Period questions

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asked Sep 20, 2019 in Girls' Advice Column by anonymous
Does it hurt

How much blood

How old where you when you got your first one

Do you use pads or tampons

Do you notice the pad if you wear one

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answered Sep 20, 2019 by im kanye (372,780 points)
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1. YESS!!!! It feels like someone punched you. It hurt so much for me I just lay on my bed with ice on my stomach hoping I get frostbite, which I do but it dumbs the pain. But it depends, it's different.

2. 30-40 ml, usually.

3. I started mine at 11, but you can get it earlier or later.

3. I use pads, tampons are just...I don't know, they sound uncomfortable to me. I never used them before, no one in my family uses them, maybe that's why.

4. Of course! But depending how thin, ut you get used to it real easily.
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answered Sep 16 by WelshTerriersss (15,730 points)
1. Yes, it may hurt. Depends on the girl. It TOTALLY hurts for me.

2. I actually don't know, LOL.

3. I started mine at 10, and I'm still 10. (LOL.)

4. I use pads.

5. Hmmm. It depends on how thin.
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answered Sep 6 by Jane
It depends on the person.

It depends on how heavy the flow is.

I haven't had mine yet. Some people get their first period when they're 11, some people get their first period when they're 12, some people get their first period when they're 13.


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answered Jun 7 by Kat

1.YES it will definitely hurt

2.a lot 10 and I already have it

4.either one is fine but I recommend pads

5.yes it feels better then a tampon 

commented Sep 16 by WelshTerriersss (15,730 points)
3. I am too. LOL.
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answered Jun 4 by Lesbian Wolf Furry (10,390 points)
1. Depends on the person. For me, no, and if so not very much.

2. Just depends each one. Sometimes it is a heavier flow, sometimes lighter.

3. 11 but it can happen pretty much any time around the preteen age (including any time from like, 8 to 16 I would say. If it is earlier or later than that, you might wanna see a doctor. The range where most girls start is 10-14).

4. Pads. Never used a tampon, mostly because my mom only gets me pads.

5. Not really, though it depends on the one you get.
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answered Jun 4 by KittenHeart

i hurts for some people

the blood is about 30ml-40ml

u get a period when ur 10-18

its better if  use pad bc  tampons r kind of painful to put on so...

and u do notice

commented Jun 4 by Lemony The Bean (107,440 points)
tampons shouldn’t be painful to put in, if they hurt that means

1- you’re putting it in wrong

2- you’re using the wrong size of tampon.
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answered Oct 30, 2019 by ❤KittyKat❤ (119,910 points)
#1) For me it does not hurt. My parent says that more active you are the less that but will hurt. But I am little lazy... >;3. For most of my friend they had to go to the nurses office  because their stomachs hurt so bad.

#2) Well it depends for me. Most of the times when I do a lot of exercise I get a lighter flow.

#3) I got my first period at 11. It's kind of a funny story. So the first time I had my period I was at one of my little brother's friend birthday party. I felt NOTHING! Not a single thing! Then I went to the bathroom to "go" and I found my undergarments had blood on them. At first I was so surprised °~° (Because I didn't feel a thing).  I told myself to calm myself down and I said very quietly "Mom? I really need you!" She came running but didn't have any pads... The mom of the birthday boy was very kind and loaned me one :|. I was prepared because of talks with my mom, but now I am super grateful for them.

#4) I use pads. I have never tried tampons because they look weird I guess.  Some people say pads feel uncomfortable, but it doesn't for me (idk why)

#5) Yes, you do notice the pads when you are wearing them. For me, I barely notice them. But if you are talking about noticing them on the outside, like if you see someone using them because their pants are too thin or tight, yes that can happen. You should check yourself in the mirror first just in case.

P.  S If you get it Search up positions to soothe period pains. It'll help!

Thanks for reading :3
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answered Sep 20, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (282,940 points)
It can, but medicine will help.

I'm not sure, but you will bleed for about 3 days to a week. It varies, but is heaviest at the start of each one.

It depends. Some people start at 10 or younger. I started when I was 12/

Whichever you want, but pads are best at first. Tampons can give you a rare infection if you don't change it regularly.

It depends how thin it is.

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