Silens I (HP Fanfic) Last Chapter Book Three

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Silens I

Oh it hurts, please enjoy this last chapter as to me it is sad ):



I could feel my tense self-fall into a retreat, my expression plain as a liquid filled and poured out of my light blue eyes. I strayed away from the figure that stood behind me, the world was so much quieter now, even without the screaming in the background.


“Asia?” I whimpered, my feet clamping on the earthy ground as I hunched over, untightening my collar.


“Are you okay?” I bent over, touching her now pale, cold skin that was left. Her eyes were wide open, now a deep yellow that had no life. I could feel my heart sink as I had a wave of anxiety run through me, my blood turning colder as I was deep in her dead eyes, trying to find the life I longed for.


“Lucas?” I sniveled, looking up to try to find him. My eyes slowly directed to the corner of my eyes, looking at Lucas, lying down well twitching. His hands were over his pale face as a light sound came from his mouth. I ran over to him, hands under his platinum blond hair as I put his head on the end of my broom that he laid by.


My heart sunk, he was okay. He had to be, he said pick one. Asia’s gone? Isn’t that enough? I cried as I could hear a sniff come from Lucas, taking one more breath before warmly saying, “Tell…father…that…I was worth his time…tell mother that I love her…” then he stopped once more, I expected another breath come out of his mouth but it was left absence.


His face was like a white sheet of paper, his eyes lighter then ever. I cried, it was almost like my relentless sobs were the only thing evident as his mouth was slightly open and his eyes were completely open. I waved my hand over it, dark crimson constituent on my lean fingers as I left him, not wanting to see them in that very state.



I remember standing there, looking at the bodies and Handison as he escaped quickly with Andrew, Nara and his other followers. I could see Nara’s bright face escape the winded, grassed, neglected place as I could not even hear the whispering of the birds chirped. I was alone.


I picked my broom up, my tears leaving my face as the wind entered. I could feel my emotions being forced, my reflections spiraling in my head as my hands were compressed on the silver broom. Once I entered the palace, everything seemed like death. The castle did not have it’s same enchanted, it seemed grey and dark. Once I landed, I fell to the ground, my knee caps on the dirt as I stared into the pure nothings there was.


“Tom? Where’s Lucas?” I asked my mum, her brown frizzy hair covering her now slightly wrinkled face. She put her warm hands on my soft face, sitting by me.


“Where is he?” she asked once more with a heartfelt smile.


“He’s…gone.” I cried, her whole-hearted smile leaving its placeholder as she turned into a confused glare.


“What do you mean?” she asked calmly, her voice cracking.


“He’s gone. Handison killed him! And Asia! They’re both dead!” I cried, stuffing my head her shoulder as she was silent, her jumper padding against my face hardly as it left it slightly red.




Two Day Later


I remember it clearly, Mr. Malfoy standing in a black room, stormy grey eyes on McGonagall as he wasn’t announced the heart-breaking news yet. I could see the passion in his face with Astoria sitting near him with a mischievous grin. I couldn’t help but burn with fury.


“To-Tom here, well he might need counseling and-” McGonagall stuttered, her voice contravention each word as she looked back and up.


“For what?!” Astoria snapped, she never did like the idea of me and Lucas, she never liked us, you could tell in the cold expression she had near us as she flipped her dark brown hair behind her ear. Mum almost broke her silence, eyes in rage for her disturbance.


“Lucas and Asia were killed a few days ago by a man named Handison, scars on his back, a gaunt man.” She continued, her eyes red as she hated to break the news.

My heart had dashed hearing those words as I closed my eyes.


Mr. Malfoy’s eyes were like huge orbs now, you could see his grey eyes turning into a vibrant blue by the mention. I huffed, not wanting to make eye contact with the two. Mum sniffed, I could hear her heavy breathing as she sat next to me in a pelt padded chair.


“Dead?” Mr. Malfoy questioned, his voice breaking too.


“And what do you expect us to do?” said Astoria, her voice shrilled as I nearly pounced in anger.


“You?! I don’t think anything of you! You don’t have to do anything, that would be a disgrace.” I spat, feeling brave a second later. Her eyes widened in embarrassment.


“A funeral service would be good…” Mum spoke softly, her eyes nearly in tears as she spoke.


“Mrs. Granger, that would be doable.” Said McGonagall warmly, trying to brighten the mood as she flipped through pages. “The bodies have already retreated in coffins, Luna Lovegood has already planned a service with your son.”


I looked down, playing with the rim of my blouse.


“Of course, anyone you would like to be there is welcomed, as she said.”

“Thank you, we greatly appreciate it. Unfortunately, we cannot pay for any counseling after the memorial service.” The whole time Mr. Malfoy hadn’t spoken a word, a tear welled in his eyes but quickly dried up.


“That’s fine, it’s all if Tom is okay.” I could feel my body tense up, my insides colliding together as she spoke my name.



When the funeral came, I wore a black suit with a white bow tie.


I stood down the halls of the tent ahead of us, fancy food by each corner provided by Mister Malfoy. I saw Mrs. Lovegood trail over to me; a hurt smile covered her face. “You are very strong, you know that?” she said, hand on my shoulder. She wore black closed shoes and a silky black drape.


“I wouldn’t say I am, I’m sorry for your loss.” I said, trying to sound professional.

“Asia and Lucas would be proud of you, always know that.” She said, holding white roses in her hand that smelled delightful.

“Always know that Tom, you are strong.”


SSorry it's short and not much context, its just sad!!!! AHHHH!!! this grammar is bad but my computer is slow so sorry for that too!

commented Sep 22, 2019 by twinslambert (2,410 points)

SO GOOD!!!!!!! I cried!a-=D

commented Sep 22, 2019 by dragon knight (365,830 points)
Thanks so much!!

3 Answers

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answered Sep 23, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (282,330 points)
Oh..... I feel so sad now... It was so fun writing with you Knight! I will miss Lucas and Asia but I do hope you write some things about Tom occasionally and how he is. ;) Cant believe we wrote it for almost an entire year, it felt like only yesterday we were planning it!


And thanks to everyone who read the series!
commented Sep 23, 2019 by dragon knight (365,830 points)
Same! And I will!
commented Sep 23, 2019 by KITTEN (605,000 points)
Can I write a story with you
commented Sep 23, 2019 by dragon knight (365,830 points)
Me or Gem? I like doing animal stories.
commented Sep 24, 2019 by KITTEN (605,000 points)
Any one!
commented Sep 25, 2019 by dragon knight (365,830 points)
Okay! What kind of story do you want to do?
commented Sep 25, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (282,330 points)
Sure Kitten, just message me on KN!
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answered Sep 22, 2019 by KITTEN (605,000 points)
I am sad
commented Sep 22, 2019 by dragon knight (365,830 points)
Have you read the latest chapters? It'll make it all the rest sadder...
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answered Sep 22, 2019 by arkzo (423,820 points)
Great writing!
commented Sep 22, 2019 by dragon knight (365,830 points)
thanks, though i am sad about it though, it ending in all ):

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