What is 2 and 2 put togeher?

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asked Oct 2, 2019 in Other by LunaLight (90,070 points)
I would like to see how many views this gets for this question.
commented Oct 3, 2019 by SnickerDoodles
PANT,PANT! I DON"T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
commented Oct 3, 2019 by username

4 i think


commented Oct 4, 2019 by SnickerDoodles
nah, it's not 4. it's 222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222

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answered Oct 10, 2019 by someone
selected Oct 10, 2019 by LunaLight
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Well... if x = 2 and x= pi and pi= 3.14159.., then it is 2+2 = x+x= Pi+Pi= 3.14159... + 3.14159... but 22 = 4, but u never know if there is a secret 2 hiding behind the plus so, 2+2+2= 6, 222= 484, 222= 8,388,608, and that’s three equations so triangle has three pointy bits and the angle of a triangle is 60* so you need to go:

8388608 % 484= 17,331.83471074380165, and then 60%6= 10 so we go, 10x17,331.83471074380165= 173,318.34710743801653. But we round to the 3 d.p which is 173,318.347. Now we subtract 4. 173,314.347. Then I count up how many ‘4’ I can make w. 173,314.347 cos 4 is a very special number in this certain equation. There are 4 ‘4’s but if I add 7+7=14 so there is 5 ‘4’s and then 1+3=4 so 6 ‘4’s and 6 ‘4’s equal 24 and 24 x Pi is the same as 24 x 3.14159 so it equals not ‘Pi Pi Pi Pi’ but 75.39822368615504. But that number is too big for ur maths teacher so to make him/her/unidentifiedalien happy you round to 2 d.p. So you get 75.39 and carry the one=


Me smrt.


commented Oct 10, 2019 by LunaLight (90,070 points)
0.0 that's a lotta stuff for 2 and 2 put together. Wow. Good job.
commented Oct 10, 2019 by lunalovegoodmolly (245,550 points)
commented Oct 10, 2019 by someone
me smrt
commented Nov 6, 2019 by unicorn girl

Me: jawdrop


commented Feb 3 by WelshTerriersssCS (13,820 points)
Ummmmm... first, that was a lot. Second, "Me smrt"

is very informal. And that is not how you spell smart.
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answered Oct 10, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (279,060 points)
4, 22, or 222222222222222222222222222222
commented Oct 11, 2019 by SnickerDoodles
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answered Oct 10, 2019 by $100000 dude
1. You spelt together wrong.

2. Its 5. Definately.
commented Oct 10, 2019 by LunaLight (90,070 points)
I just now noticed togeher. Thx
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answered Oct 9, 2019 by NATHAN (63,290 points)
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answered Oct 9, 2019 by Coffee Cake (72,710 points)
The answer is fish, y’all. try it. turn the two’s on their sides
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answered Oct 3, 2019 by OpalGemStar (55,780 points)
Huh? 2 plus 2? UMM..........
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answered Oct 3, 2019 by toad aka star (342,530 points)
I think it's 22?
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answered Oct 3, 2019 by arkzo (421,960 points)
You’ll probably get quite a bit

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