Accidentia- Co-op by ArtistGirl and GemHeart (Chapter 6: GemHeart)

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NOTE: During the last few chapters I have been spelling Ilia's name incorrectly, compared to how AG does. To clarify, it is spelled with an I not an L at the first. Not Lila, but Ilia. OK!


Vivi's POV

I stood on the ferry, leaning over the side and staring at the fish beneath us. The ticket man had talked to us in a rude and somewhat inappropriate tone, considering we were kids, but Ilia hurled a floating water thing at him. It had caught him, making him lose his balance and trip over the dock into the harbor. Scared, knowing he was drowning but still not having the courage to help, we leapt on the ferry.

Now we were on the back, away from everyone else. It was a school day, so not too many younger people were on. Just a few older women. One of them waved at us from the front and said,

"Are you two lost?"

We jumped, unsure how to respond. We were dangerous, but what if someone reported us to the police, and they found out about us and branded us as freaks? Not like we weren't. but that gave people who called themselves "researchers" a reason to study us, to take us apart limb from limb-

"No," said Ilia smoothly, disrupting my thoughts. She quickly spun together a lie. "We're gonna go see our uncle on the other side of the bay," she said. "We're okay."

I glanced thankfully at her, thinking the woman would stop, but she still said, "Well, I'm worried. Why don't you come to my house for the night, then we can get you to your uncle? It's not safe for two unarmed children to travel alone."

She started to move towards us.

We flinched, and I said, "Don't come over here."

"I'm just trying to help-"

"No!" I said, and Ilia, knowing what was about to happen, stepped backwards towards the water. We stared at the woman, and as she approached, I got more and more worried and frightened. 

"Honey-" and she touched my sleeve, and in a moment, her smiling face was rising into the air like dust. The wind carried her ashes away, and it blew into the other people. As they turned, and started screaming, pointing at me, Ilia leapt onto the water. She gestured at me to follow. 

"We have to get away!" she yelled.

I stomped as I flung myself off the ferry, and the engery spread over everyone. The closer they were, the more damage they got. The ones at the back crumbled like the schoolchildren had, leaving behind their bodies all sand-papery looking, while the ones who had reached me were dusty and gone. 

I hit the water, but Ilia quickly caught me and begin mapping out a path for me to take as we ran, in sync, across the bay. The dust carried into the air behind us, traveling past the ferry and into the cities beyond.


We reached a place to stop. I turned to Ilia, who was panting. "Where can we go?" I asked the older girl, and she sat down, thinking. I was soaked from the calves down, since Ilia, like me, hadn't even come close to mastering these newfound powers, and kept on splashing me. I have no idea if it was on purpose or -accident-. 

'Can you do anything else besides making people go dusty?" she asked once she had regained her breath.

"Autumn leaves." I said, and some came down from some tree and began circling me. "Ouch!" I said, one ripping a shallow wound into my skin. "Like knives," I said. "I guess not, Ilia. And I bet you can control more than just liquid water. What about rain, fog, ice?"

"And I bet you can probably control wind or something. Maybe you can reverse death too?"

My eyes sparkled. "Oh, if I could..." 

"I bet you could," said Ilia. She smiled sadly. "Now, we're on the other side. We need to grab a train to New York." 

"Who said anything about a train?" I asked. I was smiling, as the wind lifted me off my feet. 

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answered Nov 14, 2019 by ❤KittyKat❤ (114,230 points)
Ok GemHeart, I saw this story you are doing with ArtistGirl and they are amazing!!! Good job to both of you! Both truly have a talent for writing!
commented Nov 15, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (282,340 points)
Thanks so much Kit!

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