Skyrim: Elder Scrolls IV Game Review

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asked Oct 3, 2019 in Reviews by -GEMHeart- (292,470 points)

The Elder Scrolls series is a video game saga. It is a RPG fantasy in which you create your own character and play out a series of quests, which effect your rewards and story within the game. 

Made by Bethesda Studios. They have also created such games as Fallout. 

 Rated: M (for violence). But Common Sense Media rates it T (13+). The reason why it is rated M is not because of the actual content but because of the "higher ratings means more profit" mind-set. I would say it is okay for young teenagers and up, and if you're mature enough, your parents may say okay. While the actual official rating says it is rated M for sexual themes, this is false. However, the violence mostly comes for the "finishing moves" in combat, a little like Street Fighter. This may be what your parents don't want you to see, and from what I know, there is no way to turn it off. 

My Review: My dad has played through this game several times. I am on my first playthrough. So far, I really enjoy it. The environments are amazing, controls are easy, the inventory and switching between weapons is nicely set up. The story and quests are also really good, and voice acting is good. Music is instrumental, along with limited vocalization, that adds to the situation (action for attacking, peaceful for exploring). It is also somehwat of a puzzle game, so be prepared to use your brain (younger players may have a harder time with this). 

Rating 4.5 stars. The 0.5 comes from the glitches. While they are few and far between, they are mostly visual glitches, such as a pack of arrows floating above a created character's back. 

Suggestions: I suggest this game for pre-teens (if their parents say okay) and younger teenagers and above if they like open-world fantasy. Have fun, but remember to ask your parents about the game FIRST! 



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answered Oct 3, 2019 by im kanye (374,540 points)
Sounds great!! I'm not much of a game player, but this sounds cool!

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