Ash Amber Rivere COMPLETE Character Sheet (Will Be Edited)

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Ash Amber Rivere.




Shoulder-length ombre-style light brown hair with a side bang covering one side of her face. Bright green eyes. Pale skin, around 5'0 tall. Usually wears a black fur jacket, ripped black jeans, and light green colored long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves partially enclosing the hands but exposing the fingers. However, while in school, she wears her formal outfit:  robes, skirt, undershirt, and vest, along with the tie. She will also wear grunge-style clothes when her other outfits are in the wash.


A little edgy and emoish. However, she is also nice and has a sarcastic sense of humor. 






She is straight. She doesn't have a big interest in dating since she is young, but she knows she is attracted to males. She has had crushes but she is a very good actor in the sense of hiding it. She is thankful that she hasn't ran into anyone she has developed a crush on at Hogwarts yet.


Hates ignorant people. Other that that, she can be friends with many types of people. Isn't a very judge-y person, and tries to keep a respectful distance between herself and others if they ask her too. While she may not approve of things, she will always try and treat everyone like a human being. To those she is friends with, even if they hold morals she doesn't, appreciate this.


Hopefully Theodosia, Midnight, Michelle, etc.


Is raised by her dad and her aunt. Her mother is divorced from her father and is a drunkard. Orginally was a triplet but her two other siblings died in their first 2 years for unknown reasons. 


Currently few, but she does have goals and attempts to complete each one. Usually she has another 5 to do afterwards, and is always busy. These goals usually involve learning a skill, though one of her long-time motivations is to find her mother again and find out how her siblings, Adrian and Grey, died.




Her parents divorced after her two siblings died. Her dad works as a Ministry of Magic official, her mother used to be a teacher in a small homeschooling wizarding group. After the siblings died, her mother lapsed into alcoholism, and left the family. Ash was then raised by er father until she was 9, Ash's goal currently is to be a good guitar-player (she prefers rock). She has a good voice as well. Her talents include singing, making music, and gymnastics. Also, her father moved her to America for a short time. 


She loves hot sauce and can eat a whole ghost pepper with little reaction.


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Awesome! I have Angel's trivia out and it's kind of short (kind of).

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