Loca Novis Chapter 4 (Chp by KnightStar)

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Chapter 4

Loca Novis Chapter 4


I felt the earth ground, picking myself up to see someone look at me dazed.


My vision wandered, and I couldn’t see them that well. “Hello?” I quietly said, gulping before getting up from the earth ground. I brushed myself off, crushed autumn leaves all over my clothes. I just now noticed my clothes being different, they were lighter. I had leather brown paints and a white cotton shirt. “What?” I muttered to myself, looking down in amazement.

“What? Don’t stare,” I heard a squeaky voice say from ahead of me.

“Who are you?” I asked, looking up at a tall man with brown locks of hair and brown eyes with a leather blouse and fur coat. I looked at him, almost amazed and in shock while he was dead in his tracks.

“Say, wouldn’t you mind helping with my wood?” he asked once more, taking my skinny arm and pulling my upwards. I was frozen at the sight of the middle early twenties man, or at least that’s how old I assumed he was. He gazed at me before rolling his eyes in content, “So?” he walked behind me, picking a log up from a pile of them.

“Oh, sorry, I’m just…” I couldn’t find a word for how confused I was.

“Pick them up already, I’m not a patient person,” he said, a think accent of some sort. The man bent down and pick three more up, walking past me and putting them in a carrier. The carrier was attached the one brown horse with big bucks that neighed constantly as the man hauled the logs over.

I then did as he commanded and loaded the rest of the logs. The sun hit my face, the rays making me sweat. I looked down, brushing my hands softly together as saw dust had fallen from my hands. “Good now. So, where are ya heading?” he asked tranquilly, flopping his hands in the air as saw dust had fallen from his too.

“I don’t know, where am I?” I asked, looking around in sheer confusion.

“The Rune Forest. And you’ve got a funny accent, where are you from?” he asked once more, going closer to me.

“Um, America,” I quickly responded, looking around the forest as a deer came by with a smile on its face. I almost jumped at the sight of it strolling by. The man smirked, then let out a tiny chuckle. “Wait till you see the ogres. Where’s America, love?” I scanned the forest as I look back at him, hesitant to answer the question.

“Near Canada? In the USA?” I said, annoyed by his lack of knowledge.

“Ain’t no place like that miss,” he said, looking at me if I was mad.

“Then where are we?!” I now said even more annoyed, hands on my hips, feeling my leather pants.

“You are in the Rune Forest, said it once and I might say it thrice.” He said, aggravated at me too. He then rolled his eyes again, slumped his hands, popped his knuckles and held me by the stomach. I could feel his soft, pale skin as the pressure hit my stomach.

“Let go of me!” I yelled as he put me on wagon.

“It’s not safe out here for young girls,” he said, going on a bench-like seat on the wagon, then whipping the donkey-like horse.

“C’mon Butternut!” he yelled as the horse ran, it’s hooves making a clicking noise as it hit something in the woods each time. Then, crunching noises. I picked myself up, sitting on wagon. This might have been the only safe place I could be, even though I didn’t even know his name.



co-op with ArtistGirl! Sorry it's super short!

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Sorry no one answered you. I think your writing is great.

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