Accidentia- Co-op by ArtistGirl and GemHeart (Chapter 3: ArtistGirl)

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Note: this was written by AG, not me. I write the even chapters and she the odd. You can find the Original on the KN Fiction Club. 



Accidentia- a co-op by ArtistGirl and GemHeart

Chapter 3 by ArtistGirl

Iila’s POV
I opened my eyes. I had just fainted, I hadn’t -how to put it delicately? - DIED. The girl was kneeling down next to me, with her hands up, looking afraid to touch me.

"It’s okay,” I said. “I won’t hurt you.” From the expression on her face, I knew I had said the wrong thing. “No.” she said. “Stay away from me!” I ignored her command. “Stop! Do you want to end up like the rest of them? Decayed?”

I looked at her, then around the room at the twenty or so dead children, then back at her terrified expression. I decided not to bug her. So of course, me being me, I did. “Do you want a pipe blasting water in your face?”

She looked at my not-so-serious expression and laughed. “You’re like me, aren’t you?” I looked at her, an elfish grin on my face. “If you mean the subject of a terrible accident that only started today, then yes. However, if you mean that I can kill a classroom of people... I’m afraid we’re not so similar, my friend.”

She smiled at me, and asked what I could do. “Well...” I said, “I’m not so sure, but I think I can control...” I grabbed a cup of water that was on the teacher’s desk. I brought it over to where the girl was sitting on the ground. I tipped it over using my eyesight, and then, moving my hands as if making a snowball, I made the water into a bubble, floating above us in the air.

The girl was astonished. But not for long. She waved her hand toward the window, and it opened. Green leaves from the tree outside were plucked off by an unexpected cold wind. As they came in the window, they turned colors usually associated with autumn, like red, orange, and brown. they formed a circle and started dancing in the air all around us. 

I was amazed. From the look on the girl’s face she was, too. I didn’t think she’d ever done that. An awkward silence followed, which I decided to break by changing the subject. 

“So, uh, what’s you’re name?” I asked. “Viviane. But since we both have had- accidents, and we might as well be friends because we might work together someday... You can call me Vivi. My friends do.” I smiled, showing her that I was glad to be her friend, and said, “I’m Ilia. It’s nice to meet you.” 

We walked out of the room. There was chaos in the hallways. The monsters were still out there. Vivi looked at me. I nodded, understanding what she meant. I made a big water force field around everyone except the monsters. Vivi looked at me again and stomped. 

A wave of black went all throughout the hall. It killed the monsters. They decayed in a second. I released the force fields. They all ran away from me and Vivi. They were probably scared of us after seeing what we could do. Even I was pretty scared of myself! 

Vivi and I walked off the campus. I could, surprisingly, tell where the nearest large body of water was and how to get there. We headed towards Chesapeake Bay, where we could go somewhere where no one knew how unusual we were in reality. I thought for a second about my family, then reprimanded myself. They could be hurt with me around. I knew what I was doing was better for them. 

I walked off, never turning back

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answered Sep 21, 2019 by lunalovegoodmolly (310,740 points)
Good writing it is kinda creepy
commented Sep 24, 2019 by boristhekunekunepig
It is amazing! I love how you guys write, it is very fluid. It just seems a bit strange that Viviane has just killed a whole classroom of kids and this girl she meets doesn’t seem to notice and neither of them care. It’s like they’ve forgotten the whole thing. Nothing major, just one tiny thing. Very good story though- gonna keep reading!
commented Sep 24, 2019 by lunalovegoodmolly (310,740 points)
commented Nov 1, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (282,790 points)
I probably would have written them being sorta shocked.
commented Nov 1, 2019 by lunalovegoodmolly (310,740 points)
Same if it were me.

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