LLM's Molly Drawing Contest! Plz read!

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So, everyone has been doing super cool contests, and I thought that I should try one. I was thinking, what is something I could have people draw? Then, I came up with a Molly drawing contest. I can also give you pictures! 

The prizes are:

  1. Honorable mention in my bio, a shoutout/article, and 1 drawings of your choice. And lastly a poem about you!

  2. Honorable mention in my bio, a mention in the shoutout, and 1 drawing of your choice. 

  3. Honorable mention in my bio, mention of you in the shoutout, 1 drawing of your choice. 

Okay. So you must draw Molly but you can draw her in any setting, and with anyone else and any style. I will give you points out of 50 in these categories:





How it turned out

You can earn ten points in each category. 

The deadline is Halloween or when I get 7 entries (because of the 7 potters xD) Good luck! Here are some references! I think there is enough! xD



asked Oct 11 in LLM's Place by lunalovegoodmolly (117,580 points)
i might join

6 Answers

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A CAT SHALL NEVER BE WORTHY OF A POOCH OF THIS CUTENESSNESSNESSNESSNESSNESSNESS! Molly is so cute! The dog, not the person below me I think or above. idk
answered Oct 12 by someone
selected Oct 13 by lunalovegoodmolly
It used to be above! But now it is below because you're yje best answer! xD
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I'll do it!
answered Oct 11 by knightstar✧ (287,340 points)
I am excited to see what you make!
+3 votes
Ok, ill join. would it be ok if I used an inktober i did for the contest?
answered Oct 12 by -Moonlight- (49,680 points)
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Awwwwwwww! That dog is sooooooooooooo cute!regular_smileregular_smileregular_smile And my name's Molly too!

answered Oct 12 by Molly
Thanks you!
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Can I post my entry on this question?
answered Oct 13 by Ammy-K (17,460 points)
Yes! On this question or on kidznet with the #mollythesheltie or on here with the #llm
Ok, thx! If I have time I’m will enter.
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Here is my entry for the contest! Hope you like!

answered Oct 25 by Coffee Cake
My first entry! Yay
hope you dont mind the watermark, it’s on all my art. I can take it off if you like!
I like it! Oh also I was wondering, maybe you should get a KT account.
I should! I will ask my parents, they might say no.

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