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asked Oct 9, 2019 in Writing Contests by -GEMHeart- (283,730 points)
Update: You may cont. to enter characters in.
I have decided on a final prize. Since all the characters are awesome so far (despite the fact that I don't agree with some of the sexualities, but whatever), I will be writing a story including EVERYONE ENTERED! I will create a separate post explaining this.
KNIGHT: It would be AWESOME if you could create Tom's daughter for the story as well!
If you could make her be within the time span of these characters as well that'd be great.
I will be creating my new character as well and posting her with the post explaining how this'll work. But keep on entering! I will use the top 5 characters for the story. If I get less than that, then everyone who entered gets in.  
So! Here we go. I did some math, and:
  • FH's character was born in 2005
  • Luna's was born in 2006.
  • AND LLM's was born in 2007. 

So, technically, since this story will be modern day, FH's Theodosia will be 14, Luna's Midnight will be 13, and LLM's Michelle will be 12. Whatever age Knight ends up picking for Tom's daughter will be added here as well. In the meantime, everyone else who joins who wants their character in the story, please plot your character's birth date between 2002 (s/he would be 17, on his/her last year) or 2008 (s/he would be in the first year, being 11). 

So, those who will be in the story, read on:

I will be writing this story MODERN-DAY, here in 2019. It will roughly be in the same AU as Asia, Tom, and Lucas (since Tom's daughter is in it), but otherwise everything still stands. Please tell me below how you would like your character's day to begin, and if your character has friends, tell me if you'd rather me develop them myself or you want to add details (then add them). We will work on the plot of the story on this KN Club:


Anyway, here's my character's sheet!:

(You may post an altered version of your sheet on the KN club if you would like as well):

NAME: Ash Amber Rivere

AGE: Technically 12

APPEARANCE: Ombre-style light brown hair, bright green eyes, short

PERSONALITY: A little edgy, likes grunge, nice and funny

BLOOD PURITY: Pureblood 

HOUSE: Ravenclaw 



PEFERRING TYPE TO BE FRIENDS WITH: Hates ignorant people. Other than that she can be friends with lots of different people.

FRIENDS: None at this time. But hopefully Midnight, Theodosia, and Michelle, as well as Knight's girl, can become her friends! 

FAMILY: Pureblood parents. Her mum is a drunk and her dad is divorced from her and raises her alone. Had a 2 other siblings (was born a triplet) but they died in their first 2 years of life.

MOTIVES: Currently none, but she has goals. Once she finishes one she always has another 5 lined up to do.



EXTRA/HISTORY: Her parents divorced after her two siblings died. Her dad works as a Ministry of Magic official, her mother used to be a teacher in a small homeschooling wizarding group. After the siblings died, her mother  lapsed into alcoholism, and left the family. She was then raised by her aunt, Hazyl, and her father. Because of Hazyl's ties to Tom Malfoy, Ash ended up becoming friends with his daughter. Ash's goal currently is to be a good guitar-player (she prefers rock). She has a good voice as well. Her talents include singing, playing, and gymnastics. She has a "emo" edgy personality and likes rock-versions of classical songs as well as normal rock. 


  • She loves hot sauce and has the ability to consume a ghost pepper without reaction (no one is sure if she uses a jinx for this or not).
  • She is a good witch and makes B and C grades. 


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answered Oct 10, 2019 by -Moonlight- (64,570 points)
I love your character!
commented Oct 10, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (283,730 points)
Thank you! Hopefully your character will too XD
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answered Oct 9, 2019 by im kanye (373,050 points)
ooohh! Okay, Angel would be lessened to 2004 even though Tom was like 8 in 2004 like omg that's weird but oh well.
commented Oct 10, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (283,730 points)
OH WELL! Maybe she could be his cousin?
commented Oct 10, 2019 by im kanye (373,050 points)
That's not possible, then she would be a Black because the Malfoy family contained only ever having one boy, and i want to keep that then tradition lolz, it's okay though!
commented Oct 11, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (283,730 points)
IDK. I think I broke tradition with making Asia exist anyway XD
commented Oct 11, 2019 by im kanye (373,050 points)
LOL, guess you did

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