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NAME: Asia Abernathy-Lovegood

AGE: (At time of death) 18

APPEARANCE: Japanese girl with yellow cat-like eyes, black hime-cut hair, pale skin, and a tall physique. 

PERSONALITY: Very smart, described as a "child prodigy" and the "smartest teenage witch in the world". Is very kind and caring, but has her anger moments.

BLOOD PURITY: Pureblood. 

HOUSE: RavenClaw. 


SEXUALITY/PEFERRING TYPE TO MARRY: Is straight, likes sweet and caring people, but hates people who are violent. Ends up falling in love with Lucas (KnightStar's OC). 

PEFERRING TYPE TO BE FRIENDS WITH: Kind and people who aren't as smart as her, so she doesn't have to compete. Ends up being good friends with Tom (Knight's OC). 

FRIENDS: Tom and Lucas. Hazyl, Willow, Toby as well. 

FAMILY: Luna Lovegood (adoptive mother). 

MOTIVES: At the start: To be a good student. At the middle: To figure out the secret of her parents' death and her blood curse. At the end: To save Lucas. 



EXTRA/HISTORY: Was born on midnight on the last day of December. Parents died, and she went to live in an orphanage for a few years before being adopted by Luna. Went on to learn magic early, winning several verbal debates at young ages against Ministry officials, before doing to Hogwarts at age 10. Was technically famous there, but shook it off. Left and finished Hogwarts at age 13/14 with Tom and Lucas for a year before returning while Tom and Lucas had their last year. Tried to figure out Handison's plot, and in the end, died protecting Lucas and Tom. 


  • Her wand type was never revealed.
  • Her Japanese name is Ajia Mahou. 
  • Can turn into a cat and was born knowing dark magic.
  • Has a blood curse that ends up killing her.
  • 'Hates Ravenclaws due to their smarty-pants attitudes.
  • Is related (distantly) to the Greengrass family.
  • Was going to become an Auror.
  • Was going to marry Lucas. 
  • Only used her cat form within the story twice. 

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answered Oct 7, 2019 by im kanye (373,050 points)
NAME: Tom (his full first name is Thomas...oof I forgot that after all this time calling him by his nickname XD) Draco Malfoy

AGE: 22 currently

APPEARANCE: Bleached hair, light blue eyes but sometimes vibrant and slightly messy. He is 5'5.

PERSONALITY: He can be kind to people he knows, he avoids a certain type of people and tends to get in 'fights', but only to people who want to "mess with him". That sounds edgy, oof. He is quite calm when stuff happens like if his table feels he would just be like, "oh..." not very jumpy, you would say. Okay, he jumps when he's scared, but you KNOW WHAT I MEAn!

SEXUALITY/preferences: He is straight, likes independent ramen--wait, I mean woman. He dislikes violent people because that causes him to be violent too, and just wants someone motherly and tomboyish.

FRIENDS: Asia (Gem's OC you literally just read about, get a hold with yourself mate), Ace (okay...maybe not lol), and other Slytherins.

FAMILY: Lucas is his brother, Scorpius is his half-brother, Hermione Granger is his mother and Draco Malfoy is his biological father.

MOTIVES: For his profession to become a herbology teacher, it didn't end out well though. His early years were just focused on normal teen stuff.

BIRTH: 1998, December 27

HOUSE: Slytherin and proud.

PURITY: Half-blood.

HISTORY: He had a good childhood with his single mother, so he barely had a father figure in his life. He went to Hogwarts when he was 11 and did pretty well. He lived in Wiltshire in a decent-sized one-story house. Once he was older, he had two children and married a pure-blood.

I'm lazy to write a lot lol

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