three-year-old, picking her up and cradling her as if she was younger then she was already. “You are going to be a great Slytherin,” he whispered in her ear as she giggled, her laughter was almost like a gift of light, something Tom was guided to. She wiggled her legs, Tom letting her go on the white-sheeted bed as Jane looked amused by her playful brashness.

“I don’t want to have a brother,” she said taciturnly, a scowl still placed on her face that wasn’t going to be shaken off easily. Look couple looked at each other, laughter filled their mouths as it poured out like the water fountain and angel, more warmth and bitter sweetness. “You, my dear, are going to have someone to play with,” Jane said after the laughter had a light break from pouring out. “Ah, wouldn’t it be great if we wouldn’t have to play with you anymore?” Jane said once more, good-humoredly to get on the little girls nerves.

“Fine!” she bounced on the bed, giggling.

“I need to go to the office, I have work to do,” Tom said, placing a light kiss on Jane’s head before leaving the bedroom, fast-walking out in an outlandish hurry to be done with work; instead, of course, leaving his beloved wife and children. “Are you hungry? Do you wish for some scones?” asked the small, curvy woman. “Yes, with honey and some milk!” the little girl bounced some more, the mattress making creaking sounds each one around.

The king-sized futon sounded like it was screaming for the little girl to bounce right off it, leaving it out of breath and still. “Oh, don’t break it darling!” Jane said, picking her up by her waist. The little girl wore a perfectly light shaded pink dress, ruffles and it went to her pink knees. “Momma, who was Asia?” she asked, it was like a strike to the heart, that question was. “Your aunt,” she forced a smiley, rejecting the stab.

“Oh! I have an aunt? I didn’t know daddy had any other brothers other than Scorpius,” she said sheepishly, running around the room, her rose pin falling out of her hair that kept it neatly in place. “Yes, a twin brother named Lucas,” Jane said, gulping, thinking about how delicate Tom was to the subject. Her pin then had fallen out of her light curled hair onto the ground, which had stayed, holding on to the rug.

In that very room was multiple old record players, ballerina and Christmas themed music boxes that were freshly winded up. Every night Tom would play them, they were gifts from his recent birthdays. He quite enjoyed playing them nightly, listening to their tunes: their refreshing, stunning tunes. On the wardrobe there was jewelry and glass figurines that shined so brightly—even in the dim and murky days, like that day. Behind those exact figurines were shells: blue and pink rimmed shells. Most of them were chipped from the use of it, listening to the silent waves that would play repeat.

He had a spellbook they would use multiple times a day to keep their memories in check, and indeed, they loved making sure their child new multiple spells before attending Hogwarts—and basic muggle studies. In the background, the rain poured as the magical record player returned to a new song, it levitates from the placement to the player, ‘Wise men say…only fools rush in…” Elvis Presley, a muggle classic from the 1960’s. The song repeated, glitching. Jane looked utterly annoyed by the replay, whipping her wand out and muttering a spell under her breath as the player freshly did the music—now more correct.


“Tea party?” the little girl said, putting for her curls behind her ear, running out of the room. Jane followed, looking at her crawl like a one-year-old to her room, a small set of porcelain china tea cup with water placed inside were on the ground.

“Tea party!” she yelped, holding on her mother’s hand as tight as her little fingers could. Her fingers were soft, friable to the point they felt untouchable.  Jane’s white high heels, with translucent comfortable glass over them slightly, tapped on the smooth stone floor.


Sorry for the last paragraph being in a different font, my thing was not working properly. Read the last chapters to get some insight! (Harry Potter world, owned by JKR and Warners Bro's. )

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*cries with you* okay!

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